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Channel 4 News Beltway Liberal Kylie Morris puts awful words into Donald Trump's Mouth...she's scared

Tom Winnifrith
Friday 23 September 2016

A few months ago beltway liberal Kylie Morris of Channel 4 News was still sure that Donald Trump would not even get the Republican nomination. But now she and her "Group Think" elite are running scared.l So all pretence of impartiality is out - quite simply Kylie now tells lies to smear Trump and aid Clinton. Her report last night opened with an assertion from Mat Frei back in the C4 studio that hispanic voters in Florida are overwhelmingly likely to support Clinton and retiree incomers to support Trump. Certainly the latter is true.

As to the former, among Florida hispanics Obama beat Romney by 21% in 2012, the last poll (Pew Research) showed Clinton 24 points ahead of Trump but with a stack of undecideds and with momentum heading Trump's way. Trump ( now on 29% to Clinton's 53%) will secure more than a third of the hispanic vote come November 8. As with Brexit, C4 just cannot accept that non whites might vote the "wrong way".

Kylie went to meet old retirees who are overwhelmingly voting Trump and naturally found the nastiest most outspoken Trump fanatic going to focus her report on. That is always her game: find the dimmest and most hard line Trumpster and depict him as the norm. But it got worse as Kylie described the retirement villages where old folks have "found the American dream he is promising: its predominantly white and predominantly conservative."

Kylie: can you find me one single quote where Donald Trump has promised to make America predominantly white? That may be your view of what he wants but you are hardly partial. But what you stated to camera is not that you think Trump wants a white America but that Trump has promised a white America. We both know that he has promised nothing of the sort and what you are passing off as reporting as balanced journalism is, in this instance, a very explicit and unequivocal fabrication. You are putting words in the mouth of Mr Trump to smear him.

Of course Kylie has talked demonstratble garbage for so many months, as I have demostrated with hard facts time and time again, that the only folks that believe her now are those who would vote for Clinton even if it were shown that she had emails deleted showing that she gave access to her office in return for donations to the Clinton Foundation. Which of course is exactly what has been proved beyond all doubt anyway, not that Kyle will report that in full.

That Kylie smears Trump on a daily basis with her unfounded assertions is to be expected. But to now start claiming he said quite outrageous things which he simply has not, marks a new low. She is worried and it is showing....

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