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My neighbour the fat welfare slob Nimo Abdullahi, the lies and the contempt for those of us who do work that the left shows

Tom Winnifrith
Monday 26 September 2016

Okay Nimo is not exactly a neighbour. She lives in Easton a district of Bristol that is a bit more expensive than our own and full of edgy Guardian reading lefties. The Mrs and I both work but don't get to live in such a big house as Nimo because...she's on housing benefits. I pay my taxes so she gets a nicer house than me. Or maybe not as the lazy lardbucket has now, finally, been evicted after two years despite left wing action group Acorn and her sanctimonious neighbours trying to foil bailiffs with a human chain around chez Nimo.

Lets start twelve years ago when Nimo arrived here from Holland and moved into this house with her five kids. She is getting benefits but apparently is able to afford trips to Kenya to see her terminally ill dad. So she is a Kenyan, clearly not fleeing persecution, who lives in the UK in a big house paid for by the grateful taxpayer. What's not to like about that as I continue my working day that started God knows how many hours ago?

Nino reckons that her landlord wants to evict her because she complained about the damp. The landlord points out that she blocked workmen who tried to fix that problem and his more pressing reason is that she is more than three grand in arrears with her rent and refuses to pay up. What a bastard he is for demanding that he gets an economic return on his capital. He is just a typical uncaring capitalist pig. No wonder all the edgy left wing twits who live in Easton are on Nimo's side.

Meanwhile Acorn bleats about the cost of rented accomodation. It blames evil capitalist landlords. It does not consider for a second that it is our generous housing benefits system that pushes up rents across this City since the taxpayer will happily pick up a tab of up to £500 a week. If benefits were restricted to a level that would fund accommodation only in the very poorest parts of Bristol then rental prices in areas such as Easton would slide. What's not to like about that? I see no reason why my taxes should boost the profits of private landlords. Do you?

And so lardbucket Nimo has now waddled off into "emergency accommodation" paid for by the Council. I wonder how long that will last? I cannot imagine that private landlords will be lining up to offer her a house given that she may block any workmen who want to make repairs and that she now has well publicised form when it comes to not paying rent? One imagines that the whale like Nimo will thus be housed by the state for a very long time indeed.

How has it come to this? The stupidity of Acorn and the sort of loons who live in Easton is no surprise to me. But why is Nimo in this country at all? She is fleeing nothing. We should welcome with open arms folks who want to work hard who will make this country a better place for all but this fat slob is clearly just a taker not a giver.

It is all very well saying, as the middle class liberal left does constantly, that the UK is a rich country but as it happens we are running a vast deficit. The interest alone on our national debt is £45 billion a year. In the end, taxpayers have to pick up the tab and it is lower income taxpayers and the middle classes who feel that hit the hardest.

Here in Bristol many of the sort of folks who simply cannot afford to live in Easton are those sort of taxpayers. And the liberal elite wonders just why we, the great unwashed, are so pissed off with the way this country is structured. Enough grumbling, back to work for you and me, we have taxes to pay to support Nimo's next holiday back to Kenya or her "need" to live a subsidised existence in a better part of town than where I get by with no expectation that the State should or would upgrade me.

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