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The Nonce, his wife, the Judge and family values in Britain 2016

Tom Winnifrith
Thursday 6 October 2016

The paedophile is a chap called Richard Arrowsmith of Church Gresley in Derbyshire who was caught wityh more than 137,000 kiddy porn images, photos and videos, on his laptop and phone by the Old Bill. It is hard to say that this was an accident with the guy just making a few tpos on his google searching. Arrowsmith is a slam dunk nonce and should have been sent down for up to five years.

But his wife is standing by him and told the Judge that she did not want her husband going to jail as she wanted to start a family with him. And the judge bought the line and so he has got away with a suspended sentence.

I am sure that we all wish Mr and Mrs Arrowsmith all the best and if they do have a little kid am sure that the whole family will be welcomed into the PTA and wider community up in Church Gresley. Not.

Mr Arrowsmith is clearly a sick man. But it is the wife and the judge who horrify me, I am not sure which is more naive and silly.

Or maybe I am just a prejudiced old man and cannot grasp that in 2016 Britain sexuality is a fluid concept and that I should not be so judgemental about what constitutes the new normal family value set?

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