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1519 days ago

Photo Article - back at the Greek Hovel - it is starting to look rather beautiful, but there is bad news

I headed pretty much straight from Kalamata airport up to Kambos for a Greek salad at the Korounis taverna. As i wandered in a couple of old men whose names I do not know raised their hands and said "Yas." Everyone in the village knows about the snake-phobic Englishman who lives surrounded by snakes up in the hills at Toumbia. After that it was up to the snakefields and the Greek Hovel where Gregori and his gang of Greek Albanians have really started to transform the place as you can see below.


2568 days ago

And the Greeks wonder why folks say “beware of Greeks bearing gifts?”

My new best friend Foti and I had a temporary falling out today. He asked to be paid for five days work at the hovel – 350 Euro for him and his assistant. Hmmmm. It seems as if his hourly rate has doubled and hang on…that is five days…he has only worked two for me.

It seems as if the old owner Athena told Foti that I had asked him to do three days’ work and that I would pay. This was of course a total lie. I have told my lawyer and lovely Susan Shimmin from Real Mani who explained this all to Foti and it is agreed that everyone, including the local Notary, will harass the bitch Athena and make her pay.

The doubling of the hourly rate ( albeit to only 5 Euro per hour per man) is because Foti has decided that he will be my business partner from January – i.e. for next year’s olive cycle when the yield will double thanks to our TLC, and until the he will charge me. Part of me thinks this is rather sharp and I should find another Albanian and get a better deal.  



2664 days ago

Weekly Video Postcard #62 from Delphi Greece: Cyril Smith was just one of the leading paedo-politiians will the establishment come clean on the rest edition

My last video postcard from Delphi starts with a morning trotting around the site of the ancient Delphi. I explain in the video what the pictures are of. Away from the main site and with my back to the Cochrane Mountain I recorded a few thoughts on the revelations coming out today about the late Sir Cyril Smith MP who was clearly a serial predatory paedophile.

That Smith was a nonce is bad enough. What is clear is that the entire political establishment knew and together with the Police not only ignored this but actively covered it up.  This is not just an issue for Liberals like David Steel who nominated Smith for a knighthood. This is yet another example of the “one rule for them one for the plebs” attitude of the political classes. 

The other parties knew about Smith. They did not blow the whistle because they had their own nonces. The media and political world knows the names. There are two that spring to mine both still living both awarded titles post retirement and both former senior cabinet minister (one Tory and one Labour).

Whether it be stealing from the taxpayer via expenses or buggering little boys the political class just seems to unite and get away with it. That is why the established parties are all held in increasing contempt.  What the Smith affair shows about ALL the political parties is yet another Christmas come early gift for UKIP.

If Call Me Dave etc. want to start to reconnect with the plebs who pay their salaries an easy immediate step would be to order the security services to release all the files on the other paedo MPs and let prosecutions commence at once.

My financial video postcard also comes from Delphi and covers inter alia Globo, the UK economy and also the “recovery” here in Greece and it can be viewed HERE

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The stadium at Delphi