14 days ago

Photo Article: I was going to vote Plaid Cymru but then a Russian bot got to me and I ended up voting for Farage

Yes it was Russian inteference that persuaded me to vote Reform earlier today. Of course it was. All those bots. Or maybe it was the idea that my wife and mixed race kids might be deported by Prime Minister Nigel Farage, a man routinely compared by the seething left to Hitler. Or maybe not.


92 days ago

Canadian Overseas Petroleum: the definition of madness

A few weeks ago I went out for a few drinks with a couple of pals including “Chemtrails Dave” who has one or two odd views. I am prepared to accept that Michelle Obama is a man and that the Clinton crime family have all of their critics and whistleblowers suicided but after a couple of pints we got on to the 1969 moon landings and Chemtrails said “anyone who thinks they actually happened is mad.” But they did happen didn’t they? Said I. At which point he laughed. When I got home I asked “but the did happen didn’t they?” And I was reassured. Of course they did. And that brings us to Canadian Overseas Petroleum (COPL) shares in which were up by 50% at one point this morning.