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Photo Article: I was going to vote Plaid Cymru but then a Russian bot got to me and I ended up voting for Farage

Tom Winnifrith
Thursday 4 July 2024

Yes it was Russian inteference that persuaded me to vote Reform earlier today. Of course it was. All those bots. Or maybe it was the idea that my wife and mixed race kids might be deported by Prime Minister Nigel Farage, a man routinely compared by the seething left to Hitler. Or maybe not.

As I explained HERE there is  a very rational case for voting Reform, having voted Tory last time. And so, although my son who joined me in the ballot box, was disappointed that I did not vote for the Party of Wales, I have taught him the phrase “God Bless Nigel Farage” to be said witha cockney twang as in “God bless Mr Scrooge” and hope  that he repeats it in front of his lanyard wearing teachers and Labour supporting mother and grandmother tonight.  

On the way out of the polling station I bumped into the wife of my friend “chemtrails” Dave and said that I had followed his instructions. For it seems that our local Reform chappie is also concerned about the malign influence of chemtrails. It takes all sorts. He won’t win but he now has at least 1 vote.



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