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David Costley-Wood

37 days ago

Labour Lord Prem Sikka flags up the KPMG Silentnight scandal at Westminster

It seems that one politician appreciates the scandal of how lightly KPMG and its former partner David Costley-Wood engaged in and covered up a scam against ordinary workers at Silentnight and the taxpayer and how the man behind it Costley-Wood will not pay a cent of his £500,000 fine.  My articles on this matter were passed by a mutual friend to the Labour peer Prem Sikka who, amazingly for a politician, seems to understand how wrong this is.  Speaking on the new (Coronavirus) and Directors Disqualification (Dissolved Companies) Bill, Hansard records the good Lord as saying:


45 days ago

SHOCKER: Show me a smug enabler of crime and liar who has just been fined £500,000 and shows no remorse... and won't pay a cent of the fine!

Earlier I wrote up the damning report by the FRC into KPMG and its former partner David Costley Wood. The latter lied about a scheme he had engineered which would have wrecked the finances of good ordinary decent working folks and screwed the taxpayer. He then lied about what he had done and fabricated notes of meetings 13 months after they took place in order to try and leg over the regulator. Had KPMG acted against Costley-Wood when it was alerted rather than only parting company with him a couple of months ago, the disgraced Mr Costley-Wood would have been more than £6 million worse off. And that is one reason why he doesn’t care about a £500,000 fine. As you can see below… Another reason is that he will not pay a cent of that fine….