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Glasgow and the statues of David Livingstone and Sir Robert Peel – Orwellian academic shame from Dr Stephen Mullen

The City of Glasgow has published a report on which statues it should tear down and which street names it should erase from history to appease the woke mobs and the Black Lives Matter movement. The press is all over the fight to save a statue of the explorer David Livingstone but is missing out om the even madder call to erase Sir Robert Peel from history.


908 days ago

Who is to blame for the armies of rats clambering over the rubbish piling up in Glasgow? Who do you think?

Ahead of the pointless green wankfest that is COP26, folks in the host City are getting hotter under the collar than a solar panel desperately seeking sun on the Clyde, over the fact that Glasgow appears to be over-run with rats amid piles of rubbish. Personally I reckon that is all down to global warming but others think that the blame can be pointed at a more obvious villain. So who is to blame? Is it:


2348 days ago

50p on a unit of Alcohol - Scotland sets a precedent for stupidity

Finally it looks as if the SNP is going to get its way and from next year if you buy booze from a shop in Scotland you will have to pay a minimum of 50p per unit of alcohol. Scotland sets a world precedent in stupidity.


3345 days ago

Jeremy Clarkson is not an oaf or a buffoon for describing the welfare safari that is Liverpool 100% correctly

A balding and obese individual who turns out to be the Lord Mayor of the welfare safari crime hotspot known as Liverpool has branded Jeremy Clarkson as an “oaf and a buffoon” and for “stigmatising” the post-industrial Merseyside wasteland, saying “People up there earn less, die more quickly, have fewer jobs and live in houses that are worth the square root of sod all.”

As it happens on this matter Clarkson is 100% factually correct. He is not stigmatising the folks in Liverpool he is giving an accurate assessment of life up there. Clarkson may or may not be an oaf and a buffoon but his latest statement does not prove that matter either way because he is simply telling the truth.

The reaction of the lard-bucket Lord Mayor (has he ever had a real job in his life?) 


3805 days ago

Hull named UK City of Culture 2017 – is this irony?

Sooner or later every Grim Northern Shit Hole will be named the UK City of Culture.  Glasgow, a City noted for its obesity epidemic and religious bigotry but little else of note since 1945, has held the title. Liverpool where 95% of the population are on welfare or are habitual thieves has also been a City of Culture. And so it is only natural that Hull should get its turn in 2017 fighting off fierce competition from other post-industrial wastelands where folks have an average IQ of less than the X-factor audience: Dundee, Leicester and Swansea.

The poet Philip Larkin, although born in Coventry, made Hull his home.  But he died in 1985. Since then Hull has given us er ……um.

The town is also the birthplace of actress Maureen Lipman (everyone’s fave North London Jewish granny) and of Geneses P-Orridge, the artist who came to fame in the 1970s with a vast sculpture made of Tampax boxes. The group Atomic Kitten performed there last year.

Hull is indeed a worthy winner (after heavy taxpayer funded lobbying from its local council) of this prestigious title.

Well done Hull. For 2018 nominations are now open. It strikes me that with its cultural quarter Stoke is too classy to win so how about a short list of Rotherham (famed for its child snatching, must be some literary trail there), Newcastle ( birthplace of the UK’s most talented chanteuse, Ms Cheryl Cole) and Sheffield which brought us Joe Elliot, the literary and poetic genius behind Def Leppard.  All three councils can then spend taxpayers cash enthusiastically to lobby to follow in the footsteps of Hull.


4142 days ago

A New e-book for Christmas: Lessons From the Markets for 2013 by Zak Mir

Zak Mir is an old friend and godfather to my daughter. He is a very funny man. He can be incredibly cool and he can also be Geek of the Year – ask him about his fascination with weather patterns. That is train spotting for the middle classes. The one chink in his armour is his deprived education background. Not a reference in a PC way to the oppression of a you Asian lad growing up in a post industrial Glasgow decimated by the evil Thatcher. Oooooo all those nasty white racists and bloody English. Thatcher! How they suppress my fellow Celts. Nope, Zak lived in a posh bit of Glasgow ( I gather there is one) and went to Harrow which is clearly a dreadful school as I have never met an Old Harrovian who could write more than three words (they all seem to be able to manage f*ck off pleb) without introducing some spelling mistake or grammatical error.. .And so we come to Zak’s latest ebook – an ideal TA Chistmas gift.