Jeremy Clarkson is not an oaf or a buffoon for describing the welfare safari that is Liverpool 100% correctly

Tom Winnifrith Monday 23 February 2015


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A balding and obese individual who turns out to be the Lord Mayor of the welfare safari crime hotspot known as Liverpool has branded Jeremy Clarkson as an “oaf and a buffoon” and for “stigmatising” the post-industrial Merseyside wasteland, saying “People up there earn less, die more quickly, have fewer jobs and live in houses that are worth the square root of sod all.”

As it happens on this matter Clarkson is 100% factually correct. He is not stigmatising the folks in Liverpool he is giving an accurate assessment of life up there. Clarkson may or may not be an oaf and a buffoon but his latest statement does not prove that matter either way because he is simply telling the truth.

The reaction of the lard-bucket Lord Mayor (has he ever had a real job in his life?)  is part of the victim self-pitying culture of large parts of the Grim North, but notably the slum that is Liverpool. Everything bad is some-one else’s fault. Anyone who criticises them is a Southern bigot. The Government should spend more money (earned by hard working folks in the South) to make their lives better.

By the Money Tree approach to what were once great Industrial powerhouses like Glasgow and Liverpool has failed. The more the taxpayer spends encouraging more healthy lifestyles the more the folks eat shite, drink and smoke and die younger. The more we throw at Government rejuvenation initiatives the less desire there is among the population for engaging in real enterprise, other than – in the case of Liverpool – industrial scale petty crime.  And the more we chuck at the welfare state the less the folks in the Northern slums actually go out and seek real jobs.

Clarkson’s only crime is that in assessing the sorry state of Liverpool he did not go far enough.

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