380 days ago

The Met Office, record June temperatures and global warming – does nobody in the media GroupThink interrogate bogus data?

The mainstream media is, without challenge, presenting claims from the Met Office saying that UK average temperatures in June were the warmest on record and that this is down to global warming. Does nobody interrogate the data behind these claims with any degree of scepticism?


946 days ago

Watching passport control deal with an undocumented illegal at Heathrow

Once again, my passport failed at the electric gates so I was directed to gates 36 and the one next door where troublemakers are sent. I heard at once a white guy from Border Force saying very loudly “We just do not believe you.” His female Asian colleague nodded. The man trying to get into Britain was not impressed.


946 days ago

Dealing with the mask fascists at Heathrow Airport as they lie and defy logic

I got into a cab at 5 AM at the Welsh Hovel not wearing a mask. At Chester train station nobody batted an eyelid. I changed trains at Crewe and again nobody cared. Most folks on the train to Euston were not wearing face nappies. The Heathrow Express is out of action so I took a cab from Euston to Heathrow and wandered into the building still maskless. But then I went to check in a 20kg bag full of books which I am moving to the Greek Hovel.


1118 days ago

A journey from Wales to Greece - even those making the odd challenge to my mask refusal now have no authority thanks to Matt Hancock

The reasons Matt Hancock should be fired are not that he is useless and incompetent, although he is both, or that he has betrayed his wife and kids, though he has. One suspects if those criteria were applied across Government then there would have to be a monumental reshuffle, starting at the very top.


1254 days ago

Flying to Heathrow from Portugal can now be a more serious crime than many rapes says Matt Hancock

The Government’s latest covid travel restrictions are non-sensical,smash the young and the poor disproportionately and the penalties for flouting them are offensive. Matt Hancock, you are a disgrace.


2820 days ago

The Stinking hypocrisy of lefty film maker Ken Loach on BBCQT

Film maker Ken Loach is estimated to be worth £5 million as a result of a lifetime of making incredibly boring and sanctimonious films attacking rich people. Hypocrisy is his middle name and as he plugs his latest movie which shows how poor folk are exploited by our fascist benefits system the old windbag appeared on Question Time last night. True to form he was as mad as a next of snakes.


3361 days ago

The fascist no smoking zone at Heathrow

I am in terminal two where there is a smoking zone. That is to say you go outside.

Outside the wind is howling and you are clearly in the open air but still nearly all of the open frigging air is a no smoking zone. Please explain the health risks to others of me smoking in the open bloody air. There are none. This is just about health fascists getting to piss me off as I and a few other addicts are huddled in one small part of the open frigging air as opposed to in other parts of the open frigging air.

There is a suggestions box here. Am I allowed to say that folks with BO should be forced to stand in their own corner of the open frigging air too? Or is that smellyist?


3665 days ago

Why I paid more NOT to fly Ryanair? Because it is just so cheap and nasty and tries to hustle me at every point

I have just booked my flight to Athens next week. RyanAir (RYA) was the cheapest flight but once you add in the charge for taking one full suitcase the gap between it and British Airways narrowed. And do I really want to trek out to Stansted rather than go to Heathrow on the tube which is much cheaper for me? The cost gap narrows again. And then O’Leary’s website tried to nickel and dime me on insurance and I just gave up and went with BA.

No I don’t want your frigging insurance O’Leary you shyster. It is expensive and pointless. So why have you opted me in for it? Ok you say that if I find a drop down menu I can opt out but try as hard as I could looking on your frigging website I cannot find it. You are not making it easy for me to avoid paying you an extra £13.20 for something that I do not want and which narrows the price gap with BA down to almost nothing.

As it happens the BA flight is at a time that suits me more - it lands at 3 in the morning so that I can drive without facing the Athens rush hour and be in the Mani in time for breakfast and to write my first Quindell article of the day.

I have done my maths