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A journey from Wales to Greece - even those making the odd challenge to my mask refusal now have no authority thanks to Matt Hancock

Tom Winnifrith
Saturday 26 June 2021

The reasons Matt Hancock should be fired are not that he is useless and incompetent, although he is both, or that he has betrayed his wife and kids, though he has. One suspects if those criteria were applied across Government then there would have to be a monumental reshuffle, starting at the very top.

The first reason he should go is that he appears to have bypassed normal procedures to give a cushy job to a good chum. Then as he had an affair with her, his department handed out lucrative contracts to a PR firm where she is a shareholder – so gets dividends – and to her brother’s firm. The department also handed out vast contracts to Hancock’s sister’s firm and that of the chap who runs Hancock’s local boozer. This is monumental sleaze and that is why he should go.

He has also said it was fright for other senior officials such as Professor Pantsdown Ferguson in health who broke lockdown rules, as did Hancock, to be fired. Hancock said that because he knew that not firing Pantsdown and others undermined the rules and made them harder to enforce.

I have not worn a mask for aeons. It is pointless. And travelling down from North Wales through England today to fly from Heathrow, I saw more and more folks joining we long time refuseniks. At the Gaydon service station, I reckon 30% of those there were wandering around without masks. You still get the odd filthy look from some old lady wearing those ridiculous plastic vizors in the misguided belief that this will add anything to her life expectancy. But even the mask jihadists now realise that opinion is heading agin’ them.

For if they actually say something the response is what is good for the braying toffs at Ascot, the career politicians at the G7 summit or for Matt Hancock when he is hard, at work, is also good for me.  

I spent two hours at Heathrow and was not challenged once and I was far from alone in not wearing a face nappy. On the plane, two of the stewards challenged me. As I got onboard, one asked if I had a mask. I said “exemption” and he said that will be fine. One of his colleagues told me quite forcefully, as we prepared for takeoff, that I had to wear a mask. Again I said that magic word “exemption” and he scuttled away. 

I should just say Matt Hancock and leave it at that with a knowing smirk. His “hands, face, arse” routine has done more to undermine the silliness of face nappy regulations than any of the acts of we sceptics. But for now, I just say exemption. So should you if challenged. The more of us who refuse to wear masks, the quicker the mask farce, for which there is still no scientific basis for implementing, will be brought to an end. The Government is hinting that after July 19, wearing face nappies will be voluntary. So if it does not matter then why does it matter now? What is the “science” behind that call? It is all just so much nonsense as have been so many of the ever-changing lockdown related policies implemented by the shamed Hancock and Lyin’ Boris.

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Tom Winnifrith is the editor of When he is not harvesting olives in Greece, he is (planning to) raise goats in Wales.
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