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1815 days ago

Progility - How does Wayne Bos reckon his related party deal of 3 years ago has fared?

Just over three years ago Wayne Bos was seen as the man who was going to turn around AIM Listed ILX. He stuck in a bit of his own cash and with the shares at c10p, long suffering investors were lead to believe that the future was bright. So ILX then paid £15.97 million in shares to buy Progility (PGY), a company owned largely by er....Wayne Bos.


2946 days ago

Ken Scott to play another gig at Real Man - 18th September

By popular demand the voice of Wiltshire retro rock, Mr Ken Scott, will be playing another gig at The Real Man Pizza Company in Clerkenwell – on Wednesday 18th September from 7 PM. So if you fancy a pizza and a bit of rick from the Stones up to more recent material that I am too much of a fogey to be able to name, we’d love to see you.

Ken was the man who saved AIM listed ILX but stepped down as its CEO last year and is now involved in far too many projects for his own good. He always hates me for saying this but he was a stand out as a self-made CEO on AIM of Afro Caribbean origin. Someone with good taste in men once  said that Ken looked a bit like Sidney Poitier (apart from when he grew a daft white beard a few years ago which made him look 103). But he is a great singer and guitar player and that is why September 18th is a diary date to make now.

I shall be there, as will be Ken’s former colleague, Mr Caption Contest himself Jon Pickles. I look forward to seeing you on the 18th in Clerkenwell at



2987 days ago

Ken Scott to play live at Real Man in Clerkenwell on Monday 29 July

Ken Scott is a remarkable fellow. Last year he parted company with ILX, the AIM listed company he saved and turned around. He probably would not appreciate me saying this but he was – I think – the only UK born Afro-Caribbean CEO on AIM at the time. He is a thoroughly nice guy and he is also a great singer and guitar player.

Ken sung at my 40th (impromptu) and plays gigs around Wiltshire where he lives. And occasionally he plays live in London. One such day looms. From 6.30 PM next Monday 29th July Ken will be performing everything from The Stones through Oasis through to a few modern songs (that I don’t get) at Real Man Pizza Company in Clerkenwell.

Entrance is free and the music and pizza starts at 6.30. I shall be there manning the full bar.

You can check out Ken’s work on his Facebook page





3149 days ago

ILX - Acquisition

In December I upgraded my stance on AIM-listed provider of e-learning software and business training ILX Group (LSE: ILX) to ‘speculative buy’ on the back of the moves being made by new executive chairman/interim CEO Wayne Bos. These continued yesterday with the announcement of a partnership with, and option to acquire, CareShield Ltd, described as “the UK’s leading provider of online learning specific to the health and social care sector”. The following updates my view on that share tip here…


3217 days ago

ILX – The Bos is making moves: Upgrade to Speculative Buy

I noted in an update here yesterday on ILX Group (LSE:ILX), the AIM-listed provider of e-learning software and business training, that new executive chairman/interim CEO, Wayne Bos, had overseen the identification of a small number of acquisition opportunities, with the first of these under consideration. Bos has wasted little time concluding this – with ILX announcing it has acquired Obrar Ltd, a consulting and project management services company. The following takes a look at the details of the acquisition and its likely impact for the ILX share price.


3218 days ago

ILX Restructuring – Back the Bos?

Last week, ILX Group (LSE:ILX), the AIM-listed provider of e-learning software and business training, announced the shock departure of long time CEO Ken Scott. And this week we have weakfish interims and news of a restructuring. It is all coming rather thick and fast but suggests that 29.9% shareholder and new executive chairman/interim CEO Wayne Bos is acting ruthlessly to turn this ship around. His interests are aligned with those of other shareholders and he has a good track record. Should you back the Bos despite the admission that half year numbers were “disappointing.” On balance there is a case to be made, at a share price of 10.125p, although, as I discuss below, it is not 100% clear cut. This has been one of my worse share tips from and I apologise The issue is what next?


3225 days ago

ILX - CEO Goes: Panic?

This is a hard piece to write. Firstly AIM listed training and software group ILX (LSE:ILX) has been a disastrous share tip for me from my days at – recommended at 72.5p in February 2004 the share price is now 10.75p. I can only apologise for that. My average gain per tip over 12 years and 241 tips would have been a bit better than 42.7% had I never met this company. Secondly the CEO (until today) Ken Scott is a nice guy and a friend of mine. As it happens the FD who resigned several months ago (Jon Pickles) is also a mate – he will officially leave the payroll at Christmas as will Ken.