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164 days ago

Impellam – half-year results, recovery but more to come?

International staffing group Impellam (IPEL) has announced results for the first half of the year and that it is seeing “increasing positivity in our customer demands for our managed service and talent solutions across our markets”. This sounds encouraging.


2502 days ago

Impellam - Results very much on track

Provider of managed services and specialist staffing primarily based in the UK and North America, Impellam Group (IPEL) has released its results statement for the 53 weeks ended 2nd January 2015. This has helped the shares surge to 662.5p, comparing favourably  to a 485p offer price at which this was a share tip on the Nifty Fifty in November 2014


2554 days ago

Impellam – I can’t agree with Malcolm Stacey (again)

Like most of my family, Malcolm Stacey has a range of daft lefty opinions which see us disagree on a number of matters. He is a top bloke and we agree on a lot (busting financial fraud, immigration, etc), but I still have images of him sitting in Wales kneeling in prayer to the Money Tree and that brings us to Impellam (IPEL) which he wrote about on Saturday and where we half agree.


3239 days ago

Impellam 962.5 per cent ahead on my share tip ( plus dividends) – is it time to bank gains?

Impellam Group (LSE: IPEL), an AIM-listed staffing and outsourced support services provider in the UK and North America, with smaller operations in Australia, Ireland, New Zealand and mainland Europe is a big success from my time at t1ps – Steve Moore and I tipped it at 40p in September 2009. I published a note saying that the stock was still a buy at 315p in December of last year. After results for the company’s year ended 28th December 2012, released last week, the shares now trade at 425p. You see, Steve and I do get the odd tip right and we will be serving up another hot prospect on our new Nifty Fifty website later this week.


3315 days ago

Buy Impellam after Trading Update

AIM-listed staffing and outsourced support services company, Impellam (IPEL) is a big success from my time at t1ps – the website I founded in 2000 and edited until September of this year when I departed to launch the Nifty Fifty offering. I recommended the shares on t1ps at a share price of 40p in September 2009. Today the stock trades at 315p valuing the company at £141 million after a trading update yesterday. This is still a great long term buy.


3377 days ago

Impellam – 750% ahead and more to come?

Today I give my moronic bulletin board critics – notably mad and bad Bob Burnard – the opportunity to comment on my September 2009 recommendation of shares in AIM listed staffing and outsourced support services company Impellam Group (LSE:IPEL). I first recommended shares in the company, which primarily operates in the UK and North America (although it has smaller operations in Australia, Ireland, New Zealand and mainland Europe), at 40p (a level they have not traded below since) – and they currently trade not too far off the highs since, at 340p. This represents a 750% capital gain in little more than three years – not too much of a disgrace I would argue. Now though the question is what to do from here? In the following I take a renewed look at the investment proposition…