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22 days ago

No Insider Dealing Honest Guv: Chill Brands car crash trading statement – it is even worse than it looks

Yesterday saw two trades of 2,005,106 and 2,550,000 Chill Brands (CHLL) shares dumped well below the offer at 14.25p. That is more than 2% of the equity. There were other big sells below the bid on Monday. Was a major shareholder at last accepting that I was right or was this just canny de-risking as today there is a trading statement which is so terrible it is hard to know where to start. No doubt the FCA will ensure there is no story of insider dealing to tell. So how bad is the statement? It is dire.


28 days ago

5.5p to 2.5p in 9 working days- the Vast Resources shitshow in full swing with ANOTHER bailout placing

First came the insider dealing. No, surely not this is AIM! That took the shares to 4.2p in five working days. Then came the catalaogue of disasters trading statement the next working day. That took the shares to 3.5p. And today, as I predicted,  three days later, there is a bailout placing at 2.5p and the shares are now 2.95p. What a shitshow. Of course it also magnifies the lies told to investors back in late April.


32 days ago

Of course there is no insider dealing in London and on AIM - just look at the Vast Resources 5 day chart

Today, Vast Resources (VAST) served up its usual fare of bad news: project delays, financing set backs and death spirals ahoy. All the usual bad news but enough to send the shares crashing below 4p. And it was only two months ago when the company’s third rate joint broker Axis Capital raised it £1.76 million at 6.3p. Ouch. The shares were almost 5.5p last Monday but fell throughout the week to close Friday at 4.2p.


45 days ago

Tom Winnifrith Bearcast: Was there insider dealing at Hummingbird?

Once again I am let down by the bloody Welsh and the childcare nightmare continues. I start with that and a few choice snobbish remarks. Then I look at Hummingbird Resources (HUM), Salt Lake Potash (S04), MyHealthChecked (MHC) and Diversified Energy (DEC), formerly Diversified Gas & Oil (DGOC).


240 days ago

Tom Winnifrith Bearcast: Another day of phone harassment & a DOS attack as I explain insider dealing laws re Bluebird

I start with the harassment: I wonder which fraudsters are trying to silence us today. Apologies if the site is slow, now you know why. Then onto Bluebird Merchant Ventures (BMV) and my scoop of earlier. Finally, St James House (SJH) and a follow up from Nigel’s shocking expose. I will do my second Woodlarks training walk on Sunday and am aiming for 12-13 miles. Think of my suffering, smirk and please donate HERE.


247 days ago

If this is not an accusation of insider dealing what is? Team on Tavistock

This looks like a tasty spat in the world of fund management, with AIM listed Team PLC (TEAM) making a fairly explicit accusation of insider dealing as it launches an all paper offer for Tavistock Investment (TAVI). It states the case clearly.


371 days ago

Peter Oborne is right: The FCA should investigate possible insider dealing in BAE Systems shares

Yesterday’s announcement from the Government on its plans for expanding spending on defence is, in my view, a demonstration of profligacy and wholly unwarranted as I noted HERE But Boris and his girlfriend Princess Nut Nuts have an 80 seat majority so the plans will be voted through. But did anyone know what was coming?


408 days ago

Zenith Energy shares suspended – what a tangled web

Where to start? The potential insider dealing or the management incompetence?


425 days ago

[email protected] Capital: Insider dealing, aggressive accounting and a joke trading statement, what’s not to like?

On Friday we were told that [email protected] Capital (SYME) chairman Dominic White had dumped £1.5 million of shares with a spurious and plainly fictitious excuse. Today a risible trading statement and the shares are off again. Now are we really saying that the information announced today came as a shock to White? If this is not insider dealing then I am a banana!


441 days ago

[email protected] Capital – forced trading statement of pure bullshit, bailout placing on way?

When I, again, exposed the con [email protected] Capital (SYME) the other day, its boss Alessandro Zamboni told one of his moronic shareholders that his lawyers had advised him not to sue me for libel as I was only seeking readers and, anyway, full year numbers would speak for themselves. But with the shares sliding and the company almost out of cash, today we have a trading statement which whiffs of panic and is pure bull. It also begs the question of insider dealing.


523 days ago

Breaking: After last week’s insider dealing and pulled placing Tomco placing again but broker Turner Pope not on the case

Shares in Tomco (TOM) have continued to race ahead even thought it is teetering on the brink of bankruptcy as those who broke insider dealing laws by forward selling last week’s placing, which had to be scrapped after it emerged the company had lied to investors, scuttled to buy back. That offers an opportunity and so I can reveal…


525 days ago

On the buses for some insider dealing breaching activities on Gunsynd

Hat tip to reader Steve for this remarkable tale involving a breach of the insider dealing laws and AIM listed Gunsynd (GUN) one of the kennel of dogs associated with Aussie share ramper Big Dave Lenigas. I have known Steve a long time and he is no fantasist. Enjoy.


525 days ago

Tom Winnifrith Bearcast: the lies, the crimes, the shame in the sewer at Tomco and Iconic

If only to protect themselves folks at Turner Pope and Shard Capital need to take urgent action. There is clear insider dealing and crime evident at Tomco (TOM) as more than 100% of the issued share capital looks set to change hands today. At Iconic (ICON) I detail lie, after lie after pointless fecking lie relating to an RNS of 12 September 2019 – will my pal Damon Heath do the decent thing and pull the plug?


537 days ago

Is Malcolm Stacey Edith Piaf? Avacta £45m fund raise at 120p, including Primary Bid

A week ago, Malcolm Stacey could have sold his shares in Avacta (AVCT) at more than 200p each. In fact I think the old trading genius might just have done that. Then the company started “sounding out” investors about a fund raise and, not that anyone in London ever breaks insider dealing laws so this is a total coincidence, the shares started tumbling fast. As I write they are off by 5p at 132-5p as it has announced am up to £45 million fund raise at 120p. I don’t blame it.


619 days ago

Coronavirus comes for the elderly and infirm companies as well – Laura Ashley goes bust

Oddly, shares in Laura Ashley (ALY) crashed before they were suspended at 10.32 AM on news that administrators were to be appointed at the PLC and trading subsidiaries. But as this is the London stockmarket there can be no suspicion of any insider dealing can there? No sniggering at the back please.


649 days ago

Bidstack: after yesterday’s insider dealing a dreadful trading statement today – bailout placing inevitable

This is a total omnishambles clusterfuck and it is hard to know where to start. So let’s just note the strange coincidence that yesterday shares in Bidstack (BIDS) were marked sharply lower and today the company has served up the most godawful of trading statements. But this is AIM, supervised by those stormtroopers of propriety, the Oxymorons at AIM Regulation with assistance from the chocolate teapots at the FCA so there cannot have been any insider dealing.  No really. Stop sniggering at the back please.


678 days ago

Letter to AIM Regulation – Versarien again and another misleading RNS

AIM Regulation has now acknowledged my complaints about the secret chatroom inhabited by Versarien (VRS) boss Neill Ricketts and his disciples where Neill told them what to post on Bulletin Boards and where the disciples discussed how to get around insider dealing rules and how to attack me. The complete radio silence from Ricketts since then suggests that investigations are very much ongoing. In that vein I have another matter to raise with the regulators, that of possible investor deception. My letter just sent is below.

Versarien PLC – is it deceiving investors with misleading RNS May 9 2019

To AIM Regulation
cc Bobbie Hilliam, Canaccord



688 days ago

Sirius Minerals – a bad day at the office for we bears – 5.5p takeover by Anglo, mine to go ahead

The talks are advanced but it looks odds on as if Sirius Minerals (SXX) will get bought out at 5.5p per share by Anglo American (AAL). I guess that explains the very strong share price over the past few days, not that there is ever any insider dealing in London.


711 days ago

Oracle Power – the insider dealing Sheikh on the Make strikes again and the morons fall for it

How insane is this even by the standards of the AIM Cesspit? In late August this year I exposed how Sheikh Ahmed Bin Dalmook Al Maktoum had invested in a placing by what was MX Oil (MXO) got it to change its name to ADM Energy (ADM) in his honour as he became President, saw the shares rocket, and then sold all his shares before announcing he was quitting sending the shares crashing from 20p to 4.5p today. Wind forward to November 28…


723 days ago

Tom Winnifrith Bearcast: surely no insider dealing at Fastjet and Neill Ricketts takes the piss again, what bad news does he want to bury?

It is day 1 of the olive harvest and ShareProphets reader K is a hero. I swear he is a closet bubble. I give a progress report on that and then turn to Fastjet (FJET), Versarien (VRS), the useless FCA and mini bonds and the imploding and smelly ramp that is Eurasia Mining (EUA).


745 days ago

Tom Winnifrith Bearcast: Explaining to a moron why I am not an insider dealer

I start with an interruption from a tinker, a real one. I know what scrap iron is worth you cannot fool me mate! Then explaining to a moron why I am not in an insider dealing ring with Brokerman Dan. Then it is onto Kier (KIE), more on Big Dish (DISH) where the whole board MUST be reconstituted and finally a long section on Gear4Music (G4M).


817 days ago

The Sheikh on the Make, hapless Nomad Cairn and the insider dealing – an aide memoire

Hapless Nomad Cairn Financial of Cloudtag (CTAG) infamy has been contacted by both email and phone, to establish whether it has done, as it should do under FCA Rules and contact the FCA regarding suspicious share trades ( i.e. insider dealing) in ADM Energy (ADME) by Dubai Royal Shaikh Ahmed Bin Dalmook Al Maktoum. There has been no reply. To focus the attention of Tony Rawlinson, Liam Murray and Jo Turner round at Cairn, here is what appears to have happened. A timeline.


826 days ago

Tom Winnifrith Bearcast: Will the FCA investigate whether a Dubai Royal Shaikh Ahmed Bin Dalmook Al Maktoum, is guilty of AIM casino insider dealing

This looks like a doddle to investigate. The stock is ADM Energy (ADME) but will the FCA dare to challenge Shaikh Ahmed Bin Dalmook Al Maktoum or is insider dealing just an offence of you are a nobody? Then I look at the Eddie Stobart (ESL) fraud debacle, the Industrial Heat shambles, Woodford Patient Capital Trust (WPCT), the  Equity Income Fund (which has  today insisted it will look to ungate at Christmas… whatever) the Income Focus Fund (soon to be gated) and what today’s news says about the stupidity, arrogance and lack of ethics of Neil Woodford himself. Postscript: His Highness Sheikh Ahmed bin Dalmook bin Juma Al Maktoum is not to be confused with Sheikh Ahmed bin Saeed Al Maktoum, Chairman of Emirates and indeed a very wealthy man. I did confuse him but this is still a Dubai Royal, will the FCA take him on? 


836 days ago

Versarien: Letter to Nomad Canaccord and AIM Regulation re share dealing by boss Neill Ricketts

Yesterday AIM uber-ramp Versarien (VRS) was forced to issue a statement about a tweet posted by its boss Neill Ricketts the day before as a result of Thursday’s bearcast and an email I’d sent to regulators that day. But the response itself is nonsensical and raises the very real question of whether Ricketts sold shares in April while sitting on inside price sensitive information. I have thus sent another email to regulators at AIM Regulation (the Oxymorons) and to Bobbie Hilliam of Quindell infamy who acts as Nomad to Versarien at Canaccord.


941 days ago

Winnileaks expose: Nicola Horlick's Ex, Tim, stands accused of insider dealing in Pathfinder Minerals by ex business partner

Nicola Horlick, the self proclaimed “superwoman,”  is one hell of a self important ghastly stain on the UK financial services industry as we have noted many timec on this website. But her ex husband Tim is a bit of a character too. Thanks to Winnileaks we can now bring you an email from his former business partner Diogo Cavaco which accuses Tim of wholesale insider dealing in the shares of Pathfinder Minerals (PFP) giveing chapter and verse on what went on. When I questionned Tim’s share dealings in Pathfinder back in early 2014 I found myself on the receiving end of menacing and threatening emails from Horlick’s evil PR man Damian “spawn of Satan” McCrystal. In light of the explosive email below I invite McCrystal to go fuck himself. Natch, I draw no conclusions myself, but have passed the email from Horlick’s ex business partner on to AIM Regulation and to the FCA. It reads:


1045 days ago

Tom Winnifrith Bearcast: the grim truth about UK Oil & Gas is starting to seep out of Horse Hill

On today's podcast I look at UK Oil & Gas (UKOG) and the latest news seeping, rather than flowing, out of Horse Hill. I coment again on the blatant insider dealing at Altona (ANR), look at Restaurant Group (RTN) and at Upland Resources (UPL).


1045 days ago

UPDATED - BREAKING: Altona – if this is not insider dealing by the CEO & a NED I am a banana: will the FCA do anything?

I have reported the CEO of AIM Casino listed Altona Energy (ANR) to the FCA for insider dealing. Nicholas Lyth is as guilty as sin and there cannot be a more clear cutr case out there. If the FCA does not act then it is admitting that the rules do not matter any more if you are "part of the club". Let me explain.


1155 days ago

Tom Winnifrith Bearcast: Premaitha kicks itself in gonads & Cabot, did the ex CEO insider deal or not?

First things first. If you want free booze, canapes, a chance to see me rip Dominic Frisby apart on blockchain and bitcoin and to hear presentations from and quiz Falanx (FLX) and Premaitha (NIPT) then book a seat for 16 October in central London HERE.  In today's podcast I look at Premaitha (NIPT), Avanti Communicatiuons (AVN), Cabot Energy (CAB) and the scandal it won't discuss, Greka Drilling (GDL), SpaceandPeople (SAL) and add to Gary's piece on a CEO who should be going straight to jail and not collecting £400 on the way, Brian McMaster of Jangada Mines (JAN). 


1168 days ago

Tom Winnifrith Bearcast: what tricks will Tesla use for Q3 and blowing my chance for a spot of very profitable insider trading

First I look at m ore evidence of naughtiness at Tesla (TSLA) as the pithead Elon Musk struggles to make good on his pledge to be Q3 cashflow positive. Then I discuss insider dealing. I think I was an insider but am not sure but could have made a killing on one stock over the past fortnight but I sense others have been less scrupulous than I have been. I discuss how this all happens and and why it is not a victimless crime and what should be done.


1222 days ago

Tom Winnifrith Bearcast: I shall make this simple - how close to insolvency is Cabot & are its ex CEO and FD insider dealers?

You have less than a week of me berating you but as we celebrate Optibiotix (OPTI) reaching 100p ( twice) today I ask you to spare a tenner for a great cause. We are more than 80% of the way to hitting our £20,000 walk for Woodlarks target so ahead of 32 miles of pain for myself, Brokerman Dan & Lucian Miers please donate HERE. Elsewhere I look at IQE (IQE), Frontera (FRR), SalvarX (SALV), Pantheon Resources (PANR), Golden Prospect Precious Metals (GPPM) and finally what may be a major scandal at Cabot Energy (CAB).


1305 days ago

Tom Winnifrith Bearcast: No 1 Catching up on the Telit and Andalas lies and scandals

After getting back home from Sweden in the late afternoon I jotted down my thoughts on Andalas (ADL) a company still insolvent after a placing on Monday and where the stench of the greed of its ex CEO Dave Whitby is omnipresent. Then it was onto results from Telit (TCM), the insider dealing of its CEO, possible disposals, 88 definitions of profit and the ongoing mega cashburn which is the grim reality.


1450 days ago

Tom Winnifrith Bearcast: ADVFN & Online talk 100% crypto-bollocks - does anyone swallow this shite?

Today Joshua and I have coffee with the fit young mums then we are off to go to his first business lunch. I have a work lunch and my boy is coming too. That is the deal for folks wanting to meet up on a Wednesday to Friday. I start today's podcast with ADVFN (AFN) and On-Line (ONL) talking pure 100% unadulterated crypto bollocks. Then it is onto Advanced Oncotherapy (AVO) - good news yes but given its track record of allowing insider dealing, misleading customers and investors and, arguably, wholesale securities fraud I would not buy. I look at The People's Operator (TPOP) and question the wording of today's RNS - the shares are 71% down but this could well be toast by Christmas - look at the wording again! Finally a few words on the latest news from the boiler room and the dog Sabien (SNT) 


1454 days ago

I know a company on AIM where there is insider dealing taking place today - does anyone care?

A company on AIM received a bid approach late last week. I was made an insider on late Friday and have not told a soul or traded a share. So I know it has had a bid, the company and its advisers know and someone else knows too. 


1558 days ago

Three critical days in June & 3 more in July - why acting CEO at Telit Yosi Fait must be fired NOW!

Yesterday there were more revelations about Telit (TCM) which, as I noted, made the position of former FD now CEO Yosi Fait all the more tricky. Now I want to revisit three days in June and three in July - events then make Yosi's position utterly untenable and explain why he must be fired at once. He is guilty of either extreme and sackable levels of incompetence and of lying to shareholders and insider dealing or of just insider dealing. It is one or the other - there is no third way. So there is no way out for Telit, Yosi must be sacked at once.


1594 days ago

Wanna buy shares at 11 cents when a £3.50 bid has been tabled? Welcome to the crazy world of Africa New Energy

Back in February 2017 I was contacted by a private company Africa New Energy asking if I wanted to buy shares in a placing at 11 cents. Since the company is run by Stephen Larkin, a man who takes advice from loathsome Richard "Gollum" Gill I was nor rushing to sign up. But then I was told, but we are going to be taken over soon at 350p per share a bid has been tabled! Er... so is this placing not sort of insider dealing I asked?


1668 days ago

Inspirit Bailout Placing - tell me there was no market abuse here: look at the chart

Look at the daily chart below. Tell me there was no insider dealing or market abuse going on here. It is that of Inspirit Energy (INSP). And then at 2.10 PM we finally had two announcements.


1707 days ago

Tom Winnifrith Bearcast - Terror attack on London Edition

Clearly this is the story of the day. I reflect on this from various angles. I then move onto Franchise Brands (FRAN) shares in which surged 16% forcing a suspension. No insider dealing here guv, walk on, walk on. Then it is onto Bowleven (BLVN),  Yolo (YOLO), Starcom (STAR) which I may have called Starvest but I meant Starcom, Van Elle (VANL), Nyota (NYO) and finally the uber dog Advanced Oncotherapy (AVO) which is in freefall. Hah! Death spiral shylocks Bracknor your spoof is not working is it! On the subject of terror I mention that evil bastard Martin McGuinness.You should not speak ill of the dead but for this unapologetic murderer  and for those in the media who praise him as a good man I make an exception HERE.  Mr McGuinness was a wicked man who sought no salvation in apology and repentance and, if there is a hell, his soul is right now burning at the heart of it. 


1714 days ago

Coal of Africa COO suspended for insider dealing - FFS just fire the bastard

Coal of Africa (CZA) has suspended its COO Mr Michael Jakobus Bronn after noting the judgement and fine against him for " the contravention of the Section 78 (1) (a) of the Financial Markets Act, 19 of 2012." Coal says that it is " in the process of reviewing the FSB findings, the details of which have been made public on 15 March 2017. The Company has placed Mr Brönn on suspension whilst the Company completes its internal review process." So what is Section 78? Let me enlighten you.


1750 days ago

Management Resource Solutions: The timetable of share trades: it really can't be insider dealing

Before I get another letter ( sent to the wrong address) from clownish lawyer Peter Reynolds of Fladgate, now hopefully under SRA enquiry for trying to shut this website down by spreading lies, I should like to state that I am not accusing his client Murray D'Almeida of insider dealing. Au contraire, damning Winnileaks exposes such as this one, show that Murray is an honourable man. But just for the avoidance of doubt I have a timetable for you to consider.


1759 days ago

Tom & Joshua Winnifrith Bearcast - Was there also insider dealing at Management Resource Solutions?

Three generations of Winnifrith males appear today. Young Joshua is with me as I record and chips in now and again. we start with my father helping Boris Johnson with some of his history errors. Poor show Boris. Then I look further at Murray d'Almeida and Management Resource Solutions (MRS). I follow up my earlier Winnileaks massive expose HERE by asking if insider dealing took place? Then I turn to uber dog & AIM rule breaker Milestone Group (MSG) before commenting on Torotrak (TRK), Cambria Africa (CMB) and Challenger Acquisitions (CHAL). Then I revert to, the unacceptable face of capitalism which I covered in a bearcast special earlier. I repeat my warning for shareholders: it is all about unknowns.


1777 days ago

Tom Winnifrith bearcast - Insider Dealing is a crime that usually does pay

I have an awful cold so cannot speak properly and the Mrs is giving me grounds for divorce (again) with awful TV choices as I suffer from my ailments. In the podcast I cover insider dealing (ref Logica), buying after a profits warning (ref Red Rock & SpaceandPeople) and why the bulls are wrong even though the FTSE 100 is at a record high (ref Malcolm Stacey)


1827 days ago

Tom Winnifrith Bearcast: Red Flags come home to roost for the Sheriff's fave AIM Turkeys

How is that for a Thanksgiving mixed metaphor of a title? In this podcast I look at denial, red flags and bending the rules on the Casino. Among the companies covered today are:  Advanced Oncotherapy (AVO), Cloudtag (CTAG), African Potash (AFPO), Fastjet (FJET) and the insider dealing, Mkango Resources (MKA), London Capital (LCG), Audioboom (BOOM), Milestone Group (MSG) and I flag up that Steve & I have a hot share tip you can access for just £5 coming up very soon HERE


1827 days ago

Fastjet: chairman walks in disgrace it is almost out of cash just four months after £15 million placing

In late July of this year AIM listed basket case African airline FastJet raised £15.2 muillion at 50p. Wind forward to two days ago and the shares were just 18.5p but then started falling sharply to 16p last night and this morning came the disastrous admission. Naturally there is no insider dealing on the world's most successful growth market. The shares are now 14.5p and will sink lower as it has all gone horribly wrong.


1836 days ago

The People's Operator - if this is not insider dealing on AIM what is?

By shortly after 10 AM today shares in The People's Operator (TPOP) had crashed by 30% from 16.5p mid to just 11.5p. By midday there had been a marginal recovery as some morons went bottom fishing. But there had been fewer than 50,000 shares traded. At 12.33 PM the company published a catastrophic RNS. If this is not insider dealing what is?


1853 days ago

Tom Winnifrith Bearcast: Crooked Hillary, insider dealing and the Mrs fiasco

In this podcast I look at the Hillary Clinton bombshell and what it means for the election and shares, something I cover in more detail HERE. Then I explain insider dealing and the difference between how I treated Reach4Entertainment (R4E) and Cyan (CYAN). Finally I suggest that heads must roll at Northland over the Management Resource Solutions (MRS) scandals.


1893 days ago

SKIL Ports & Logistics: Insider dealing? Misleading Investors on AIM or just gross incompetence?

Three years ago shares in AIM listed India play SKIL Ports & Logistics (SPL) were c90p. A year ago they were 40p before rallying to 85p in February 2016. On Friday they fell sharply from 22p to 20p. Did someone know something? Yes they did. At 4.32 PM, after hours, there was a shocking warning.


1972 days ago

Malcolm Stacey on Holiday Day 4 Caption Contest & Day 3 winner

It is not just to avoid Wildes screaming "fix - insider dealing and market abuse" and reporting me to the FCA but once again I am not awarding the prize for the day three contest to Nigel Somerville. You can see his and the other five losing entries HERE. For today's contest Getafix has, it seems, left the beach and headed inland and sent us a new photo to allow you to do your worst. The deadline for entering today's contest is midnight ( which is also the deadline in the Tory leadership poll HERE). So yesterday's winner with another corker was...


1989 days ago

Nomad wine caption contest results

While there were many excellent entries to this caption contest as you can see here, the winner has to be the same person who supplied the original photo below. Oh, no it is Nigel Somerville. Our resident Lenigas worshipping loon Wildes will again demonstrate his enormous knowledge of securities laws by describing this as insider dealing and reporting me to the FCA. Anyhow Nigel's entry is:


2026 days ago

UK Investor Show Video - Tom Winnifrith explains market study Chris Oil

In this presentation I explained how laws on insider dealing and market abuse worked and what they were exactly. I used Chris Oil as a case study showing why the little twerp should be facing a mega fine and a jail term.


2034 days ago

BREAKING: The Uramin Scandal - another shocker for AIM, damning Canadian Report & arrests in France

The sale of AIM & TSX listed Uramin to France's Areva is shaping up to be the biggest scandal in the world of mining since Bre-X. It has almost brought down Areva and in France the husband of the head of Areva has already had his collar felt within the past few weeks for insider dealing and money laundering. Our source at the heart of the investigation indicate other arrests are imminent. And the scandal is also threatening to bounce back to the AIM casino.


2065 days ago

David Lenigas on twitter: Lying, insider dealing or what?

Due to the huge interest in my UK INvestor Show session "Why David Lenigas should be drummed off AIM forever" we are now miving this session to the main auditorium on April 30 2016. I would not want anyone to miss out. And if you needed further evidence of why the case is such a slam dunk here is a tweet from 48 hours ago:


2066 days ago

More insider dealing, Ascent Morons to be rogered tomorrow as Cadogan walks

Shares in Ascent Resources (AST) plunged 15% today to 5.9p and at just after five O'Clock Cadogan Petroleum (CAD) announced that it had pulled out of takeover talks. Surely no insider dealing taking place there. The smell you can detect now is of burning fingers in the Bulletin Board Moron community.


2105 days ago

Goldplat, St Brides & the Questions of Insider Dealing

Oh dear, Surely not any more scandal on the world's most successful growth market that is the 100% rigged AIM Casino. Oh yes...I fear that is the case. Step forward the St Brides PR agency and Goldplat (GDP).

The IKN Blog which specialises in South American mining stories has got hold of emails from Susie Geliher a senior PR bird at St Brides to selected investors sent last week. According to IKN:


2142 days ago

Tom Winnifrith Bearcast 15 January: The Force Awakens, The Sith Lord cast into exile

The Sith Lord Zak Mir will be leaving the rebel alliance for good on Sunday. As of now this site is (with the exception of the miserable froggie Thierry who has penned a great piece today) fundamentals only, no TA nonsense. We will do some buy tips but not of that ramping shite Bulletin Board Morons love - this site is becoming more critical and bearish. In terms of the market I comment on the joke that is ISDX in light of Nigel's great article today then onto MX Oil (MXO) - explaining market abuse & insider dealing for Wildes and other morons - LGO Energy (TOAST), Koovs (KOOV), UKRProduct (UKR), EG Solotions (EGS), Webis (WEB) and BMR (BMR)


2218 days ago

Tom Winnifrith Bearcast 30 October - Insider Dealing IS a crime

I start wth Marlowe (MRL) and a debate here about insider dealing. Then it is onto Quoram (QRM) and its delisting and Nakama (NAK) and its dire results - it should be delisted. Then it is onto Mosman Oil & Gas (MSMN) - another confetti issue, Fitbug (FITB) which needs a confetti issue, Peer TV (PTV) whose board need shooting as does Tim Coffman its disgusting POS Nomad and finally UK Oil & Gas (UKOG), David Lenigas and the truth about ISDX as opposed to Big Dave's PR bologny.


2226 days ago

Tom Winnifrith Bearcast Special: Dave Whitby of CEB Resources should be sacked and prosecuted TODAY

Shares in CEB Resources (CEB) are suspended on AIM ahead of an announcement on Monday. That is because its CEO Dave Whitby revealed a stack of price sensitive data including news that an RTO was planned in a podcast on ADVFN with Justin the Clown Yesterday. Flip Flop Ben Turney is so busy blowing smoke up the arse of Whitby that he may wish to ignore this. Whitby has broken insider dealing laws and a stack of AIM Rules. He should be sacked at once, barred from AIM and prosecuted. If you want to clean up AIM you deal with those who break the laws. Whitby has broken the laws. The Sheriff of AIM is getting a noose ready...


2267 days ago

Tom Winnifrith Bearcast 12th September - to Comrade Corbyn, Comrade Levi and Comrade Knightley

In this podcast I answer yesterday's quiz question and then celebrate the election of Comrade Jeremy Corbyn to the leadership of the Labour party. The Tories are in thrall to big business and crony capitalists and Comrade Corbyn at least ensures real questions are asked as we sleep walk over the abyss on so many fronts. I then put Comrade Dan Levi straight on insider dealing laws with relation to his latest spurious allegations about flip flop Ben Turney. Then there is a wider look at the markets.


2302 days ago

How Gotham City Saved Rob Terry from undertaking the biggest case of insider dealing in AIM History

We all know about Rob Terry’s insider dealing in shares in November 2014 thanks to the shysters at Equities First Holdings. But that was small beer compared to the level of insider dealing had attempted to undertake in April 2014. His “get out of jail card” on that one came, ironically, from Gotham City Research.


2384 days ago

Tom Winnifrith BearCast - 18 May

Naturally I start this podcast with my big news - last night's encounter with a snake: did I kill it. You can read about that HERE. Next up is a detailed look at today's news from Environmental Recycling (ENRT), formerly 3DM, then onto Tomco, Rose Petroleum, Tungsten, Blinkx, Sefton and Solgold. And then for some folks out there - including Chris Oil - I explain what constitutes market abuse and/or insider dealing and what the FCA should do about what is NOT a victimless crime.


2479 days ago

Tom Winnifrith BearCast - Quindell accounting and cashflow fraud H2 explained in full

Long, long chats yesterday with a Liverpool lawyer and a helpful reader email allow me, I think, to explain why the underlying cashflow miss at Quindell in H2 2014 was in fact UP TO £85 million ( not the £45-60 million I had demonstrated). And I think the key to the miss is accruals and when Quenron started its Industrial Deafness push and how it accrues for it. This is a bit geeky but I believe explains the mystery in full. It has clear implications for the Rob Terry insider dealing case, demonstrates clear market abuse and also if one reads through to 2015 shows why Quindell is insolvent. I also try to explain why I have never had the surname Cochrane (sorry Quindell Quislings).  And I cover the importance of the Tosca news.

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2486 days ago

Quindell: An Open Letter to Laurence Moorse: call the SFO now my friend as it’s on the case

I am sure that Laurence Moorse, the insider dealing finance director of Quindell (QPP) is now aware, as am I that the Serious Fraud Office (SFO) is now looking at matters Quenron and in that vein I have again written to the little crook urging him to save himself.

Dear Laurence.


2488 days ago

Tom Winnifrith Bearcast 3rd February

Both Maribel and I are feeling a little fragile after a night of boozing at The Free Speech & Liberty Pizza House. And so life is a bit of a struggle today for both of us. Anyhow this podcast covers insider dealing, Afren, TXO, Camkids, Northbridge Industrial, profits warnings, Asian Citrus and Creston


2508 days ago

Quindell – just what is it so desperate to hide at Ingenie?

It is probably the least of the problems of the insider dealing fraudster Laurence Moorse at Quindell (QPP) but he really does seem to be in a spot of bother with Companies House over non-disclosure at Ingenie. What is Larry so desperate to hide? 

You may remember that on October 10 2014 I wrote to Companies House pointing out that Ingenie should – as part of a PLC – supplied full not abbreviated accounts. On December 12 2014 (HERE) CH confirmed it had written to Larry on this matter.


2541 days ago

Another problem for insider dealing Laurence Moorse at Quindell

I guess the in-tray for Laurence Moorse,  the insider dealing Finance Director at Quindell (QPP), is getting to be a little on the bulging side: folks owed £180 million by the cash strapped company demanding immediate payment; letters from the FCA, letters from AIM regulation, the PWC memos on his dodgy accounting and now to add to his woes …Companies House has confirmed that its on his case.


2542 days ago

Rob Terry of Quindell should face AT LEAST 7 years in prison and a £19 million fine – how many times has he insider dealt?

The chocolate teapots that are the SFO/FCA have prosecuted just 46 people for insider dealing and 29 have been found guilty and not one has been sent to prison. But the scale of Rob Terry’s Quindell crimes mean he should be the first. I suggest he face the maximum 7 year prison stretch and a fine of £19 million (fines can be unlimited) – the question is how many times has he dealt on inside knowledge.

We know when he made a net 7 million quid on November 5th from share sales ( which he said were buys) that he did so knowing that Canaccord had quit as joint broker – information not released to the market. That is slam dunk insider dealing.


2543 days ago

Tom Winnifrith's BearCast - 10 December

I am back in Clerkenwell at Real Man Pizza if any Quindell morons or Daniel Stewart employees want to come and "deal with me". On the Bearcast today, Sefton Resources, dead cat bounces, Kenmare Resources, insider dealing, Mwana Africa and of course the fraud Quenron.


2543 days ago

Rob Terry of Quenron dumps 24 million shares – what more do you morons need to know?

Rob Terry told the Quindell morons that he would buy shares at 180p. Today it was announced that he had sold c24 million of his 37 million shares at c40p. What more do you morons need to know?

So you know that this lying, insider dealing, fraudster


2545 days ago

Quindell Warning Bearcast: Implications for Rob Terry, Cenkos, shareholders - what next?

I have just had a Quindell (QPP) shareholder on the phone. Not any old shareholder but a veteran of class actions. I warn you KPMG, Rob Terry and Cenkos you are potentially in big trouble, this man is very serious and knows exactly what he is doing. Ahead of that I examine what happens next for Cenkos, Rob Terry and shareholders. It is not pretty. And I now have new questions for the FCA about the scale of Rob Terry's insider dealing.


2545 days ago

Oi Quindell are you sure your customers still love you? Tell us about Swinton

Quindell (QPP) insists that its suppliers and customers still have faith in it and that none at all have been spooked by its shares falling 90%, its founder Rob Terry being sacked and investigated for insider dealing and the fact that Quenron is paying suppliers ever later. Of course that is patent bollocks so Quenron tell us about Swinton?


2547 days ago

I Demand the FCA & AIM Investigate David Currie and Robert Fielding of Quindell for market abuse and breaching AIM Rules

The stand in bosses of Quindell, The captains that will see the ship go under are Mr David Currie and the insider dealing Rob Fielding. Together with the insider dealing Finance Director Laurence Moorse they know that cash is well below market forecasts and that profits forecasts will not be met because there are gargantuan write-offs off goodwill and bogus revenues looming – that I proved today HERE.

In not communicating this to investors via RNS they are breaching AIM Rules and arguably committing market abuse. As such I have written today to AIM Regulation and the FCA, cc’ing in the money grabbing bastard chumps at Nomad Cenkos, requesting that Quindell make an immediate statement fessing up to its true financial position but also that Mr Currie, Mr Moorse and Mr Fielding be investigated for breaching AIM Rules and potentially also market abuse. I write:

Dear Sirs.


2566 days ago

Insider Dealing added to Rob Terry’s Rap Sheet – Canaccord quits Quindell: Terry going to prison, Quindell to 0p

Rob Terry you are a liar, a fraudster and now I also accuse you of insider dealing. I shall not rest until you go to prison you low life vermin criminal. For today we discovered that you and your FD Laurence Moorse and NED Steve Scott sold vast numbers of Quindell shares while withholding price sensitive information – that Canaccord, your joint broker and sponsor of your failed main market listing application had quit.

The rats at Canaccord told Quindell they were quitting on 21st October giving one month’s notice. Quindell has today brought forward that departure date to immediately. Or rather I suspect Canaccord has done its maths and demanded to go at once.


2622 days ago

Mopowered – absolute shocker of a wipeout placing & more Insider Dealing in the City club

This has it all. I told you the shocking tale of the Mopowered (MPOW) AIM casino disaster story HERE yesterday. Today came news of a placing at 5p to raise £3.5 million (Gross). This just adds insult to the injury.


2666 days ago

Westminster Group Insider Dealing ahead of Placing – why are the City Spivs allowed to get away with it?

Westminster Group (WSG) last Thursday decided to raise just over £1 million in a placing for reasons I understand and believe to make sense. When the calls from its broker SP Angel started to be made the share price was 50p in the middle. That was late Thursday afternoon.

Between 10 am and 11 am on Friday the mid-price fell – on no RNS – to 46p. Perhaps it was just a coincidence? Oh is that the tooth fairy I see dancing in the corner with Father Christmas?

Let us be clear here. Some folks were told about the placing because they were invited to take part and either sold shares themselves or got others to sell shares at 49p and downwards. They did this in the explicit knowledge that they could buy the stock back at a lower level in the placing and of course that selling pushed the price at which the placing too place down, to 40p.

This is insider dealing. 


2670 days ago

Westminster Group an Open Letter to SP Angel…are you on the side of the Angels? PROVE IT!

Earlier today I flagged the blatant insider dealing taking place ahead of the Westminster Group (WSG) placing announced yesterday. I have written to the broker to the issue SP Angel calling on it to take firm action to catch the City criminals involved. The letter follows.

Dear Sirs.


2735 days ago

Minoan Placing at 12p – Insider Dealing on the AIM Cesspit

On 19th May shares in Minoan (MIN) traded at 16.375p on the AIM Cesspit. Then they started slipping and slipping and closed yesterday at 13.625p. Today a placing is announced at 12p. What do I conclude? That crony capitalists in the City are not content with buying stock at a discount but that they also engage in insider dealing. They break the law. Will the FCA do anything to stop the fuckers? What do you think?

Here is what happened. Minoan wanted to raise money for working capital and to buy bolt on Travel & Leisure businesses. It has targets and I expect news soon. It has a debt facility it can use but that has a warrant structure attached which makes it even more dilutive than a placing and so it asked its broker WH Ireland to tap up a few funds to buy stock at a discount. That process started in earnest last week.

The sort of folks


2886 days ago

Five New Year Resolutions for AIM to Deal with the corrupt Cesspit bucket end of the market

The bottom end of AIM is corrupt. City insiders break the law in insider dealing ahead of heavily discounted placings which stuff private investors in an institutionalised manner. It is crony capitalism writ large. As such I offer up five New Year Resolutions for Aim to clean up the market instantaneously.


2900 days ago

EMED - no City insider dealing here: for we plebs just buy a few & wait

EMED Mining (EMED) has announced that it has conditionally raised £5.5 million (before expenses) to “be largely applied in funding engineering and related works in connection with the re-start of the Rio Tinto copper project and for general working capital”


2912 days ago

The dismantling of Rivington Street – new revelations

The Shareprophets team writes: A number of writers on Shareprophets used to work for and/or own shares in Rivington Street the Plus listed company now going through administration after almost three years of being chaired by offshore Isle of Man investor Jim Mellon. But this process is throwing up a number of questions. 

The administrator Resolve has worked with Mellon, who is still refusing to go to South Korea to answer allegations of insider dealing, before on transactions which allowed him to buy assets from companies that had encountered financial issues under his chairmanship, notably Speymill.

Since the middle of this year Mellon has bought four companies out of Rivington.


2914 days ago

TXO – who are the bent “institutional investors” – quizzing foxy Ms Alice Lane

TXO (TXO) has this morning raised £500,000 at 0.1p. The shares are off by 0.02p at 0.11p. The deal is probably good news for TXO, although the dilution is painful, but that is not the real story here.

The real story is the placing. When TXO started its roadshow the share price was 0.18p. In other words it fell by 0.05p as City investors were made “insiders” and asked to participate in the placing and by just 0.02p when the placing was announced.

So who dealt? Who blabbed? Who broke the law? Surely the share price fall is no fluke? Frankly the idea that it is a coincidence is about as credible as Tony Blair’s excuses for invading Iraq. 

This is a clear open and shut case of criminal activity in the City. Of insider dealing. Of crony capitalism. But will anything happen? There is more chance of me getting to shag Cheryl Cole this weekend than of anyone doing anything about this.

The broker to the placing is Northland Capital, specifically a Ms Alice Lane who is as you can see is really rather foxy. I called Alice this morning


3057 days ago

Weekend Video Postcard #40 Albania Edition

I am back in Albania. This is a short postcard containing the sort of thoughts that got me booted out of the LinkedIn friends of Greece last summer.

My financial video postcard will go live when I can find an internet link that does not crack up once an hour. i.e. not today! It will be on



3205 days ago

Insider Dealing and Company Takeovers: Ref London Capital – who dunnit?

The other day shares in London Capital Group (LSE:LCG) rocketed skywards and the company then issued a statement admitting that it had received a batch of takeover bids. I seem to have offended a few folks by putting 2 + 2 together and – like 99% of the population – arriving at an answer of 4. Well shout it out. The answer really is 4 and if you want to live in denial and pretend that nothing frigging untoward went on go for it. Live in pretence. But you are kidding no-one.


3209 days ago

London Capital – Saved by Bid Approaches ( flushed out by insider dealing): sell

London Capital (LSE:LCG) was not one of my more inspired share tip ideas of the Autumn. I rated them as a speculative buy on October 23rd at 52p. The company rewarded my faith and hot share tip with yet another profits warning pre Christmas. Worryingly net cash at the year-end was down to £20 million. Given that much of that is tied up as regulatory capital I can only contemplate what the actual free cash position is and despite cutting its costs, depressed market conditions mean that it is still losing money


3369 days ago

Ortac Resources - No obvious insider dealing so bid spec in Telegraph wrong

The Daily Telegraph reports that shares in AIM listed gold exploration company Ortac Resources (OTC) rose yesterday on the back of bid speculation. Yeah right. A story pumped to a daft journalist by someone looking to make a turn or just a way to fill up a line. If there was real bid speculation or activity the stock would have risen by a heck of a lot than 0.03p. Oooh are you saying that there is insider dealing in London? Er yes.