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FBI re-opens Hillary Clinton email probe - this is very serious: Presidential race wide open

Tom Winnifrith
Saturday 29 October 2016

Make no mistake, the Democrats are flapping, they are now in big trouble as the FBI has re-opened investigations into crooked Hillary Clinton's emails. This is shocking and it is very serious and it will change how some folks vote whatever the liberal media tries to tell you today.

A few months ago the FBI closed an enquiry into how Hillary used a private server to do State Department business via personal emails. This is a criminal offence and had she been a junior officer in the armed forces she would, by now, have been doing time. The Dems cheered on the FBI for doing a great job. As the summer wore on, more and more leaks came out of the FBI as to how officials there thought Hillary had been let off but the Mainstream Media ignored them and the Dems slated those websites that carried the news as being run by crazed right wingers. The Dems insisted the FBI was impartial and doing its job brilliantly, we right wingers said it was an establishment cover up.

No-one suggested for a second that Trump and the right had any sway with the FBI.
On Friday the FBI told Congress that it had re-opened the investigation. Given that the election is only 11 days away this was a massive move. In the words of Watergate hero Carl Bernstein, no friend of we deplorables:

"We don't know what this means yet except that it's a real bombshell. And it is unthinkable that the Director of the FBI would take this action lightly, that he would put this letter forth to the Congress of the United States saying there is more information out there about classified e-mails and call it to the attention of congress unless it was something requiring serious investigation."

On the BBC liberal media Trump hatefest that is Newsnight some bearded pansy of a Democrat started spouting on about Russian hacking and Trump bullying the FBI but that was a sign of just how desperate the Dems are about this. You could see that the little squirt was panicking badly. We already knew that the source of the new information the FBI is looking at was not hacking at all. It is far more sordid than that.

The FBI is investigating a loathsome senior Democrat called Anthony Weiner who was a senior Congressman until a series of sexting scandals became public. Weiner appears to have been trying to get inside the knickers of a 15 year old girl. Rather like Bill Clinton's holiday and party pal Jeff Epstein, Weiner seems to like his meat tender. Trump may spot future talent, Weiner et al can't wait for the talent to grow up and get past the age of consent. What is it with these rich Democrat Alpha Males and the Lolita issue?

Anyhow the FBI recently seized the mobile phones and computers of Weiner and his, now, estranged wife Huma Abedin who is also a senior Democrat. In fact she is crooked Hillary's closest aide. And in seizing those phones and PCs, the Feds stumbled on emails that related to the lies, oops sorry testimony, Hillary gave under oath and the underlying criminal acts.

As such the FBI had no choice. It had to reopen the investigation and to announce that it was re-opening it in order to avoid a cover up and accusations of a cover up. It is simply being, as it should have been all along, impartial.

Hillary herself now demands the FBI release what information it has. She knows full well that it cannot compromise an investigation by doing that but she is pretending that she has nothing to hide.

Clearly she has. This is serious. The polls all show that most Americans already thought crooked Hillary was dishonest and lied on a serial basis and those poll ratings will go only one way now.

The bearded Dem pansy on Newsnight pointed out that many Americans had already voted. He is correct. About 7% of the electorate - including some of the illegals and dead folks registered by the Democrat machine - have voted but 93% have not. The national and key state polls show a clear tightening in recent days and - if one adjusts for shy Trumpsters - this race was already very much in play.

If you were among the small percent that were undecided on Friday how would the news that the FBI was now investigating a candidate, that you already distrusted, for offences that could see them impeached within months of being elected President and then sent to jail, make you swing? I put it to you that undecideds will swing Trump's way and that a number of Dems who were voting Hillary while holding their noses will now decide the Clinton stench is too much and just abstain.

And some GOP supporters who felt unable to back Trump will now remember just why they can't allow Clinton to win. Recent polls have showed errant Republicans swinging back behind Trump and it was noticeable yesterday how even spineless GOP leaders like Paul "Judas" Ryan were having a real go at Clinton on this issue.

It is not just the stench that will be hurting Hillary but the laughable spin of blaming Russian hacking when the whole world can see that what caused this was an enquiry into alleged paedophilia by a senior Democrat. The whole mess is just so terribly Clintonesque and it is all over the US front pages today.

I see that the liberal media here is spinning this as a non issue. The BBC says "Clinton is confident over FBI probe". Yeah, I bet she is delighted. This may not swing tens of millions of voters but it will swing some and outside the beltway, on Main Street America this is a bombshell that is going down very badly indeed.

Links to peadophilia, overt criminality and yet another Clinton cover up are devastating and will be swinging votes. Maybe inside the beltway and among the liberal media such things do not matter - for such folks sexuality and ethics are fluid.

But most Americans are God fearing, hard working, honest, tax paying folks and what senior members of camp Clinton, including Hillary herself, get up to in private is now being exposed and it is not going down at all well on Main Street.

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