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79 days ago

It arrived last night: The sort of charming email I get from trolls almost every week of the year

Normally I do nothing other than delete such emails and try to forget about such unpleasant harassment but the one below which arrived last night is so vile that it is now with the North Wales Police. After a number of incidents in recent years the local fuzz understand that some of the crooks I expose or shareholders in frauds I expose react by trying to threaten me or just harass me.


192 days ago

BREAKING: Is this email genuine? Is Scotgold preparing for administration?

The email below, apparently from a senior staffer at Scotgold (SGZ) to lawyers at Fox Williams, presumably Richie Clark and Paul Taylor (Partners) or Paul Osborne (Senior Partner), appears to show that the company, which only raised £3 million just the other day, is in a right old financial mess and is preparing for administration. Either its real or its fake, but its “doing the rounds” so one way or another ScotGold, a perma dog IMHO, needs to issue an RNS first thing Monday AM. 


338 days ago

BREAKING: Private email: Bidstack fesses to Azerion litigation, end of partnership, spins as a takeover ploy

This is shocking. What is clearly adverse information is being withheld from the market but is being sent to selected investors by Lyin’ James Draper the CEO of Bidstack (BIDS).  None of what is in the email below, received via the Winnileaks service today, is referenced in yesterday’s trading update. This is shocking. Surely even the Oxymorons at AIM Regulation should force a statement?


934 days ago

Is Warren Buffett really being generous or is this a new variant on the Nigerian General email fraud? An offer for Supply@ME owning morons...

I think I know the answer and so do you but maybe shareholders in Supply@ME Capital (SYME) might be tempted by this offer which a reader has received in his email box. It reads:


1178 days ago

Skinbiotherapeutics, the most idiotic of PR men and an email exchange

There are only two financial journalists who write regularly about Skinbiotherapeutics (SBTX): myself and Steve Moore. Coverage elsewhere is minimal to zero yet for some reason the company wastes the cash of loyal shareholders such as myself, on Instinctif, a financial PR firm.  Yesterday at 4.16PM on trading statement day Mr Phillip Marriage of Instinctif dropped me an email. I suspect he wishes he had not.  Our full exchange follows. 


1466 days ago

Winnileaks Exclusive: Bahamas Petroleum responds to ShareProphets & dissembles

Earlier today I revealed that Bahamas Petroleum (BPC) was trying to raise $25 million. It could not do it at 1.4p so is now trying at 1.2p and that it has had to rope in bucket shop brokers such as Novum and Cornhill shows that it is struggling. The company has responded but, thanks to Winnileaks, it has dissembled as I demonstrate  with an email that has fallen into my hands as you can see below.


1576 days ago

BREAKING: Neil Woodford begs IFAs to stick with him in an email which is just not true

Disgraced fund manager Neil Woodford has sent an email to IFA’s begging them to not only stay with him but to send a templated email to their clients urging them to do the same. The Woodford email is below and, sadly, scores low on the veracity front.


1930 days ago

Mayan Energy – sack the entire board says No 1 oil analyst Zac Phillips

In his morning email to his esteemed clients,  Zac “The Knife” Phillips, of SP Angel, the UK’s no 1 oil analyst, has utterly ripped into Mayan Energy (MYN) demanding the sacking of the entire board. The great man opines:


2532 days ago

FBI re-opens Hillary Clinton email probe - this is very serious: Presidential race wide open

Make no mistake, the Democrats are flapping, they are now in big trouble as the FBI has re-opened investigations into crooked Hillary Clinton's emails. This is shocking and it is very serious and it will change how some folks vote whatever the liberal media tries to tell you today.


2614 days ago

New Trump Video: Is Robot Hillary Clinton melting down

Crooked Hillary is now seeing her post convention poll bounce evaporate. As I have said before, the more folks know about Mrs Clinton the less they like her. Donald Trump knows this and as long as he can stop saying daft things, Hillary will carry on delivering him the votes. This little attack advert from Trump sums up a couple of recent gaffes and reminds us all of her email varacity issue.



2620 days ago

Caption Contest Hillary Clinton has been a role model for young girls for 30 years

Crooked Hillary Clinton reckons that by breaking glass ceilings she has been a role model for many years for young girls across America. And so here is a picture of Crooked Hillary in action and I invite you to supply a suitable caption in the comments section below with a deadline of the witching hour on Friday August 5th. Just for starters here are a few entries from myself:


2632 days ago

BBC Bashing of Donald Trump - just how out of touch and dishonest can it be?

On Monday night Mrs Trump made a bit of a goof by lifting around 35 seconds of words from a speech by Michelle Obama. One sixtieth of Mrs Trump's speech was plagiarised, the culprit was a lowly speech writer no-one in the wider electorate gave a dam but the liberal British Media loved it. You could see the visibile smirks on the faces of Emily Maitlis on Newsnight or beltway Kylie Morris of Channel 4. Okay it was a bad day for the GOP let the liberals have their fun. But today is Wednesday...


2656 days ago

For those who respond to emails from Nigeria - how do you fancy a 70% dividend on an AIM share?

Do you get emails from Nigerian Generals promising you millions of quid and respond by sending over your bank details? Are you that stupid? If so we have an AIM stock for you where the dividend is 70%. Wow. And it gets better still.


2768 days ago

Tom Winnifrith Bearcast 7 March - race to 0p - Fastjet, LGO, Xcite...who else?

In the race to 0p who will win? After today's statement FastJet (FJET) is in the running as is LGO Energy (LGO), PetroCeltic and XCite Energy (XEL) which also had news today. I also look at Plethora (PLE) and the idea of something which is too good to be true. Then I move onto [email protected] - if you have not emailed the greedy useless mother yet PLEASE DO SO NOW. I offer up a suggested form of wording for your email. Warning/ Bad language alert.


3390 days ago

Bulletin Board Morons, Free Speech & Commercial Blackmail…It will not work

Over the weekend yet more bogus and damning internet reviews of the Real Man Pizza restaurant have appeared from folks who have never reviewed any restaurant in their lives. The same folks boast openly on Bulletin Boards about how they are destroying my livelihood. But the commercial blackmail does not end there. I share with you an email received yesterday.



3399 days ago

Quindell - Gobsmacking exclusive out tomorrow - this will appall you all

I have tonight seen an email relating to QPP (QPP) which will shock the market. I need to sleep on this, how to approach this and how to pen my prose. Howver Rob Terry be warned, you are now officially "in sights". The Sheriff of AIM is after you and this looks dreadfully grim for you...


3426 days ago

Should Richard Scudamore be sacked as the Premier League CEO? No!

The head of the Premier League Richard Scudamore will almost certainly be fired next week. The media knives are out. His career obituary has been written already. His crime was to send some pretty unpleasant sexist emails to pals on his work email address.

Had Scudamore said publicly what he wrote in the emails he should have been fired. Had he sent them as a round robin to his entire address book she should probably also have been fired. But he did not. He shared private jokes (albeit not funny ones) with his pals.

Had the lads shared these comments in the pub there would not have been an issue. However technically ones work emails belong to one’s employer and so Scudamore seems likely to be toast. But do we really want to live in a world where to share an (unfunny) joke with a pal or indeed to send any communication that is not work related you have to switch from your work account to a Hotmail one and send it to your mate on gmail?

Has life really got that serious? The working day benefits from the odd light hearted non-work bit of banter and must we really all switch onto personal accounts to take part in such exchanges lest anyone be offended.

It strikes me that Scudamore has done a good job in promoting women’s soccer. He could continue to do that with folks knowing that underneath it all he is a bit of a sexist beast. I wonder how many men in the world of soccer are entirely beyond reproach in this matter? How many are prepared to stand up and say that they have never told a sexist joke or made a disparaging comment about girlies in private? For if that is the qualification to be CEO of the Premier League I very much doubt that there would be that many suitably qualified candidates.

We can live in a grey world with strict rules about what you may or may not say to a mate on a work email if we like. It all seems rather Orwellian to me. How long before email audits to establish that employees have never made an inappropriate comment are demanded by some PC imbecile with limited real world experience?

Or perhaps we might just get on with our lives and be judged by the end results we deliver? Is that too much to ask?


3601 days ago

Exchanged! Hooray

An email just in from the Ewok (the Mrs) conforms she has exchanged on the sale of her flat and purchase of a grown up house in the fairly respectable Bristol district of Brislington.

On Friday the buyers of the flat tried to pull out having discovered a clause in the leasehold agreement (supplied two months ago) which spooked them. Good work by the Ewok and her lawyer dealt with that but one working day before exchange was due it was an unpleasant moment.

Now we are all set to complete and move well before Christmas. Hooray.

PS In case any companies thinking of suing me for libel are reading this, the house is 100% owned by the Ewok, I am merely a tenant with no assets at all.


3655 days ago

The 3 Lunch Tuesday and a Sinner from t1ps Repenteth

I realized last week that I had ballsed up my diary and had arranged to have 2 lunches on Tuesday at the same time. I juggled and so arranged lunch one for 1 PM and lunch 2 for 3.30 PM. Still not feeling 100% I trekked up to London for a meeting with Enables IT and braced myself for lunch one having just enough time to check my emails. Bugger. Hell's Teeth.


3660 days ago

Exclusive: Bear Raider Evil Knievil robbed and without cash in the Ukraine

Like everyone else in the email address book of Simon Cawkwell, aka infamous bear raider Evil Knievil, I have today received an urgent message – it seems as if the fat man is in a spot of bother. It reads:


3703 days ago

Helping Sefton Out with an offer of $2 million - I am such a damned nice guy

AIM listed Sefton Resources (SER) which is suing me for libel announced on Tuesday that it which to buy a new steam flood steam generator for $2 million. The problem is that it does not have any cash and is losing money hand over fist. But I am a really nice guy and always keen to help.

I got an unsolicited email this morning which read:

"My wife Violet and I Allen Large won 11.3MUSD in a lottery 6-49 in July, 2010 and we have decided to donate the sum of 2MUSD to you. Contact us via our personal email for more details ([email protected]) You can verify our story by visiting the web page below. 

Co-ordinator:  72hniw duds"

Heck Sefton's need is greater than mine and so I have passed it on to the company - it can have my share of the $11.3 million. But heck Sefton a sharp cookies. M<aybe this is one of the 3rd party funders it referred to in the statement and it is ahead of me.

Anyhow, it just goes to show what a damned nice guy I am.


3879 days ago

A business opportunity in Burkina Faso – is anyone stupid enough to fall for this?

The email below arrived yesterday offering me the chance to pick up $11.5 million. And no, it was not the latest channel partner offering from an unscrupulous financial website group although it is of a similar investment grade to some of theirs.

I just wonder, is anyone on this planet stupid enough to fall for this sort of thing? I guess so otherwise a whole con industry would not be operating. It is a familiar sort of tale and such an obvious con. Indeed just two days ago another chap from Burkina Faso ( Ben Kute) emailed me about another sum of $8 million I could get my hands on.

Clearly money grows on trees in Bukina Faso – no need for us to send any foreign aid there then. Perhaps they could send some to Bankrupt Britain to pay for stabling costs for the horses of the Heather Frost and the other rural jobless in England.

The email is below:

Attn: Please,

This Message Might Meet You In Utmost Surprise. However, It’s Just My Urgent Need For Foreign Partner That Made Me To Contact You For This Transaction. I Got Your Contact From Burkina Faso Chambers Of Commerce While I Was Searching For A Foreign Partner. I Assured Of Your Capability And Reliability To Champion This Business Opportunity When I Prayed To God Or Allah About You.


3887 days ago

I have just inherited $20.5 million – I quit

Oh happy days, I have just received an email from [email protected] (to undisclosed recipients). Apparently the late Mr Robert Adler has left me $20.5 million. Okay, I quit. No more writing, no more pizzas, I am off to Ireland for retirement. Thanks Bob.

Oh, you say this a scam. Drat, I was just starting to make plans. Back to the keyboard I go.