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BBC Bashing of Donald Trump - just how out of touch and dishonest can it be?

Tom Winnifrith
Wednesday 20 July 2016

On Monday night Mrs Trump made a bit of a goof by lifting around 35 seconds of words from a speech by Michelle Obama. One sixtieth of Mrs Trump's speech was plagiarised, the culprit was a lowly speech writer no-one in the wider electorate gave a dam but the liberal British Media loved it. You could see the visibile smirks on the faces of Emily Maitlis on Newsnight or beltway Kylie Morris of Channel 4. Okay it was a bad day for the GOP let the liberals have their fun. But today is Wednesday...

On Tuesday Governor Christie gave a speech that set the convention on fire. The British liberal media thought it was a bit harsh of the fat man from New Jersey to brand crooked Hillary Clinton as a crook. But most Americans think she is pretty dodgy and after Whitewater, the cattle futures trading, the emails, etc, etc there is every reason to say that her honesty is, at best, in doubt. Christie spoke a language many if not most Americans understand. The British liberal media laughed at him. What a fat oaf...he is so just not one of us...New Jersey, uggh, so "beyond Bridge & Tunnel" from our playground in Manhattan.

Well not all of the British liberal media. The BBC ignored Christie. The 6 O'Clock News also ignored what is obviously the big story of today from Cleveland, that is to say the formal nomination of Donald Trump before an almost entirely united floor of delegates. Instead the BBC ran a report on that speach from Monday. The actual speech writer fessed up. No one cares. That was not the story but Fiona Bruce and the Beeb's man in Cleveland did a two way all about that, both visibly smirking. They can laugh but it is dishonest of them to ignore what is the real story coming out of Cleveland, a GOP uniting behind Trump and speaking a language so many Americans buy into.

The plagiarism of c1% of poor Mrs Trump's speech was never a big issue. The liberal media blew it up because they actually thought that outside the Beltway folks cared. They did not. They care about jobs, immigration, security, an out of touch elite stealing all the pies. The BBC still does not get it. The mood is changing. Brexit showed that in the UK. Trump is showing that in the US. The media, business and political elite just do not understand how much we, the people, loathe and detest them all.

Overpaid BBC stars can carry on smirking. Out here in the real world the times they are a changing.

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