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185 days ago

EXPOSE: Apollon Formularies, the POS that was Afriag – spoof news on joke Jamaica ganja valuation as cash crisis looms

Once a dawg with fleas always a dawg with fleas. I covered the horrors of David Lenigas created horror story Afriag (AFRI) in full. Eventually after too many criminals such as Yusuf Kajee were exposed by this fine website, the company was booted off AIM and then, via a RTO organized by those scallywags at Peterhouse which took two years to consumate, became a medicianal cannabis play based in Jamaica and listed on the Aquis lobster pot. On April 13 2021 £2.5 million was raised at 5pand the company became Apollon Formularies (APOL). Now follow the white rabbit for the shares are now 2.6p and a cash crisis looms.


622 days ago

No Daisy Cooper MP: Deporting a convicted rapist or murderer is nothing to do with Windrush - shame on you

This week has seen our beloved Home Secretary Priti Patel do what she does best: annoy folks on the left. And also what she does less well, that is to say remove undesirables from this land. Priti attempted to deport 50 folks who were Jamaican nationals and had been convicted of a range of very serious crimes including rape, murder and child abuse. Who on earth would want a convicted paedophile carrying the passport of another nation hanging around in the UK? Step forward 50 Labour and Lib Dem MPs and an array of celebs. Among them, Lib Dem Daisy Cooper.


701 days ago

After Hume, will Scotland show principle and de-person its national poet Robert Burns?

David Hume was a great philosopher but, writing in 1753, he made remarks about black folks which even then were a tad offensive and today are viewed as utterly racist. Given that we now judge folks’ utterances and actions of 267 years ago by the mores of today, in the year of madness that is 2020, Hume was toast. A building named after him at Edinburgh University has been renamed. I suspect that there will be calls to remove A Treatise of Human Nature from the curriculum and so future generations will come to know the man, not as I did as a student, as a philosopher but as just another dead white racist male. So where next with the purge? Might I suggest Scotland’s national poet Robert Burns?