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Leamington Spa

524 days ago

Sir Arthur Vicars, an innocent murdered by the IRA on this day in 1921 and still the Fenian scum celebrate

As you can see below, the Fenian scum are today celebrating their murder of an innocent man 99 years ago. He is a man I feel some bonds with. For the Fenians of IRA/Sinn Fein I feel a mixture of revulsion and pity. How can one glory in such an act?


1497 days ago

Maths not the strong point of the liberal left as protesters gather at #TrumpTower

As the White House renovations continue, President Donald Trump has, for three days, moved his office back up to his home in New York, Trump Tower. As POTUS prepared to arrive protesters gathered to express their outrage that their beloved crooked Hillary was not President, oops I meant at the Donald's awful policies. And the crowd was, according to libs tweeting and whining all over social media, "massive" as you can see below.


1578 days ago

Speaking to the police about abuse at Warwick School 40 years ago - it gets so much worse

After almost six weeks away in London, Sweden and then Greece I had a good stack of mail to wade through. At the bottom of the pile was the Old Warwickian, the glossy mag for we schola warwicensis of days gone by. And to its enormous credit it has finally acknowledged, albeit almost sote voice, the issues of abuse from the "old days."


1687 days ago

I really hate Bill Gates & Microsoft with a fucking passion - 36 hours offline thanks to an upgrade

It is not that he is a smug bastard constantly appearing on our TV screens to say how much money he and his frightful Mrs have given away to support all the good causes favoured by the bien pensants although that is enough to make me want to put him on one of Richard Branson's dodgy rockets along with Saint Bono of tax-dodging and Branson himself on a one way trip to outer space. What really riles me about Gates and Microsoft is how upgrades and updates that I neither want nor need really fuck my life up.