October 7

17 days ago

Another old friend lost? I am a “fascist” for not slating the Jews

When 1200 Jews were slaughtered by Hamas on October 7 my friend of twenty five years T did not write me an angry email saying how he supported my articles expressing my horror. He did not mind that 10 of them were British Jews or that 2 British Jews were taken into Gaza as hostages by the Hamas rapists. But today T has been in touch to slate me as being a “fascist” for supporting the Jewish State after the tragedy of Israel accidentally killing seven aid workers, three of whom were Brits.  A man with a history degree does not seem able to understand that in the context of real fascism that is just such an utterly offensive thing to say.  Our exchange follows and I just despair. I guess I have lost another friend.


27 days ago

Owen Jones and rape: the Guardian's man sinks to a new low of Jew bashing

Guardian columnist Owen Jones famously demanded more proof that Hamas raped Israeli women on the October 7 pogrom. There were no live videos so that was not enough for little Owen. Eyewitness accounts did not count as he knows that Jews all lie about this sort of thing. What a shit Jones is. But in case you thought he could sink no lower, think again and it is also on the subject of rape.


173 days ago

Have I just lost my best friend because #IstandwithIsrael ?

I wrote the other day, HERE, about how I was taking a financial hit because of my support for Israel and the wider Jewish community. Hell what does money matter? I shall not be silenced. But now, perhaps, a more personal hit.


179 days ago

Even for the appalling Guardian this is a new low, but I bet they love it at the University of Lancaster

17 days after the worst one day mass slaughter of Jews since World War Two   the Guardian ran the headline below accusing Israel of weaponising the holocaust. Words just fail me. The Guardian is weaponising the anti-semitism that is marching through the ranks of its core public sector and academic readership.  Folks like the University of Lancaster which, despite promising a Monday response, has still not responded to my Saturday questions abut Professor Simon Mabon celebrating the Hamas butchers of 7 October.  No doubt at Lancaster University they loved the article below. Any decent reader of the Guardian, such as my wife,will surely now boycott it for life.