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Owen Jones and rape: the Guardian's man sinks to a new low of Jew bashing

Tom Winnifrith
Monday 25 March 2024

Guardian columnist Owen Jones famously demanded more proof that Hamas raped Israeli women on the October 7 pogrom. There were no live videos so that was not enough for little Owen. Eyewitness accounts did not count as he knows that Jews all lie about this sort of thing. What a shit Jones is. But in case you thought he could sink no lower, think again and it is also on the subject of rape.

A couple of days ago Al Jazeera and others reported that the IDF had been raping Palestinian women at the Al Shifa hospital in Gaza. This was to deflect from the fact that Hmas had been caught using it as a military base ( a war crime) so an Israeli assault on it was justified and not a war crime as Jones et al had insisted. Jones did not need proof. The Jews were raping Palestinians. Full stop.

Now Al Jazeera and even Hamas has admitted that this story was made up, false, another blood libel. How does the repellent Jones get out of this and why has the Guardian not yet fired the monster? If Britain was a decent country it would, en masse, cold shoulder Jones. Surely nobody can defend his views any more?


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