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1171 days ago

Photo article: pancake day comes two days early

I was chatting to the guys at my local Italian greasy spoon the other day and they 'fessed up that they buy ready made pancake mix. Just how pathetic is that? It takes ten minutes to whip up some batter, just how lazy have we all become?


2073 days ago

Pizza Hardman Darren Atwater set for Home office Grilling - call your MP to urge immediate deportation

These Canadians are swamping the UK. What right have people like the pizza hard man Darren Atwater to come over here, risking his own capital to buy and grow a business, creating jobs and paying taxes? Worse still, he then threatens the British way of life by encouraging us to have maple syrup rather than lemon and sugar on our pancakes, by watching ice hockey and by listening to Shania Twain and Bryan Adams. 


2581 days ago

The Tom’s Diner I know and love is …the other one

Tom’s Diner is trending on twitter as Britney has a new version of the Suzanne Vega classic out and I must admit to rather liking it. The original is about a diner in Manhattan where Miss Vega used to have breakfast before heading off to work as a receptionist. But for me Tom’s is a diner called Tom's Restaurant which was a Saturday fixture where I lived in Brooklyn, in Prospect Heights.

It is an old family run gaffe, managed by a Greek American family since 1936, as much coffee as you want and all sorts of pancakes on a cold autumn morning. Those are my memories of Tom’s. It used to be a Saturday treat back in the mid-eighties when I lived there.

These days the brownstones in Prospect Heights change hands for $1.5-2 million and it is a neighbourhood where the old families, the Afro-Americans, the liberal old guard are moving out to be replaced by smart young couples from Wall Street.  Back in 1985-6 it was a bit different.

The folks I lived with had a dog. He was a harmless beast but