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2 days ago

Photo Article Greek Hovel 2022 journey home: Au Revoir Greece

Having spent far too long checking in with ANEK, the ferry company, last night I arrived at Patras a bit later than expected after making a schoolboy error and going to the wrong port, only to find that the Check in did not actually work. So much for the e-ticket I flashed at the guard. So I had to scuttle back to the terminal, checked in manually, and drove on board.


411 days ago

Road Trip Part 1 – now in Metsovo: what would Dad think?

After a delayed start from the Greek Hovel, making sure we had all we needed and shuttering the place up, a bit of a schoolboy error saw me leave the Motorway on the way up to Corinth and thus I found myself on a “short cut” to Patras. That is to say a non-toll old road. What a disaster. 110 km an hour became 60 and I compounded that with a wrong turn. Having seen signs saying Patras 40 km, suddenly there were no signs at all to Patras.


2012 days ago

Photo Article: The Snow in Greece falls not only in the North

I gather from my father, Darren and the Mrs that it snowed a bit in Shipston, London and Bristol today. It was snowing in Metsovo this morning and the fields on the Anelion side of the vallet were all white. But in case you think that the snow falls only in the Northern Pindus mountains, have a butchers at this photo taken from the Northern side of the Gulf of Corinth at Patras. The bridge across the gulf is pretty spectacular but look on the other side. That is the Pelopponese.