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2784 days ago

Breaking: Calling all Morons – want to back Rob Terry of Quindell infamy in his next venture?

Okay, we know that he committed accounting fraud, securities fraud and insider dealing. We know that the FCA and SFO are investigating him but perhaps the QPPSAG want to back Mr 2+2 can = 5, Mr Robert Simon Terry once again? Well I can reveal how to go about it.


2855 days ago

Real Man Pizza becomes The Free Speech & Liberty Pizza House today

The jihadists of the QPPSAG and other frauds and morons have waged war against me, this website and especially our cracking Clerkenwell restaurant for 2 years as we expose crime and dishonesty in the City. Today we accelerate the fight back against the free speech deniers as the restaurant gets a makeover.

We all support free speech don’t we? But how far will you go in its defence? The staff at this restaurant know that defending free speech with words is easy but when you are in the firing line it can be rather harder.

During the past three years I have received more than 75 lawyers letters from a range of listed companies threatening me for what I have written on this website which I run with veteran Canadian journalist Darren Atwater demanding that I desist.  I have not withdrawn one allegation or article.

In the first month of 2015, three companies that I have attacked have gone bust or seen trading in their shares suspended. Over the past year I have ended the PLC careers of more than half a dozen individuals and there are more to come. Good riddance to the crony capitalists!

Only one company (Sefton, run by JimmyLiar Ellerton) has upped the ante from bullying to taking full legal action. Its chairman was fired in disgrace and it ended up paying us costs.

I have also received three death threats in the past year which you can see on the walls at the Free Speech & Liberty Pizza House ( as well as a selection of letters from bully boy lawyers including Schillings, Pinsent Masons and Memery Crystal) , we have received dog shit in the post and the staff at one City investment bank have publicly threatened to beat me up for what I wrote about the way they ripped off investors by floating fraudulent companies. I responded by going to film a video outside the bank’s Christmas party which you can see here.

The most venomous reaction 


2857 days ago

How will I fund this weekend: £62.57 recovered!

I really cannot be bothered to walk down to the cashpoint machine at the bottom of the hill. It is too close to drive to but a bit of a schlepp to walk to. And so with the Mrs and her purse away how will I fund the essentials of this weekend: 40 Marlboro lights, a pint of milk and a cab fare to Bristol Temple Meads?

As another reminder of my student days it was a matter of rummaging in the pockets of my trousers and coat. What a lot of junk: a letter (unread) from my Aunt Lucy, my passport which  carry at all times in case I need to flee the country to escape the jihadists of the QPPSAG, used train tickets, an entry pass to Beaufort Securities, a good weighting of Euros but there was more…


2857 days ago

Tom Winnifrith BearCast 30 january

I start on the matter of free speech and attempts by the Jihadists of the QPPSAG to deny that. We won a big victory over the morons yesterday. In that vein I urge those who enjoy Bearcasts and who support free speech to book their seats for UK Investor Show on April 18 in Westminster now HERE. In the podcast I cover Mosman Oil & Gas, Rambler Metals, Red Leopard, Management Resources and then go in big time on Asian Citrus but more especially on Camkids - target price 0p.


2930 days ago

Tom Winnifrith's bonus BearCast as Rob Terry forced to quit - what next for Quenron

"Bulletin Board Morons, Cenkos Securities, Steamy & the QPPSAG, Zak Mir at t1psTV, Alan Green, Redleaf PR we have beaten them all, we have beaten them all. Rob Terry, can you hear me? Rob Terry your boys took a hell of a beating! Your boys took a hell of a beating!” And so today’s BearCast special begins. Rob Terry has been forced to quit Quindell but has he really left – what next for this company which is a fraud…


2934 days ago

Friday Quindell Caption Contest - Jobs Going at the Country Club Edition

Are you a member of the QPPSAG and worrying about how to explain to the Mrs that Christmas is going to be cancelled until 2021? Are you employed by a well known Fraudulent company based in Fareham and worried that you are about to lose your job? Or are you a board member at Quindell facing an enforced career change within the next few days? I am here to help, The Sheriff can reveal that one Hampshire based business is hiring aggressively. Yes it is the Country Club!


2949 days ago

Weekend caption Contest: Quindell/QPPSAG Edition Results

The weekend caption contest threw up some cracking entries which you can see here.  But congratulations to the winner, larboulois, for:

You should have a word with that Quinron outfit if you’re hard of hearing, Sir.

I understand they’ll cut you a really good deal on any successful claim you might win and you’ll get your payout in Quindell shares based on a very reasonable forward price of £6.00 per share which will then ten-bag before year end.

Quids in Sir, quids in.


2949 days ago

Weekend Caption Contest - Quindell QPPSAG Emergency Summit Edition

As the QPPSAG gathers for an emergency meeting this weekend to discuss whether shares in Quenron (QPP) will hit £3 by Christmas or make it to £5, we have managed to get a picture of group leader Steamy and one of his loyal followers on the way to the summit. we ask you to suggest a suitable caption by midnight on Sunday.


2974 days ago

EXPLOSIVE: 360GlobalNet Accounts out – Quindell shown to have bought Shit Company, issued shares to itself & dumped them and lied to investors

At last the accounts of Quenron (QPP) subsidiaries are starting to emerge at Companies House and you can see why Rob Terry and his FD Laurence Moorse were so tardy in filing because they are a true can of worms. The first which has arrived is 360GlobalNet Ltd which is 60% owned by Quindell and this stinks to high heaven. Even the pathetic QPPSAG must surely now be hearing the alarming bells ringing? Or perhaps they all have Industrial deafness. 

By way of background reading for the Quenronologists the 2013 accounts for 360GlobalNet can be found HERE and the annual return (which lists shareholders) can be found HERE

The stated history according to Quindell is that it acquired a 3% stake at an unspecified time and increased that to 19%on 28th February 2012 at a price of £2.15 million (£900,000 in cash and the rest in shares). That was not actually strictly true as I explained HERE but let’s pretend it was and continue.


2974 days ago

Daniel Stewart & Steamy Caption Contest – Winner announced

A stack of cracking entries were posted in Friday’s Daniel Stewart and #QPPSAG moron in chief Steamy caption contest – picture below. You can see the full roster of reader wit HERE. Although I am tempted to award the prize to myself for some sterling efforts the winner is:


2986 days ago

Quindell Leaks Confidential letter as part of smear campaign & scores another massive own goal

As I noted at the weekend HERE Quindell (QPP) sent a letter from its new lawyers almost two weeks ago. I have asked it to justify statements in that letter it has failed to do so. But it gets worse. Quindell has now leaked that letter to the pathetic QPPSAG and it is being quoted verbatim albeit selectively on Bulletin Boards. That is a massive OWN GOAL by Mr 2+2 can = 5. My legal team is over the moon.


2989 days ago

Quindell Bulletin Board Moron and Jew hating Bigot of the week – CriminalMind aka Daveycaferacer

Posting as Criminalmind on the ShareProphets thread I am sad to see that one Quindell owning moron is not only a total moron but also a prize bigot to boot. It took me about five seconds to find out that the same poster had posted bigotry of a similar vein but under a different name on my personal blog and that as Daveycaferacer he is an active member of the pathetic QPPSAG. Do steamy & his fellow loons condone overt anti-semitism? Will they condemn one of their number for being a Jew hating bigot? 


3031 days ago

The Official Rob Terry & Quindell Downfall Video

All the players in the Quindell (QPP) tale are in there: Rob Terry, Laurence Moose, Mark Ford, PR girl Foxy Bex, Steamy from the ridiculous QPPSAG, Cenkos, Kevin Ashton, Daniel Stewart, Gotham City, ebola, the UKLA and Canaccord. I hope you enjoy watching as much as I enjoyed producing this video.


3060 days ago

David Dunham: Quindell Twitter Moron of the Week & the QPPSAG Lemmings

As ever there is intense competition for this title but David Dunham (@DavidDunham5), a man who tweets a constant diet of twitter bilge, largely on Quindell (QPP) wins in spades, for both spouting utter crap and for failing to understand free speech as he manages the Herculean task of annoying mild mannered Paul Scott.

I have blocked Dunham. He can tweet what he wants – that is free speech. He can tweet abuse about me – that is free speech. Me blocking him means he can still tweet that abuse but he tweets into a vacuum, I do not need to see it in my timeline. For the same reason I have blocked a couple of open anti-semites and homophobes. And also fellow Quindell moron Ian Hislam who this week served up the charming tweet: