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617 days ago

The Great Barrier Reef, global warming, Peter Ridd and free speech denial

If you listen to folks like David Attenborough, Prince Charles, Greta Thunberg, the BBC or other global warming cultists, there are certain key iconic symbols of their religion. There are the Maldives which we were first told would be underwater within 20 years in 1992 as a result of global warming and thus rising sea levels. Oddly every single Maldive island is still above water, the population of the Islands has grown dramatically and sea levels are unchanged. But still we must take action because we have only 20  years to save them.  Then there is the Great Barrier Reef.


3285 days ago

Leyshon Resources - hydro plans, worth a punt?

As part of its strategic review of its currently on care and maintenance Mt Leyshon gold project in Queensland, Australia, AIM listed Leyshon Resources (LRL) has announced the completion of a study into pumped storage hydro power generation. 

The study has indicated favourable economics compared to a larger-scale, open-cycle gas turbine project - the assumed next best alternative for providing fast-start peak to intermediate generation capacity. Although the potential project is considered to be one of the first to capitalise on existing mine site infrastructure, the company notes “other highly successful pumped storage schemes around the world”.
This comes with the Australian Energy Market Operator forecasting that in order to maintain supply reliability new generation capacity will be required in Queensland by 2020