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2193 days ago

Dodgy David Cameron should Resign NOW as he is exposed as lying monstrously to us all over EU referendum

The Daily Mail has obtained a letter which is political dynamite and shows that David Cameron has lied on a monumental scale over the EU referendum. If he was a man of honour he would resign at once. But he is instead Dodgy David Cameron.

Eleven days before calling the poll Cameron was negotiating with the other EU nations on a deal for Britain. Dodgy Dave told Parliament and us all that if he did not get the deal he wanted he would campaign for us to leave the EU.

But at the same time, it emerges 


2731 days ago

Tom Winnifrith's BearCast 10th November

Not yet off his face celebrating vindication on Quindell, Tom Winnifrith outlines further thoughts on Quenron itself but also loks at the whole issue of what really makes for balance sheet backing. In that vein he looks at Serco ( warning today). He then looks at the other stocks caught up in the Equities First Holdings LLC scandal, notably IGAS (IGAS) and also comments on Weatherley International, Northern Petroleum and Verdes Asset Management