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281 days ago

Tom Winnifrith Bearcast: the hard numbers which show why the [email protected] Capital Singapore deal is a 100% total rum 'n' coke

Off to Shipston in a minute but before then I cover en passant: Kefi (Kefi), Serabi Gold (SRB) and 88 Energy (88E). I also beg you again to help Woodlarks – we are now just 7 Rogue Bloggers thanks to an injury and are just shy of £4,000 pledged - help get us over the £4,000 mark today HERE. The bulk of bearcast looks at the fraud [email protected] Capital (SYME) and the hard numbers which show what a joke its Singapore deal is. Anyone holding these shares is truly insane. My target remains 0p.


458 days ago

OptiBiotix Health – another agreement with UITC, this time for CholBiomeX3...

OptiBiotix Health (OPTI) is “pleased to have signed an agreement with UITC to distribute CholBiomeX3 in Singapore”…


471 days ago

OptiBiotix – further expands SlimBiome Medical geographical reach, still a strong buy...

OptiBiotix (OPTI) has announced that it is “pleased to have signed an agreement with UITC to distribute our award-winning medical device in Singapore”…


508 days ago

Explaining the BBC’s reference to flags at the last Night of the Proms to a shocked father

My father is a lifelong Guardian reader but is now gleaning real news from a one-day-old copy of the Daily Mail provided by his enlightened carer E. There is talk of cancelling his subscription to the loss-making publication, founded on the profits of slavery, and while this may threaten the funding of latest restoration works on Polly Toynbee’s Tuscan castle, it would surely be a good thing. But despite this move out of the shadows, my father still has a touching faith in the Guardian’s broadcast sibling, the frightful BBC. But maybe even this has now been tested.


828 days ago

IQE Plc – the Singapore joint venture implodes

IQE PLC (IQE) has today announced that it is buying out its partners in a JV in Singapore. Quite simpoly this JV has been a financial disaster, not that this was ever reflected in IQE’s accounts.Now it seems to have imploded with IQE’s partners walking away. Amazingly the shares are up on the deal at 62p. This is madness and this remains a stonking short.


1304 days ago

Exclusive: The MySquar boss and his private company and the $8.5m fraud law suit revealed

Below I republish a legal printout from Singapore where four days of Court time has been reserved for MySquar (MYSQ) boss Eric Schaer and his Rising Dragon company ( which is and has always been involved with MySquar as a loan provider) as they stand accused of fraud from a party claiming back $8,750,770 – a lot of dosh. It gets worse.


1315 days ago

Robert de Niro wins standing ovation from multi-millionaire liberals by saying Fuck Trump: keep going Bob you moron

The Hollywood liberal multi-millionaires havn’t given a standing ovation like the one De Niro got at the Tony’s last night, since the last time they feted the child rapist Roman Polanski on a big stage. Maybe Harvey Weinstein got close as they lauded his contribution to the arts, while all knowing what a monster he was, but that is showbiz for you.


1822 days ago

Clueless Lib Dem git Alistair Carmichael warns Tories want post Brexit UK to be like "Singapore without the sun" - I wish

The Democracy hating Lib Dem MP Alistair Carmichael opined on last night's Question Time that the Tories wanted to make the UK outside of the EU a low tax low regulation "Singapore without the sun". As the fat oaf sat back smugly smiling at his own wit, the lefties in the audience lapped it up and applauded his pithy vision. But has this poltroon actually done a fact check or does he assume that folks out in Asia must be poorer than we whities here in Europe?


1956 days ago

If there was a God he'd call down a meteoroid strike on the #PRIinPerson conference in Singapore

When you see that a conference which claims to be business focussed, as is the PRI In Person jamboree in Singapore, but is in fact "supported by the United Nations" you know that it will be a nest of vipers seeking to enrich the 1% at the expense of the 99%. At this point I quote Ayn Rand


1983 days ago

BREAKING Cyril d'Silva and the hidden £1.6m court loss -why didn't Fatty Cornish tell us?

Is this the reason that Cyril d'Silva quit as boss of AIM POS Golden Saint Resources (GSR) on 10 February 2016 - a court judgement against him in Singapore for £1.6 million plus interest from 27 January 2016.


2188 days ago

MX Oil & the Front Puffin - who is kidding who?

MX Oil (MXO) owning folks insist that the Front Puffin is already on its way from Singapore to Nigeria and they do so because New Africa Energy, the largest shareholder in the Aje block said so on Sunday as you can see in the screen grab below. Sadly...


2849 days ago

Green Dragon Gas – Court case Lost? $70 million needed fast?

AIM Cesspit posterboy Green Dragon Gas (GDG) announced in December that its appeal in a Singapore Court case which it has lost, against Conoco Phillips, had been postponed. However it stated that it would probably be heard in the “first quarter of 2014.”  I do not wish to be seen as a total pedant, but the first quarter ends tomorrow.