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Tommy Robinson

155 days ago

The WPC who chanted “Free Palestine” can’t be sacked because of BLM precedent – so what if a copper chants “Free Tommy Robinson”

Last week, I flagged up the video of WPC Nusheen Jan shouting “Free, free Palestine” as she was meant to be escorting a march. In expressing a political view, Officer Jan directly flouted the Police Rulebook. Hers was a sacking offence. But…



1174 days ago

A tale of two crimes on the way back from Birmingham and the Grim North - my own moral maze

My business at the Greek Consulate in Birmingham was done with all the efficiency you expect of Greece - that is to say with long delays, over-runs and numerous stamps impressed on my piece of paper. I then hurried back to the civilised south of England as fast as I could.