Tommy Robinson

103 days ago

Proof that Suella Braverman was 100% correct - some of the hate crimes not dealt with by the Police today on the #PalestineMarch

The BBC is creaming itself as the Metropolitan Police has arrested 90 far right thugs marching with the horrible hooligan Tommy Robinson and just 12 folks marching for Palestine. You can guess the narrative about today’s peaceful protest for “peace” and how the far right is the real threat to peace. Well up to a point. Robinson and his ilk are vile but what actually happened on the main march?


1005 days ago

The WPC who chanted “Free Palestine” can’t be sacked because of BLM precedent – so what if a copper chants “Free Tommy Robinson”

Last week, I flagged up the video of WPC Nusheen Jan shouting “Free, free Palestine” as she was meant to be escorting a march. In expressing a political view, Officer Jan directly flouted the Police Rulebook. Hers was a sacking offence. But…



2025 days ago

A tale of two crimes on the way back from Birmingham and the Grim North - my own moral maze

My business at the Greek Consulate in Birmingham was done with all the efficiency you expect of Greece - that is to say with long delays, over-runs and numerous stamps impressed on my piece of paper. I then hurried back to the civilised south of England as fast as I could.