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The WPC who chanted “Free Palestine” can’t be sacked because of BLM precedent – so what if a copper chants “Free Tommy Robinson”

Tom Winnifrith
Sunday 23 May 2021

Last week, I flagged up the video of WPC Nusheen Jan shouting “Free, free Palestine” as she was meant to be escorting a march. In expressing a political view, Officer Jan directly flouted the Police Rulebook. Hers was a sacking offence. But…

The Met has now made it clear that she will not be sacked because those officers who took a knee in support of BLM were also not sacked. The Met says a precedent has been set. Is it sure of that?

Now imagine if an officer was policing a demonstration in support of that ghastly right wing soccer yob Tommy Robinson and if that copper shouted “Free, free Tommy Robinson.” Right now, I gather Mr Robinson is not in jail but it is only a matter of time and I cannot say that I’ll weep for him when that happens. However, that is irrelevant. In this hypothetical situation, would that officer not be sacked because a precedent had been set by his colleagues who support BLM or Palestine? I suspect that he would be fired on the spot. And the left would be demanding his blood.

The Met needs to make it clear. Are all officers now allowed to break the rulebook or only those who support the sort of causes which the Guardian newspaper approves of? We used to have a truly non-political force and that was a good thing. Increasingly that is not the case.

When I am harassed by trolls making threatening late night phone calls because they do not like my fraud exposes, the Police do nothing. When an LGBT activist gets the same harassment, the Police act. That again is a political judgement. The threats may be the same but it is the nature of the victim that dictates the Police response.

With a massive majority, the Government has a golden opportunity to address this and force a return to a depoliticised Police force. If only the party in power was the party of law and order, the Conservative Party.

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