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154 days ago

The WPC who chanted “Free Palestine” can’t be sacked because of BLM precedent – so what if a copper chants “Free Tommy Robinson”

Last week, I flagged up the video of WPC Nusheen Jan shouting “Free, free Palestine” as she was meant to be escorting a march. In expressing a political view, Officer Jan directly flouted the Police Rulebook. Hers was a sacking offence. But…



159 days ago

And now the Met Police gives succour to the Jew Haters

The video below shows a WPC at a Palestine rally attended by Jew-haters and others chanting “Free Palestine”. It is a sackable offence for a Police officer to express political views and after a new media pile on, this WPC has now been suspended pending an enquiry. The statement “Free Palestine” is an explicitly political statement. Some, like Hamas, take it to mean wipe out all the Jews and have a one state solution that Hitler would have been proud of.


276 days ago

Photo Article from the Welsh Hovel: building up sandbag defences as floods rise and as Police call 7 times

The first call was mid-morning. On that occasion it was two young WPCs. If one was a filthy old man with a thing about uniforms it would have been a bit of a treat but my initial concern was that someone had read my writings about my crime family flouting daft lockdown laws on my birthday and snitched. Oh no. It was about the floods – the two young ladies just asked if there was anything they could do for me. Well since you mention it officers…