Feck off Boris Johnson, Feck off Mark Drakeford: Birthday photo article of the Winnifrith multi-crime family

Tom Winnifrith Tuesday 12 January 2021


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It is my birthday so the entire family became a criminal family to celebrate. I reckon it was five crimes under the new lockdown laws and with the Orwellian North Wales Police and the Orwellian West Mercia rozzers to cope with it, it is lucky we were not all arrested and deported to Australia. In order we:

a) crossed the border via a back road leaving Wales and entering Shropshire to go for a walk around a lake
b) bought coffees and, in the case of Joshua, a hot chocolate and drank them so having a picnic
c) sat on a bench to eat that picnic
d) brought a Scotch Egg each which is a substantial meal so worse than a picnic
e) noted that the shop on site was selling a non-essential good (a thyme plant) and colluded in its crime and bought it

We then headed back to Wales conscious that we are now hardened criminals, according to the new rules in Airstrip One.  Below is a picture of Joshua embarking on his life of crime.

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