36 days ago

Ashington Innovations: Jason Drummond, a Police arrest and an article withdrawn

The individual who threatened me on my wedding anniversary as I discussed HERE was Jason Drummond, one of the co-founders of Ashington Innovations (ASHI) and as a result, I withdraw a recent article as Drummond insisted that the Police would take a very dim view of my journalism. Friday was not a day to give battle. Let me now add more colour to this episode including, what appears to me to be, a very misguided arrest by the Old Bill.


469 days ago

It is NOT homophobic to call the Police out for this waste of money at Lincoln Pride

Some of the responses to the tweet below sent out by Lincolnshire Police showing its officers dancing away at the LGBT Pride parade in Lincoln suggest that only hate filled Daily Mail readers could possibly object. 


551 days ago

Sajid Javid on breaking Covid rules - why it is so easy to hate the Tories

Having voted Tory in 2019  for which I apologise, yet again  there are so many reasons to despise the party. But its approach to Covid rule-breaking, as demonstrated by Sajid Javid, is yet another one. I think of my father’s funeral, as only 30 could attend.


583 days ago

Tom Winnifrith Bearcast - for the second time in 3 months, North Wales Police call regarding my "sins"

Last time, the complainant was anonymous; this time, it was Julie Meyer. I describe my chat. Suffice to say that Ms “sex toy on expenses” Meyer will again be frustrated. I contrast these Police visits with the way they failed me when I exposed the Chill Brands (CHLL) fraud, and was then harassed and smeared – I wonder how the guilty men, notably those at Buchanan Communications, feel this afternoon. Today, I deserve a shed load of ouzo after numerous triumphs and, in turn, I look at Chill, Supply@ME Capital (SYME), Bidstack (BIDS) and Vast Resources (VAST). Actually, I am joking about the ouzo: the kids and I are off to buy a hosepipe extension, some lavender plants, and an ice cream for Joshua. That is our reward.


637 days ago

Now Julie Meyer demands Police investigate ShareProphets for terrorism

The twitter meltdown, from the woman fleeing a High Court Arrest warrant, we reportedv earlier HERE, continues. Now Julie “under an FCA Criminal Investigation” Meyer wants the Police to crack down on this website for being terrorists.  If Ms Meyer ever does return to England to start a stretch inside and wants to appeal on grounds of insanity…. the evidence is below.


659 days ago

Photo article - the chopper of, I fear, death hovers over the Welsh Hovel

Back with Joshua from school I prepared to finish off a long piece on how our Government lies to us via a pliant press. At that point I started to hear a large helicopter hovering overhead. For a minute I thought the cops had taken a lesson from that fascist Trudeau and were coming for me. But no it was a Police helicopter and living here by the river Dee, sadly, I knew what it meant.


746 days ago

Trans Day of Remembrance For the useless, fact ignoring, virtue signalling, poltroons at Essex Police

How many unsolved robberies, murders and rapes were there in God’s chosen county of Essex last year? I don’t know the answer but it is good that the Essex cops can take time off from tackling actual crimes to send out their tweets regarding Trans Day of Remembrance (#TDOR), one of the 109 special days for the 2.7% of the population who are LGBTQA+.Not only are the fuzz wasting resource with this pointless virtue signalling but ithe useless rozzers can’t even get their facts correct as one respondent to the idiotic tweet points out, as you can see below.


927 days ago

UPDATED: The shooting of BLM spokeswoman Sasha Johnson – fake news and hate news from the left goes into overdrive

Sasha Johnson of Black Lives Matter is a dangerous extremist but someone whose right to free speech I have always supported wholeheartedly. How I wish those on the left showed we conservatives such consideration. Last night she was shot in the head and it should go without saying that my prayers are for her and her family as she battles for survival. I hope so very much that she pulls through, as she is a young woman and a mother and has much to live for. However…


929 days ago

Tom Winnifrith Photo Bearcast: the Police come to visit me at the Welsh Hovel

Oh dear. What have I been accused of now? All is revealed in the photos below. I end by thanking you all as we are now at nearly £40,000 for Rogue Bloggers for Woodlarks. Thanks to all who have donated. To those still to chip in, as we are just c£8,000 short, please do so HERE. Sunday’s training walk will be the most grim yet. In the podcast, I look at Amigo (AMGO), Evil Knievil’s “scum” comment, Hurricane Energy (HUR), Skinbiotherapeutics (SBTX) and Novacyt (NCYT).


975 days ago

Tom Winnifrith Bearcast: Interrupted by the North Wales Police

As you may imagine, I have spent a bit of time today chatting with the Police.  In a bearcast with a brief interruption for this reason, I discuss Bluebird Merchant Ventures (BMV), Tern (TERN), Block Commodities (BLCC) which exposes the moral bankruptcy of those who would shut us down – Versarien (VRS) and Eurasia Mining (EUA).


989 days ago

The Bristol Police almost asked for it – #killthebill Riot

Of course folks in Bristol should not have rioted last night however odious the new Bill to make Britain even more of a Police state is. I hope that those who damaged property and attacked and injured the Fuzz are arrested and get stiff custodial sentences. I doubt they will. But, in some ways, the Avon & Somerset Police asked for it.


1005 days ago

The Zoetic pest Seth Freedman now harasses Peter Brailey and myself again – Police brought in

You will recall how Seth Freedman harassed and insulted me over the course of 16 phone calls on 24 February. He said it was investors in the fraud Zoetic (ZOE) who had prompted him to contact me and that he would take pleasure in defaming me. Another Zoetic expose appeared here yesterday and like a puppet on a string, Seth is at it again, this time harassing Peter Brailey as well.


1018 days ago

Liverpool cops should arrest themselves for both breaking the law and being woke Orwellian arseholes

Merseyside police do not have any useful work to do. After all, there were only 49,414 violent crimes in the Merseyside area in 2020. That is 135 a day. So with nothing better to do, I bring you a picture of four cops from the supposedly cash-strapped Merseyside Force “in action” outside an Asda in Liverpool yesterday. They are, of course, breaking the law.


1043 days ago

Frightening Video of the West Mercia Police, drunk on emergency Covid powers behaving like the Stasi

Yet again we see evidence of how Britain’s Police forces, drunk on emergency covid lockdown powers and egged on by second rate headline seeking quote merchants, such as Priti Patel, are behaving in an Orwellian fashion. West Mercia, the force that failed to spot the industrial-scale sex abuse in Telford over three decades, has already disgraced itself with its antics on snowballing. And now this video below emerges. Tell me with a straight face that you are proud to live in a free Britain. 


1045 days ago

Britain 2021 - Lock the bastard up Officer, doesn't he know that drinking coffee alone in his car spreads covid?

Okay. This wretched and hardened criminal is not facing jail. That is my poetic license. But thanks to Portsmouth Police, he will be fined for the heinous offence of drinking a cup of takeaway coffee in his own car. We all know that this is a high-risk action which is likely to become a Covid super spreader event, don’t we?. It seems that Hants Old Bill is the latest force to be drunk on new lockdown powers, enjoying the ability to bully the law-abiding decent folks it is meant to be protecting. After all, that is so much easier than catching real criminals, isn’t it?


1058 days ago

Feck off Boris Johnson, Feck off Mark Drakeford: Birthday photo article of the Winnifrith multi-crime family

It is my birthday so the entire family became a criminal family to celebrate. I reckon it was five crimes under the new lockdown laws and with the Orwellian North Wales Police and the Orwellian West Mercia rozzers to cope with it, it is lucky we were not all arrested and deported to Australia. In order we:


1062 days ago

Things that give you Covid in 2021: throwing a snowball, Mercia Police are today's most Orwellian cops

I am almost longing for those heady days in July when the daftest thing the Police did was to take a knee to an organisation that wanted to er…defund the Police. At least, at that point, Plod just looked ridiculous. Now Forces across the country compete to use new Covid powers in the most authoritarian and pointless way and they look sinister and frightening. We had thought that the force that was most authoritarian was that of Northants leading the fight against eating Big Macs, before Derbyshire served up a storming entry with its designation of drinking a cup of coffee as having a, now, illegal picnic. But in the race to hand out £200 fines, we have a new winner of today’s most Orwellian force in Britain award.


1063 days ago

Northants Police - another bunch of useless pricks creaming off over lockdown rules

Your taxes pay for some moron in Kettering to issue this tweet boasting of how Northants Old Bill used patrol car time to stop a vehicle containing four adults to quiz them about where they were going and then issue them vast Covid fines. So could Northants Police be doing something more useful? Here are a few stats for you.


1067 days ago

Another reason to despise Britain's Police - West Midlands force to hire Assistant Director Fairness & Belonging on £74,340

What makes you despise the Police the most? If it is not obese cops taking a knee to folks who want to end capitalism, boycott Israel, end the nuclear family and defund the Police, it is perhaps the way that the Rozzers always bleat about lack of resources to fight crime but then leach ever more from taxpayers to fund woke profligacy. Remember that the applicant for the job advertised below will never tackle one single crime and is only No 2 in the West Midlands Police unit responsible for sniffing out incorrect thoughts within the force, yet will still be among the top 5% of earners in the UK. Oh yes and that £74,340 comes before the perks…


1097 days ago

New poll: Boris & Princess Nut Nuts blow up the red wall - get ready for your P45 in Wrexham Sarah Atherton

There is a new poll out today which shows that the red wall is collapsing. A year ago in traditionally Labour seats like Wrexham, where I live, the Tories were on 48% with Labour on 39%. Now Labour leads by 47% to 41%. Of course, there are four years to the next election but MPs such as the ghastly Sarah Atherton, in these parts, should see that the writing is on the wall. Like so many folks here in Wrexham handed P45s thanks to insane lockdown policies – supported by silly Sarah –, folks like Ms Atherton will themselves be encountering a P45 in due course.


1300 days ago

What will the increasingly authoritarian Police crack down on next? Derbyshire plod and the hate kiss

The other day I saw a report on how our brave boys in blue (and girls in blue and all the other 108 genders in blue) were stopping motorists here in Wales to make sure that their driving was really necessary in lockdown Britain. Some poor saps had strayed over the border as they drove from A in England to B in England. That brief foray into our rain sodden principality did not earn an on the spot fine but the miscreants were let off with a warning. As I have noted before, certain members of the fuzz seem to be rather enjoying life in an authoritarian Police state. And that takes us to Derbyshire where the Old Bill are onto a serious criminal. Jeepers, I hope they lock this bastard up quickly and throw away the key.


1304 days ago

Tom Winnifrith Bearcast - Oh No The Northants Police are after me!

Yes they have been in touch. Ok, Mike Turner, you attempts to get the boys in blue ( or birds in this case) onto me have failed but if you really think that you want to mess with me you gender fluid, Bidstack (BIDS) owning moron it is game on. I also discuss results from the POS that is Bidstack, woes for Arron Banks at Iofina (IOF) – he should have listened to me – Open Orphan (ORPH), and Motif Bio (INSANITY).  PS Book your tickets for you know what HERE


1316 days ago

What will the increasingly authoritarian Police crack down on next? Norfolk plod and the death mask wearer

The Coronavirus crisis here in Airstrip One has given elements of the Old Bill license to act in an increasingly authoritarian manner. Often asistsed by a GroupThink mob keen to snitch on their neighbours to enforce house arrest, sorry lockdown we see Journalists pulled over for filming nothing at all. Citizens are warned for sitting on a park bench or playing soccer in their own garden. And now from Norfolk a new insanity.


1370 days ago

Tom Winnifrith Bearcast: Neill Ricketts shows his desperation using the Police to try to silence a Versarien critic

In today’s podcast I first discuss the denial of some Versarien (VRSpoltroons wilfully misquiting Patrick Abbott in the whistleblower podcast. Then I turn to what it means for a company to be insolvent and why that is not necessarily trading whilst insolvent. Finally back to Versarien and Neill Ricketts trying to silence a critic using the Police. A) given the way he eggs on the mob to harass me and my wife this is nauseating hypocrisy, b) the Police do not have a leg to stand on and I urge the critic to keep posting so the Police look like fascist arseholes, c) it shows just how desprate Lyin’ Neill has become and as such this is a massive red flag.


1762 days ago

Whore Blogger Malcolm Graham Wood of Frontera fraud infamy chats to Police caption contest result

Yesterday, in the wake of more damning revelations about the Frontera Resources (FRR) fraud we brought you an exclusive picture of its best paid promoter, the whore blogger Malcolm Graham Wood helping the fuzz with their enquiries as you can see below. We asked you for suitable captions and,  as you can see HERE, there were numerous good entries. But there can be only one winner of a semi naked photo of Britain’s top share blogger (mornings only), Thirsty Paul Scott….


1763 days ago

Caption Contest Frontera fraud special - Police talking to the whore blogger Malcolm Graham Wood

After today's cache of bombshell emails exposing the fraud at Frontera (FRR) folks will have even more questions for the whore blogger Malcollm Graham Wood who ramped the shares shamelessly in return for, undeclared, payments from Frontera. In light of this I have unearthed this pic of the Fat Bastard with his back to the camera helping the Police with their enquiries. Please supply suitable captions in the comments section below with a deadline of midnight tonight.


1898 days ago

Photo article - the not so under-resourced Police at it again

The Police constantly bleat that they are under-resourced and so cannot deal with many crimes such as burglary as they would wish. If you get robbed well tough that is just part of the joy of living in Britain. The State will not allow law abiding folks to own a gun to protect their homes and families but the State says that it will not protect them either so giving a green light to criminals. But are the fuzz under-resourced? I bring you a tweet from Greater Manchester Police below.


1938 days ago

Julie Meyer is ‘avin’ a giraffe: reports Tom Winnifrith to Police tells lies in her post fact facts

To give her credit, Ms Lingerie on Expenses is still fighting and has published a new post on the Ariadne website “the facts”. Even in the post fact era she is ‘avin’ a Turkish. It is, as you can see below, laughable.


1978 days ago

Julie Meyer & Ariadne Industries – Court papers filed by Henry Gewanter today

Perhaps, when you are on the run from the Maltese Police, being investigated by the SFO, FCA, MFSA and ActionFraud and be chased over unpaid sums dating back, in some cases more than a decade, by 3 banks, the IRS, HMRC, Maltese tax authorities and two folks with CCJs, another Court case is the least of your worries. But for Julie “Lingerie on Expenses” Meyer that new Court case came a step closer today. PR legend Henry Gewanter has filed papers.


1978 days ago

Winnileaks - How do you make a Maltese Cross? Crooked Julie Meyer gets an eviction notice

Not paying her employees in Malta is the reason Julie “Lingerie on Expenses” Meyer MBE is avoiding the Police to dodge criminal charges. Not paying payroll taxes she had with-held will soon see her facing more criminal charges as we revealed here. Now Winnileaks has been sent documents showing the eviction of her ponzi companies from their offices for not paying the rent, and the termination of provision of corporate and secretarial services as you can see below. And in terms of unpaid suppliers this is just the tip of the iceberg…


1991 days ago

Julie Meyer MBE spams her non GDPR compliant list with more blatant lies -when will this fraudster be stopped?

Wanted by the police in Malta on criminal charges, under investigation by the HMRC, FCA, MSFA, SFO, IRS and the UK Police you would have thought Julie "lingerie on expenses" Meyer MBE would stop telling blatant lies in order to somehow part folks from their wealth. But now, another piece of GDPR non compliant spam arrives twice in my inbox this weekend and, as you can see below it is utterly lie packed.


2000 days ago

The unpaid wages of sin…Is Peter Bradley the 18th lawyer Julie Meyer has failed to pay? Here are 17 more

In his time as General Counsel to the Ariadne Group run by Julie “Lingerie on Expenses” Meyer , Mr Peter Bradley had occasion to send me three lawyers letters on behalf of his boss who is now being investigated by the FCA, the MFSA, the SFO, Action Fraud, the IRS, HMRC and is wanted on criminal charges by the Maltese Police.  I had thought that Bradley had parted company with the charlatan, liar and fraudster Meyer in April but the Ariadne website, as you can see below, suggests otherwise. 


2008 days ago

More non GDPR compliant spam from Julie Meyer - You have to be freaking cleverer than God to understand it

As we know Julie "lingerie on expenses" Meyer reckons she is "freaking cleverer than God" and proves this almost daily by sending out wholly non GDPR spam which is so complex that folks like me just don't understand a word of it. Taking time off from evading the Maltese Police, who seek her on criminal charges, and the IRS and HMRC to whom she owes money and has lied to, as well as numerous banks and other creditors, Meyer has sent another missive. Can anyone explain any of the gibberish below:


2019 days ago

Julie Meyer MBE retweets the Pope as she explains how she lives for God

I forget where in the bible it says "blessed are those who don't pay staff, who put lingerie on expenses, who are wanted by the Police on criminal charges, have not paid taxes in three countries or numerous suppliers. Blessed are those who, rather than turning the other cheek to legitimate criticism harass journalists and whistleblowers with lawyers letters, online blogs and other methods." Which Gospel is that in? Perhaps Julie Meyer knows - this weekend she retweets the Pope, explains how she forgives and talks about meeting Jesus for the first time. Enjoy...


2031 days ago

Tom Winnifrith Bearcast: Bankers are not nice folks, I know, I was one - ref Telit & The People's Operator

First of all thanks to so many of you for your kind responses to yesterday's bearcast - I am now in a serious dialogue with the Police and I hope they will catch and prosecute the culprit.  In today's podcast I look at the Sunday Times Rich List which is largely fiction, at Audioboom (BOOM), MySquar (MYSQ), Premaitha (NIPT - where we own shares and indeed have bought more - The People's Operator (TPOP) and Telit (TCM)


2045 days ago

Julie Meyer hires yet another lawyer to deal with "inaccurate" press comment

At the last count Julie Meyer MBE had worked her way through 11 lawyers in the past few years. The list of outstanding creditors when Ariadne Capital Limited went tits up included six UK law firms. Now it seems she has hired another, to deal with wicked Journalists spreading untruths about her problems in Malta. It is a FACT that on 25 April the Court order Police to find Ms Meyer within 48 hours after she failed to turn up for one of several cases involving unpaid wages but Julie says the press has got it all wrong and has just issued the following statement:


2046 days ago

Is this the daftest product and the dumbest business plan in history - Julie Meyer "builds the future"

When your business is raising money for other businesses you might be judged by the quality of those you back. In the video from 2015 below Julie Meyer introduces someone with whom she is "building the future"someone who has done a "big and important deal". Watch and laugh, you could not make this up.


2047 days ago

Julie Meyer MBE has skipped Malta & Police Hunt there, Her lawyer has quit -John Galt reports her to UK Police for separate alleged crime & More

John Galt the whitleblower turned nemesis of devout Christian Julie Meyer MBE is back online just days after Julie Meyer's lawyers managed to bully his webhoster into removing his posts. He is back with TWO damning exposes full of new material including details of an alleged crime with a two year sentence which Galt has reported to the British Police.  Meyer has already fled Malta where the Police there are after her.  Before Meyer's lawyers - if she has any left - get these posts taken down have a butcher's as they are utterly damning and explosive.


2051 days ago

BREAKING: Police Hunt for Julie Meyer after no show in Malta Court

Oh praise be the Lord, crack out the ouzo, Julie Meyer appears to be on the run.  To have your flagship company - Ariadne Capital - go bust and have the administrator gunning for you over disappearing cash is bad enough but now the Old Bill are after devout Christian Julie Meyer MBE. Over to the newspaper, The Times Of Malta, which reports:


2066 days ago

Have bleating Welshies and Moaning Police nothing better to do than investigate Rod Liddle?

I seem to remember some humourless sheep shagger, a compatriot of my fiercely Nationalist daughter, threatening to report me to the Old Bill after I made some satirical remarks about his homeland. I guess he was too busy dreaming about burning down someones second home to actually get around to it.


2086 days ago

That dog with the Nazi salute, the death of free speech and the stupidity of the whining Police

I heard yet another whining Policewoman on the radio today saying that the Old Bill were not able to contact victims of sexual assaults for several days, in some cases, because they were overstretched. Whatever. The Boys in blue have time to paint their nails blue in protest against slavery, to arrest someone for tweeting a picture of a burning poppy, to investigate Katie Hopkins for hate crimes every time she opens her mouth. I am sure we could all add in numerous other examples of things the Old Blue do have plenty of time for.


2137 days ago

Questions in the Parliament of Malta - Police set to bring charges, does anyone know who this is about?

This question was asked in the Parliament of Malta last week and it seems that the Maltese Old Bill is now taking action. I cannot, for the life of me, think to whom they refer and whose collar appears to be on the verge of being felt. With God's will I guess you will figure it out.


2386 days ago

Speaking to the police about abuse at Warwick School 40 years ago - it gets so much worse

After almost six weeks away in London, Sweden and then Greece I had a good stack of mail to wade through. At the bottom of the pile was the Old Warwickian, the glossy mag for we schola warwicensis of days gone by. And to its enormous credit it has finally acknowledged, albeit almost sote voice, the issues of abuse from the "old days."


2402 days ago

In trouble with the Police again

Before any deranged share rampers start recycling fake stories of non crimes I did not commit seven years ago start to get too excited, my problems were once again with the Old Bill here in Greece. As regular readers know, I am all too familiar with the inside of Kardamili nick.


2476 days ago

Geoffrey Eve, the child abuser, my abuser, at Warwick School - a 3rd boy comes forward

This is physical abuse not sexual abuse but it is still very serious. I detailed the abuse I suffered here and that prompted a second victim to come forward here. Now a third boy has stepped forward.


2680 days ago

Another liberal middle class Guiltfest: #Blacklivesmatter comes to the UK

Airports across Britain are today being disrupted by activists protesting that #blacklivesmatter - well of course they do. All lives matter but for white middle class liberals in the media and on twitter and facebook this is an opportunity for angst, guilt and self loathing that cannot be missed. But what about the hard data?

Sod the hard data, lets just feel guilty about slavery and how everyone, especially old Brexit voters, are all racists, facts do not matter any more do they? This is Airstrip One and its 1984 every day these days. Okay 


2697 days ago

The Jury said not guilty but the Police can now get a man labelled as a sex offender anyway

Truly life in Airstrip One gets more terrifying each day. Moving on from the Orwellian antics of PC Plod in Nottinghamshire described earlier, we now discover how the filth in North Yorkshire are dealing with those found innocent by juries who they don't like. Meet the man who needs Police permission, 24 hours in advance, to have sex.


3008 days ago

Carry on up the Sefton: Market abuser Chris Oil wastes more police time – reports (fruitlessly) flip flop Ben Turney to the Old Bill

Earlier this week I reported how market abuser Chris Oil had wasted Police time by reporting me to the Old Bill with West Mercia Police dismissing his compliant after just one email. But it seems, in this latest episode of Carry on Up The Sefton, that Kenneth Williams is nothing if not persistent and has now reported flip flop Ben Turney as well complaining “Oooh Officer, he is awful.”

The following correspondence shows once again what a prat Mr Oil is.


3016 days ago

Chris Oil Reports Tom Winnifrith to the Police – what a very silly boy little Oil is

The market abuser Chris Oil should be prosecuted for wasting Police time as he has reported me to the Police for harassment. Surely the silly boy saw what happened to Angus Forrest of Tern (TERN) when he tried the same. It appears not. Sadly for me the Old Bill has decided to drop the matter after getting a snotty email from me. That is a shame, this is a Court battle I’d have loved. Anyhow, today’s silly email chain is below:


3198 days ago

Thanks to Mossad and the CIA Tom Winnifrith evades Police again and is back in UK untraced

Doug Ware of the fraud Worthington (WRN) may have reported me to the Police but I made it through border control without a hitch. I am back in the UK so can return calls from the FCA about Worthington tomorrow. But my fellow players in the global shorting conspiracy came in handy once again


3212 days ago

Video: Tom Winnifrith Responds to the Worthington Statement - Bring on the Police

I presented in Clerkenwell last night and a video of my ten minute talk rebutting in full a statement of lies by a company engaged in fraud was recorded. Worthington has reported me to the Police. I am not afraid as I have done nothing wrong. Worthington is a fraud and I welcome the chance to hand over documents that prove that to the Old Bill. However, I would rather go to jail that reveal my source and will not under any circumstances reveal my source.

Worthington has lied about me in a demonstrably defamatory statement and I shall continue publishing about it and exposing it. The fact that it publishes what is palpably a defamatory and untruthful statement should be of grave concern to investors. What else is it lying about? A lot. The video is below.


3212 days ago

Worthington Reports Tom Winnifrith to the police & talks bollocks

The fraud that is Worthington PLC has issued a statement saying that it has reported ,me to the Police for publishing documents which it appears to concede are genuine. Thanks for clearing that matter up. Worthington says the documents were stolen although they make it clear that was not by me. Indeed.

I was passed documents and will protect my source 100% even if the Police demand to know a name. That is what Journalists do and I will NOT reveal a source even if threatened with jail.

My legal advice


3440 days ago

Weekly Caption Contest: Leon Brittan Edition

Everyone on Fleet Street or anyone who can use google knows the answes so why won’t David Cameron allow a full public enquiry to ask the questions relating to paedophile activity and cover-ups at Westminster in the 1970s and 1980s?

In that vein I ask you to post suitable captions for the picture of former Home Secretary Leon Brittan in the comment section below. Deadline Friday close of play.

For what it is worth my entry is: “It’s just Jimmy Saville’s address book, Cyril Smith’s police record and a few sketches of young girls by Rolf Harris…can you file these documents for me in the usual place please?”


3823 days ago

Back at 2 AM from spending time at Islington Police Station

Nope, the BB morons have no reason to celebrate. I was not assisting the Old Bill with their enquiries. Nor was I being questioned for revealing who was shagging who in the Downing Street Affair. Instead…. Well it is a long story but it started mid-afternoon. I am starting to worry that I am not a complete bastard after all and can actually be a good guy on occasion. I may have to seek counselling from someone really bad and immoral. Where’s Colourful James when you need him most?

Mid-afternoon two ladies from Informa popped in to Real Man Pizza Company seeking prizes from local businesses for a charity raffle. Since I only support one charity (Woodlarks) my standard answer to such requests is No! But I found myself offering a prize of a meal for four. I clearly was on a slippery slope towards virtue.

And so after an evening of being exceptionally nice to everyone, sending staff home early so I could tend to the last few customers (two of whom hung around forever) I sat down fully intending to spend the whole night writing. But at midnight I heard the sound of banging on the shutters. I peered out and there was an Indian bird in obvious distress.  So I opened the door and through the shutter she said she needed to find a church to pray at, a priest to speak to and that the Catholic Church would put her up for the night as she was homeless but needed directions. Hmmm “We are a catholic restaurant hang on while I get an A-Z”

Before I knew it she was sitting inside Real Man and had made me turn off my music (AC DC by Joan Jett was playing at the time) and from my laptop she was playing her favourite hymn. She then explained


3882 days ago

Richard Rhodes Cumbria Police Commissioner is a sleazy pig and his force are fascists

Richard Rhodes is the Police & Crime Commissioner for Cumbria. This waste of space piggy wiggy was claiming up to £385 a night in travel expenses, using a chauffeur to ferry him around for a social night out. Three of his staff felt unable to use official channels so dobbed him into the local paper.

Sleazy Rhodes initially claimed he needed the chauffeur for “personal safety”. Like hell he did. And so he has now agreed to repay £700, not to do it again and to publish his expense claims in full. In other words he admits that he was wrong. He was and is a sleazy pig. It is just that now he cannot act in that way.

But the Old Bill in Cumbria have now raided the local newspaper, threatened its editor with prosecution if he does not hand over emails and have arrested the three whistleblowers on suspicion of “misconduct in public office.”  The actions of this Orwellian Police Force shows exactly why these three public spirited individuals were right to have no faith in internal whistleblowing procedures.

Anyone with half a brain cell would know that the whistleblowers have done a good thing and corrected a palpable wrong. Only a total fascist would try to bully the press in this way and stop good citizens from acting for the public good to rein in those who govern us.  

Welcome to UK policing in 1984, I meant 2013.


3894 days ago

Youth Crime Tzar – shocking waste of money

I see that the papers are having a field day with Paris Brown who was hired as a youth crime Czar by Kent police on £15,000 a year to “provide a teenager’s view on policing.” But Paris has apparently spent some time on twitter to boast about binge drinking, drug taking and to make a series of racist and homophobic comments. She should have been in the Sweeney. Inspector Reagan would have felt right at home.

That she is a silly girl is beyond doubt. Apparently she is not quitting and will carry on doing her job. But what is the point of this job? It is not that she should be fired, just that this post should be made redundant. Along with all the other daft non-jobs that our PC police forces create to divert resources away from tedious things like catching criminals and getting them sent to prison.

I wonder what Paris has concluded in her first invaluable report: “The bizzies….er whatever…it’s all my parent’s fault…whatever…like...you know…we just want, like, respect…I’m bored…whatever”

I seem to remember that it was the Kent Police that arrested that bloke for tweeting a picture of a poppy burning. It strikes me that this force is run by complete imbeciles. If they want to hire a “Stop Police wasting money on piffle Czar” I am your man and will catch the first train to Canterbury this afternoon to start closing down the non jobs to try to assist bankrupt Britain to save a few quid. And the first P45 goes to Paris.


4042 days ago

The Kent Police are Fascists – arrest me too ( I have not burned any poppies)

Kent Police have arrested a man for posting a picture of a burning poppy on twitter. This is fascism. It is not what folks died to protect in World War Two. It is not justifiable and if Kent Police wish to arrest me as well for calling them Fascists I shall be at 91-95 Clerkenwell Road, London EC1r 5BX on Wednesday at noon. I shall see you then.

The Fascists, sorry Kent Police force, released an official statement saying that the man, from Aylesham, was detained on Sunday night on suspicion of making malicious telecommunications and that he was in custody awaiting interview.

You will note that burning a poppy, though distasteful, is not illegal.