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Warwick School - More Former Pupils speak up about the abuser, my abuser, Geoffrey Eve: Will the school please do something?

Tom Winnifrith
Thursday 23 February 2017

Two and a bit weeks ago I relayed on this website details of a meeting that I had with the current Head Master of Warwick School to discuss physical abuse that I suffered at the hands of a teacher Geoffrey Eve 38 years ago. The HM said swift action would be taken as Eve is still alive. I have heard nothing since but now another former pupil has stepped forward to recount his memories of Mr Eve. This scandal will grow and Warwick needs to address it rapidly for it is a scandal not only about abuse but about the way the School covered it all up so ensuring more boys suffered.

The post and an email with a few names blocked out appear below. I would urge Warwick to now contact all pupils who were exposed to this sadistic old bastard to inform them that this matter is going to the Police and that if the Old Bill will not act Warwick will pay for a lawyer to conduct a full independent enquiry which it will publish so that Eve is punished, in some way, for his crimes.

This little old man should not be allowed to enjoy his last years in peace. He inflicted pain and misery on god knows how many little boys. And we deserve justice. The post is below:

Tom. It's a small world. I also went to Warwick and last night I had dinner in Cambridge with another ex pupil who I haven't seen since I left Warwick some 34 years ago. Among topics of conversation over dinner - the systematic and sadistic abuse of pupils one Geoffrey Eve brother of famous TV and film star Trevor Eve! I think many of us are surprised that he never got found out or brought to justice. Even when he beat a partially deaf boy so badly that he broke his hearing aid the school just hushed it all up and pretended nothing had happened. How many more people out there remember this monster?

I then corresponded with this chap who is a successful businessman and wrote:

Funny how this all came up in conversation over dinner last night about our schooldays and your article popped up this morning when I Googled “Geoff Eve Teacher Abuse”…

I left Warwick after O levels in xxxx but Mr Eve’s evil was most evident when I was in 3A in the junior school. He was by no means the only abuser at the school but was one of the most unpleasant. I have absolutely no doubt that the other teachers and the junior head, Mr Marshall were well aware of his violence but did nothing to stop it.

My friend from last night, xxxx xxxxx remembers it as vividly as I do. I have copied him in on this reply.

There must be hundreds of other pupils from that era that can corroborate this. Quite possibly the school should pass it on to the police. Regardless of how old or frail he now is, Mr Eve never showed his victims any mercy so why should we pity him?


I believe that Warwick should contact all those exposed to Eve and also the still living members of the junior school staff, to ascertain the extent of his abuse. Pro tem while it appears to maintain a silence on the matter I shall continue to flag this up and am encouraginhg any other victims to contact the School (and me) to instill a sense of urgency on the HM.
The victims of abuser Geoffrey Eve have waited long enough for justice.

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