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My apology to the entire population of Wrexham, I am deeply sorry that I voted for our deceitful MP Sarah Atherton

Tom Winnifrith
Thursday 7 January 2021

My local MP Sarah Atherton has penned a column in the local free magazine here in Wrexham. I shall tonight, ignore every single advertiser in the publication and burn my edition of Essentials Magazine, something I will now do every month until this wretched woman loses her seat. And now for that apology.

Ms Atherton writes:

Our small businesses are among those hardest hit by the pandemic. Last month Small Business Saturday was celebrated across Wrexham. To mark this occasion, I visited, a variety of local busineses to hear from them the importance of supporting our small local businesses following what has been an incredibly difficult year.”


This is simply a lie. Small businesses have been hit not by the pandemic but by a response from a Tory Government, of which Ms Atherton is a part, to a virus which 99.95% of those under 70 survive. I am not suggesting that any death is not a tragedy or that the old or sick should be thrown to the wolves. Those folks who are vulnerable should have been shielding while the rest of us just got on with our lives knowing that iof we got it we would almost certainly, as I did, survive it.

Instead we have had near universal house arrest lockdowns which have destroyed hundreds of thousands of small businesses which folks have built up over many years. Many more are now surviving only by not paying bills and because their owners are drawing nothing, simply living on rapidly diminishing savings. That is not sustainable.

Small businesses have, as Ms Atherton admits, have had an incredibly difficult year. And that is just the ones that did not go bust. But it is she and her party that have caused this. As such a visit from her to the small business I run, giving employment to ten souls, would be less welcome than an old person opening the door to find Harold Shipman paying a house call.

In my defence, in this tale Harold Shipman could also be played  by the hereditary politician that Labour put up here since the entire political class has been engaged in the same GroupThink on lockdown.  But it is Atherton who will support any measure proposed by her party leadership as she attempts to clamber up the greasy pole and I accept my share of the blame in giving her this opportunity.

As such my apology to the folks of Wrexham is sincere. I voted for this ghastly woman. I apologise to you all most sincerely. I shall not be repeating that mistake next time.


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