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Another liberal middle class Guiltfest: #Blacklivesmatter comes to the UK

Tom Winnifrith
Friday 5 August 2016

Airports across Britain are today being disrupted by activists protesting that #blacklivesmatter - well of course they do. All lives matter but for white middle class liberals in the media and on twitter and facebook this is an opportunity for angst, guilt and self loathing that cannot be missed. But what about the hard data?

Sod the hard data, lets just feel guilty about slavery and how everyone, especially old Brexit voters, are all racists, facts do not matter any more do they? This is Airstrip One and its 1984 every day these days. Okay the UK is among the safest countries on this planet but so what? Okay our police forces do not collect data as they do in the US which show that 94% of killings where the victim is black are crimes where the killer is also black. It is estimated that in the UK the black on black murder figure is well above 80%.

But what about all those blacks who get beaten up by the filth and die in custody? Good point my hipster friend with a daft beard sipping your semi skinned latte, somewhere in Spitalfields, while reading the Guardian. In 2015 there were 573 murders in the UK. Between 1990 and 2015 according to the charity INQUEST there were 1,563 deaths on the watch of the Old Bill so that would be about 63 a year but the vast majority were just folks who just died in custody - we all have to die somewhere. Of those 1,563 deaths, Inquest found that exactly 18 were unlawful and the last one of those was a white guy. The last unlawful killing of a black guy, Jimmy Mubenga, was in 2013. So the rozzers unlawfully kill less than 1 person a year and according to Inquest they murder a black guy about once every three years.

We are so politically correct in the UK that Police data on this matter is hard to find. Perhaps that is because the truth might not please the liberal narrative of the establishment. Data from London in 2010 found that when it game to gun crimes 67% of the assailants were black and 29% of the victims were black as against 12.5% of the general population. Nearly all the blacks shot were shot by blacks.

Black Lives really do matter. What drives the killing of black men and women is largely drugs and drug related crime. That also sees a lot of white folks taken out. The rozzers, for all their faults, very rarely kill black people. The issue that needs addressing are Britain's ludicrous drugs laws, which I discuss in full here.

Today's protests are by folks who clearly have too much time on their hands, almost certainly State funded time, and can't be arsed to look at hard facts. That the BBC and the rest of the mainstream liberal media takes this crap seriously, shows again why it Pravda and the deadwood press are not fit for purpose as they pursue an agenda based on prejudice not on reality.

Given that today's disruptive protests are based on a myth not on reality can any misguided liberal reading this explain how they will make race relations better rather than worse?

Meanwhile I rather worry that reporting hard data and questionning those who just make blind assertions on this matter with no data may soon be viewed by some dreary liberal as a hate crime. It is only a matter of time..

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