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What will the increasingly authoritarian Police crack down on next? Norfolk plod and the death mask wearer

Tom Winnifrith
Thursday 30 April 2020

The Coronavirus crisis here in Airstrip One has given elements of the Old Bill license to act in an increasingly authoritarian manner. Often asistsed by a GroupThink mob keen to snitch on their neighbours to enforce house arrest, sorry lockdown we see Journalists pulled over for filming nothing at all. Citizens are warned for sitting on a park bench or playing soccer in their own garden. And now from Norfolk a new insanity.

Apparently, the Fuzz in Norfolk are “keen to speak” to a person who has been spotted dressed up as a 17th-century plague doctor and who is, get this, going on walks. Oooh what a rogue.  I have privided an artists impression of this dangerous individual first spotted in 1665.

Apparently this dangerous person, who is worthy of a massive Police resource normally reserved for folks on twitter who say nasty things about Owen Jones, has been spotted in the Norwich suburb of Hellesdon wearing a long black cloak, a hat and a pointed beak-like mask. People posting on a community Facebook page said the outfit could frighten children and therefore Norfolk Police said they wanted to give “words of advice” to the person.

All noted officers. Before I go for my daily constitutional I shall call the boys in blue here in Wrexham asking for sartorial advice.

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