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It is NOT homophobic to call the Police out for this waste of money at Lincoln Pride

Tom Winnifrith
Wednesday 24 August 2022

Some of the responses to the tweet below sent out by Lincolnshire Police showing its officers dancing away at the LGBT Pride parade in Lincoln suggest that only hate filled Daily Mail readers could possibly object. 

As you know Pride Month started in June 2013 and has been running non stop ever since, apart from a brief break to celebrate Black Lives Matter. I have no objection to the fuzz turning up to the local Pride. My problem is that across the UK only 4% of burglaries are solved.  Barely a day goes by without someone being stabbed in London and the level of financial fraud in the UK is at a record high with almost nobody ever jailed for it. The Police seem unable to stop any of this, bleating on about how under-resourced thery are. 

I suggest that Lincoolnshire rozzers have the time and resource  to dance at Pride and then to have someone tweet about it later. Is that really more important that catching the odd burglar? I think not and I suspect that nearly everyone else in this country thinks the same whether they read the appalling Daily Mail or not



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