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The Jury said not guilty but the Police can now get a man labelled as a sex offender anyway

Tom Winnifrith
Monday 18 July 2016

Truly life in Airstrip One gets more terrifying each day. Moving on from the Orwellian antics of PC Plod in Nottinghamshire described earlier, we now discover how the filth in North Yorkshire are dealing with those found innocent by juries who they don't like. Meet the man who needs Police permission, 24 hours in advance, to have sex.

45 year old John O'Neil was cleared by a jury in a re-tried rape trial last year. He was found not guilty. Mr Neil is single, a father and has admitted that he has an interest in sado-masochism and used to visit a fetish club. So far so good, he sounds like the sort of family man Andrea Leadsom was trying to reach out to in her Tory leadership bid. He had kids FFS he must be a good chap. He clearly has a great career as a Tory MP ahead of him.

I have no interest in sado-masochism myself despite my public school background but if two consenting adults want to play such games that is their choice. I'm not a shirt lifter either, despite my public school background, but again if folks want to engage in such activities that is their call. It is not up to me or to the Old Bill to make moral judgements whatever our personal views. We have thankfully moved on from the days when the State decided with which adults and how one should have sex.

But the filth in North Yorkshire seem rather less 2016 and rather more 1214. After being cleared by a Jury, PC Plod made O'Neil, 45, the subject of an interim sexual risk order (SRO). That means that Mr O'Neil needs permission from the Plod to have sex and must get notice 24 hours in advance. The filth has gone one step further and have now secured the lifting of an order prohibiting his identity from being made public.
If mr O'Neil gets lucky and is propositioned by a good looking bird and breaches the terms of his order he faces five years in jail.

Jury trials are not perfect. Juries can make mistakes but the right to trial by twelve of our peers is one of the bedrocks of our liberty. The Police have, in this case, ensured that a man who was cleared of any crime is now publicly outed as a perv and could now face five years in prison simply for having utterly legal consensual sex.

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