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80 days ago

Greedy Nurses do not deserve a 1% pay rise, let alone the 15% they demand: they should take a pay freeze like other public sector workers

When I was growing up, the majority of the population wanted to bring back the death penalty and my Guardian-reading teachers would explain why this was a great example of why we needed elected representatives to moderate the unhealthy views of the dirty plebs. Or, as you and I might see it, to block the democratic will of the people because the liberal intelligentsia always knows best. In 2016, the people were allowed their say on Brexit and, bloody hell, the dirty peasants went and did the wrong thing just showing that decision making should be left in the hands of a small elite.



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Register now for the Weekend Tomograph out Sunday: AIM Cesspit awards dinner & terrible week issue

This was meant to be a relaxing half term family week. Hence fewer articles, no midweek Tomograph and general jollity. It turned out to be a total horror show. But progress has none the less been made with my good friend Darren the hero of the hour.

That will all be discussed in the Weekend Tomograph which will also have information on how to vote in the 2013 AIM Cesspit awards, of an awards dinner with Evil Knievil and Lucian Miers and much more.

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Register for Tomograph NOW before free share tip issue 3 PM Wednesday

Just a reminder that my Tomograph Newsletter goes out bi-weekly with its Wednesday shares edition complementing the longer more general weekend edition.

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This week’s issue also contains a piece on the deluded lefties at the RSPCA plus notes on a chat with the legendary Mark Slater.



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The Tomograph Issue 9

The Weekly Tomograph Newsletter has just been emailed to those who are registered. It contains the usual stuff, notably the Caption contest and a link to the most popular articles on this site during the past week. It also contains an exclusive article explaining why the BBC should be more or less scrapped, what would replace it and with news that another big name paedophile scandal from 1970s Kids TV is about to emerge. You really should register to receive the Tomograph every week here.