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600 days ago

Photo Article: Breaking out of Wales for a substantial meal in a boozer and it is heartbreaking

Thanks to the certifiably insane First Minister here in Wales, Mr Mark Drakeford, boozers shut at 6 PM and can’t serve booze anyway. I can’t remember whether it is illegal to cross the border with England yet or whether the North Wales Police start arresting folks for this heinous crime on the 24th, 25th or 28th. Anyhow, we set off from the Welsh Hovel last night, four of us in the car, dashing the few hundred yards to the bridge to free England and what we found was heartbreaking.


1878 days ago

Why to hate Tory MPs part 56: Heidi Allen you are a patronising bitch

In today's Sunday Times there is a long piece about how Tory MPs are being pressurised by party members to ditch hapless Prime Minister Theresa May as soon as possible. But one quote stands out. It is from MP Heidi Allen and reminds me why I loathe the Tory establishment with such a passion. I may vote Tory but I know that most Tory MPs are just loathsome poltroons convinced of their own superiority to the rest of us. Heidi states: