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Mark Drakeford plunges Wales into Christmas misery and New Year recession – he is insane

Tom Winnifrith
Wednesday 16 December 2020

So let’s recap on the actions of Mad Mark, firstly noting with reference to Greece HERE and Sweden HERE that lockdowns make sod all difference to the spread of a plague so deadly that 99.97% of those under 70 catching it survive. However, as we shall see, Wales is itself now a bit of a case study in that respect too.  

After the first 4 nations national lockdown, Mr Drakeford became increasingly keen to show that here in Wales we are different.  So, what seems an eternity of madness ago, between 23 October and 9 November we enjoyed a “firebreak” here in Wales. That is not what happens when you try to protect your house because folks like my daughter Olaf have, while singing Yma O Hyd, set the house next door ablaze due to its ownership by English infidels. It is Drakeford’s way of saying lockdown without saying lockdown.

The rationale was to stop the spread of the virus and to save the NHS. But by November 30, Coronavirus cases in Wales were back up to where they were at the end of that second lockdown, sorry firebreak, and so to stop the spread of the virus and to save the NHS we had a whole load of new measures. Among the daftest were the laws relating to booze. All cafes, pubs, bars and restaurants had to close their doors at 6PM every day until at least the 17th December but plausibly much longer. And the same venues are not be allowed to serve alcohol at all because drinking a mug of cocoa offers no Covid risk but having a glass of wine is a super-spreader event.

While this helped push more businesses over the edge, Covid cases carried on rising and the NHS still needed saving. And so today we learned that the five day Christmas relaxation for all four nations starting on 23 December will still go ahead in Wales but instead of having three families in your bubble as in England, you can have only two. Of course two six-person families can contain more folks than three three-person families but this all makes sense so far does it not? And you can add a third family to two, of whatever size, if that third family contains only one person. Confused? I am sure Mr Covid will take note and spare only those obeying these rules which are enforceable by law.

The main point is that here in Wales we are different to the infidels so must plough a different path, don’t you know, Boyo.

I cannot wait for the first pictures of the control freaks of North Wales Police finding a house where granny and grandpa are joining the families of two of their kids. “Grandpa, you 85 year old criminal, go home or go stand outside in the snow or we will have to arrest you,” says Plod under the Drakeford law.

After closing on Christmas Eve non-essential shops, hairdressers etc here in Wales will not be allowed to reopen. Pubs and restaurants can open on Christmas day but can’t serve booze. But after Christmas Day they are also closed as we prepare for a full national lockdown starting on 28th which will be reviewed every three weeks thereafter but where there is no end date.

So to recap. The first national lockdown did not really work. The firebreak lockdown patently failed. The new restrictions from 3rd December obviously failed. Cases are still roofing it so the answer is to relax restrictions on folks meeting from 23rd then, because it is urgent that we take action NOW to save the Welsh NHS, we must shut some businesses from the 24th but others from the 25th.  That is because Mr Covid likes hairdressers more than pubs.  Then having relaxed the rules, we will tighten them and go into a full lockdown afterwards. And on Christmas day Granny or Grandpa can join the family gathering but not both.

Anyone who thinks this makes sense for tackling the virus is clinically insane, like Mr Drakeford, or just the stupidest person on this planet, like the Welsh Health Minster Mr Vaughan Gething. As far as I can see, Mr Gething’s only purpose in life is to make Mr Drakeford look erudite and intelligent.

There will be clear results. More Welsh businesses will go bust. More people will lose their jobs. Wales will get poorer and then we can all gather round and sing Ry’n ni yma o hyd, er gwaetha pawb a phopeth. Yes “we are still here” Mr Drakeford but increasingly many of us would rather that you were not.

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