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56 days ago

Disgraced Alexander David brought down by Appointed Representatives: FCA now puts firm into deep freeze

If the FCA was not so bloody useless it would have closed down Alexander David Securities Limited (ADSL) for acting for overt frauds such as US Oil & Gas (USOP), helping them to con investors and raise money which they will never see again.  But no.. the FCA waited to act until June 29 2020 and it was not ADSL’s own crimes that landed it in the soup.


173 days ago

Breaking: the crook Brian McDonnell of USOP uses EU data law to hide his crooked past

I thought that we had left the EU but it seems that its laws which allow crooks to hide their shameful past from google citing privacy are still in effect. The latest scumbag playing this game to hide ShareProphets exposes is Brian McDonnell, the scamster in charge of US Oil & Gas, once a listed company valued (incorrectly) by the market at £350 million but now, chucked off three exchanges, a shell teetering on the verge of insolvency despite Brian continuing toile to investors and to half-inch their cash.


267 days ago

Lying bastard Brian McDonnell of US Oil & Gas shown to be a liar again as he fails to hand cash back to investors

It pains me to be harsh on a fellow Irishman and, thus, it is with a heavy heart that I yet again call out little Brian McDonnell of US Oil & Gas for the lying scumbag that he is. But this time the lying POS is holding onto cash that is not his. This lie is his most serious yet. How I wish the little shit would sue me for libel but instead he only picks on poor defenceless posters on long since disappeared Bulletin Boards. Anyhow the boss of US Oil & Gas (USOP), once valued at £300 million but having been booted off 3 markets for, er … lying, is at it again.


407 days ago

To have your shares booted off not one but three exchanges looks like more than carelessness – it's USOP comedy time again

First, whatever Aquis was called back then booted US Oil & Gas (USOP) off for telling porkies. Then it was the Danish GSX Exchange where this company was once valued at £300 million which booted USOP off for telling porkies. Now we have a hat-trick which is quite some going for wee Brian McDonnell – the liar who runs this fraud which I have documented fully on this website. But this time I think it is Brian who wanted the shares booted off. Let me explain.


416 days ago

If you need cheering up there is an operations update from the fraudsters, liars and con men at US Oil & Gas – USOP

Booted off what is now Aquis for lying to investors and then suspended on a Danish bourse before it closed, no exchange will now list US Oil & Gas (USOP) but still its laughable boss little Brian McDonnell battles on with ludicrous releases as he tries to part savers from their savings:. “It’s the way I tell em” he smirks but folks who have lost almost everything in a company once ramped up to a £300 million valuation but which is worthless, are not laughing.


568 days ago

Fantasist of the day: Brian McDonnell of US Oil & Gas – “it’s the way I tell em”

Little Brian is a comic genius. His company may have been booted off two markets junior to AIM for gargantuan regulatory breaches but USOP, once ramped to £500 million, struggles on raising money as a private company. And so it still issues releases to sucker in more investors. They are a scream. Little Brian has won the highly contested “ShareProphets CEO fantasist of the year” several times in the past few years and with a release today, he must be a very strong contender for 2020.


1127 days ago

Tom Winnifrith Bearcast: the stench of exploitation makes this uninvestable

Rogue Bloggers for Woodlarks is now just £124.82 shy of its £50,000 target. If you are yet to donate, today is your last chance so please do so HERE. I have another warning from the crooked leprechaun Brian McDonnell of US Oil & Gas (USOP) and i discuss why, at every level, Amigo (AMGO) is uninvestable at almost any price.


1132 days ago

Tom Winnifrith Bearcast: Brian McDonnell you poisonous & crooked leprechaun I shall see you and your USOP bitchez in Court!

Firstly, we are now at more than 99% of our Rogue Bloggers for Woodlarks target. If you have yet to donate please do so NOW HERE. Next year there are a few changes planned as I discuss. I then discuss my friendship with Richard Poulden and how it affects my writing. Finally Brian McDonnell, the liar and crook who runs the worthless fraud US Oil & Gas (USOP), I am planning a legal and media circus in Dublin to end your career, that of your mentor Liam McGrattan and Niall, Bertie and your other cronies. You want to play ball bitchez?


2197 days ago

US Oil & Gas - its still avin a bubble

Serial publisher of lies, US Oil & Gas (USOP) now has cash to spend having found some of the stupidest people on this planet to pony up cash in its 27p placing. Hence now it has to update us all on its quest for oil where there is none. I apologise on missing this gem from comedy central on 17 June but better late than never.


2264 days ago

US Oil & Gas raises $771,000 - Good Money after bad

US Oil & Gas (USOP) has announced that 15% of its shareholders were not just thick but full lobotomy patients. You have to be a fecking imbecile to own this stock anyway but 15% of the FIs were so stupid they took up the open offer at 27p and thus bankruptcy is postponed.


2276 days ago

Last Chance to Enter David Lenigas yacht & what is EBITDA contests - tonight

There are no prizes at all but the deadline to enter these two contests is no-one is watching O'Clock tonight (Friday), or as they say at the US Oil & Gas (USOP) press office, rush hour. The standard of entries so far as been incredibly high so to see those entries and post your one for EBITDA go HERE and for Jabba's yacht go HERE and e now also have a Call Me Dave tax dodging caption contest HERE


2293 days ago

Fraudsters at US Oil & Gas are avin a bubble -more pure gold comedy genius

You will remember that fraudulent and now unlisted joke company US Oil & Gas (USOP) is trying to raise £2.9 million (but will settle for a minimum of £300,000) to keep the lights on. The pure gold comedy genious from our lying friends in Ireland continues.


2300 days ago

US Oil & Gas - is it time for comic relief already? The fraudsters excel themselves

I have been saving a duo of no-one is watching O'Clock announcements from Thursday 10 March and a third the next morning from the fraudsters at US Oil & Gas (USOP) for a day when I needed cheering up. After an hour in the dentist's chair, today is such a day. This is sheer comedy genius from Brian "the dog ate my drilling data" McDonnell. Say what you want about wee Brian but you cannot deny that this guy is the funniest Irishman since Father Ted. Where to start?


2382 days ago

A Christmas cracker from the liars at US Oil & Gas

"It's the way I tell em" used to say Frank Carson, before continuing "Its a cracker". But old Frank had nothing on his fellow Irish comedian wee Brian McDonnell of US Oil & Gas (USOP) which served up a stormer of a Christmas update yesterday. Brian, you crack me's the way you tell em. That classic "The dog ate our drill test results" still has me in stitches. And now this.


2473 days ago

Tom Winnifrith Bearcast 24 September - in a good mood which makes me nastier than ever!

In a wide ranging podcast I once again praise the great share blogger Paul Scott, if only to annoy those Bulletin Board Morons who wish to see us be nasty to each other. That will not happen. Elsewhere I comment on LGO Energy (LGO), UK Oil & Gas (UKOG), Armadale Capital (ACP), RM2 International (RM2), London Capital (LCG), JQW (JQW), IMC Exploration and that scumbag Liam McGrattan of US Oil & Gas (USOP) infamy and what that says about Standard Listings, and also on Tungsten (TUNG).


2515 days ago

US Oil & Gas 5 days to shareholder Death

Next Tuesday, GXG Markets shuts down which is terminally bad news for shareholders in the joke lie machine company US Oil & Gas (USOP). Other companies are migrating to ISDX but having been booted off that market already for regulatory failings it seems unlikely that liar in chief wee Brian McDonnell will be welcomed with open arms there. Meanwhile the cash situation is now critical. I fear that the end is nigh for my fellow Irishmen.


2590 days ago

US Oil & Gas - Results and a placing statement which is simply untrue

At no-one is watching O 'clock on Friday, the POS US Oil & Gas (USOP) snuck out dismal results and a placing statement which contained an obvious lie and which only postpones death.


2593 days ago

US Oil & Gas - the worthless shares are trading again, GXG shows its regulators are as useless as the rest

GXG Markets has concluded its investigation into US Oil & Gas and given it the all clear. Jeepers are all regulators imbeciles? It was demonstrated that on repeated occassions USOP made statements that were simlly not true and were directly contradicted by authorities in the USA. That has been well documented here. As such we can only conclude that misleading investors is all well and dandy on GXG just as it is on the AIM casino. Really I cannot see what the point is of playing it straight anymore?


2604 days ago

US Oil & Gas - so when is the report into your lies due? When is insolvency?

Once upon a time US Oil & Gas (USOP) was the darling of Bulletin Board loons. Okay it gotr booted off ISDX and had completely worthless assets but it huffed and puffed and its shares raced ahead on GXG markets. But as it teeters on the brink of insolvency surely it should update us all - if only to give us a good laugh - on how the regulatory enquiries into its numerous lies are going and on how close it is to bankruptcy.


2662 days ago

US Oil & Gas – the fraudsters are delusional

Another day and another statement is issued from the madhouse that is the bunker, I mean boardroom at US Oil & Gas (USOP). These folks are delusional. Their Company is also, by my sums, pretty much insolvent within weeks.


2699 days ago

The US Oil & Gas fraud – GXG markets shows up AIM for the casino it really is

We have many, many times accused Bulletin Board darling US Oil & Gas (USOP) of being a total fraud run by a serial liar Brian McDonnell. Wee Brian has huffed and puffed in private to deluded shareholders about taking legal action against me but he has not done so because he is a proven liar and his company is a proven fraud and the little shit knows it. The latest news from the GXG market where USOP shares remain suspended really shows what a casino AIM has become.

GXG, to its credit has today ordered a full independent due diligence report on this POS fraud checking whether any of its claims made are actually true. You can see its release HERE.

When that report comes in GXG will decide whether US Oil & Gas is to retain a listing or not. It is a racing cert that it will not because this is a fraud 


2755 days ago

US Oil & Gas - Christmas cracker – Suspension & Full Regulatory Investigation

I have pointed out numerous times that GXG listed US Oil & Gas (USOP) is a worthless POS with joke assets run by liars. Just check the archives on ShareProphets. Wee Brian McDonnell has served up a Christmas treat for us all with an announcement from GXG that trading in the shares has been suspended because of a disorderly market. FFS

Getting suspended on GXG is almost impossible. It is like managing to get defeated in a Mensa test by Cheryl Cole. But somehow US Oil has managed it.

US Oil & Gas’s London adviser Alexander David Securites ( who I have warned about this POS so have only themselves to blame for the reputational damage they now suffer) told me in a rather po faced manner


2857 days ago

US Oil & Gas – Last trade was at 34p – get out now while you can – target 0p.

Last time I warned about the GXG listed POS that is US Oil & Gas (USOP) was on July 28 HERE when the market cap was £20 million. Based on the last trade at 34p it is now £13.98 million. It is overvalued by £13.98 million sell while you can. My target price remains 0p

GXG is a matched bargain platform so the next person to sell will get only 31p, then the one after that is into the twenties. If you wait you will be getting virtually nothing for these worthless shares.  Why are they worth nothing?

A. CEO Brian McDonnell is a liar and a fraud and should go to prison. I invite him to sue me for libel as 


2896 days ago

PLCs that are Good Investments Do not issue an RNS at 5.52 PM

US Oil & Gas (USOP) once issued an RNS at 10 PM on a Friday – that Liam Mcgrattan is a comic genius. But he serves to demonstrate a valid point: if a company starts issuing RNS statements well after 4.30 PM this is a red flag that you should not be invested. Not a reason on its own but the sort of red flag that catches the eye.

The charitable explanation for an RNS issued at “no-one is watching O’Clock” is that the company is very badly run and just cannot communicate effectively with investors. Okay, that is not a hanging offence but it hardly inspires confidence does it?


2896 days ago

Brian McDonnell of US Oil & Gas you are a liar and a fraud and should go to prison

Telling investors something that is untrue in an approved announcement (an RNS) as you endeavour to issue shares to raise extra cash is not good. Not only is it a lie but it is an attempt at fraud since you are raising money on the basis of a lie. I hereby accuse Brian McDonnell of US Oil & Gas (USOP) of being a liar and a fraud.  He should go to prison. And if it does not resign first thing on Monday its advisers Alexander David Securities is a willing party to that fraud. It should quit at once. Brian can sue me for libel if he wishes but this is a slam dunk. The little crook is exposed.

On 23rd May 2014 in an RNS little Brian stated:


2896 days ago

A Good Guy from the Oil Sector - Matt Lofgran of Nostra Terra in video action

Following my revelations HERE earlier about US Oil & Gas (USOP) you might want to run a mile from this sector. But there are some CEOs who I judge to be good honest folk and among them is Matt Lofgran of AIM listed Nostra Terra Oil & Gas (NTOG)


2940 days ago

US Oil & Gas – The Kilkenny Ramp, the jokes just keep on coming

If you have a spare one hour and 49 minutes and want to listen to a comedian spouting total bullshit we are here to help with the assistance of wee Brian “It’s The Way I tell ‘em” McDonnell the man in charge of the POS joke GXG listed company US Oil & Gas (USOP). Before you listen remember:

US Oil & Gas and Brian are proven serial liars – see HERE

US Oil & Gas was kicked off ISDX for regulatory failures (a heroic achievement) – see HERE

Brian wants no independent boardroom scrutiny as I revealed earlier today HERE

US Oil & Gas was floated by serial promoter of utter shite Liam McGrattan – see HERE

US Oil & Gas is a worthless piece of shite traded on a joke market and fair terminal value ( and it will be terminal) is 0p – see HERE

Devoted followers of this POS, The USOPians,


2940 days ago

US Oil & Gas – why won’t wee Brian McDonnell accept some boardroom scrutiny?

The long running farce that is GXG listed US Oil & Gas (USOP) is a gift that keeps on giving and at the centre of it all is the greatest Irish comic genius since Dave Allen, CEO wee Brian McDonnell. “It’s the way I tell ‘em.” No that was Frank Carson but wee Brian might use that line too.

The latest intrigue is that a group of shareholders submitted a resolution (which I have seen) to appoint a new non exec to the board. I shall not name the man nominated since I would regard joining USOP’s board, in CV terms, right up there with admitting that you were the President of the Jimmy Saville fan club. I shall spare the blushes of this brave soul seemingly prepared to commit career hari kiri.



2947 days ago

USOP Comedy Genius Liam McGrattan is coming to the AIM Cesspit – you could not make it up!

Well this is the acid test for AIM – will it accept a listing from Liam McGrattan the Irish fellow who has brought us the stockmarket disasters US Oil & Gas (USOP), TeknoMining and many others. If the Cesspit allows Liam to list IMC Exploration then it is officially a joke market.

As a reminder of the disgrace that is US Oil & Gas (USOP) - a company that was kicked off Plus/ISDX for regulatory failures and is a serial liar click HERE 

Want more?  Try Teknomining, a company that went bust on PLUS and er…told serial lies as detailed HERE

And now we have IMC


2953 days ago

US Oil & Gas – The Joke Continues

At No-one is watching O’Clock (5 PM on the Friday before a Bank Holiday weekend) GXG listed US Oil & Gas (USOP) served up its interims and an operational update. Once again CEO little Brian McDonnell shows that he is a true comic genius. I take my hat off to Brian, he never fails to have me in stiches.

Let’s start with the numbers. Admin costs have been scaled back and wee Brian boasts at the top about how the cash position at March 31 was $925,244 (excluding a VAT rebate due of $29,490). You rather guess that the wee man hopes that no-one checked out the balance sheet. As that shows trade and other payables of $314,878.  Even in USOP la la land you have to pay the bills at some stage – free cash was in fact just over $600,000.

Brian says:

The Company has adequate finance to fund current operations (see below). Further funds will be required for drilling and development of the Hot Creek Valley field.

In other words the company cannot afford to drill a well.


3323 days ago

US Oil & Gas Announcement - Sheer Comedy

When US Oil & Gas (USOP) goes tits up, its CEO Brian McDonnell should become a comedian. He really is very good. As our fellow Irishman Frank Carson used to say “It’s the way I tell ‘em.” The latest press release dated 23rd May has had me in stitches for days. It is comic genius. Oddly out there in la la USOPian land some folks seem to believe it. That is less funny.

Before we come to the “Competent Persons Report” I remind you that regulators at PLUS slammed young Brian for making statements he could not back up. Young Brian told the State of Nevada that his Ebiana #1 well was flowing at 60 bopd. But when the pen-pushers turned up on site and found sod all oil he admitted that was just an estimate and that the dog had eaten his calculations on which that estimate was made.

But Brian has persisted and now trumpets a Competent Persons Report by Forest Garb & Associates (the folks who said that Brian’s Hot Creek asset contained 189 million barrels of oil before any well was drilled). Having now drilled one well and found no commercial quantities of oil, Forrest Gump now reckons that



3331 days ago

Friday Caption Contest (on a Sunday) - Greedy & Stupid Teachers Edition

So much news to choose from but what to pick. Naturally if this was Fleet Street I would focus on the two events of the week of global importance: Denmark winning Eurovision and Bonnie Tyler bombing or the retirement of Mr David Beckham, national icon and member of the alternative Royal Family - the posh one.
However I go with news that the Teachers Union has passed a motion of no confidence in Michael Gove. Teacher's salaries have skyrocketed in the past decade ( heck the State does own a money tree after all). Grade inflation masks the fact that School Leavers today have RRR skills that are not a patch on those of 20, let alone 50 years ago. This is a wholesale reward for failure.

Mr Gove wants to make changes. The Teachers want no changes and are also planning strikes over pay. They are greedy and immoral bastards. As such I am rather warming to Mr Gove. And so while all must have prizes in today's schools I will merely award five nominal A*s for the best entry to the caption below

For what it is worth my entry is:


3338 days ago

Friday Caption Contest on Sunday – US Oil & Gas Edition

What a week. I feel that I have given David Cameron both barrels in the Tomograph and so what else to feature in this week’s caption contest? The retirement of that miserable old toad Sir Alex Fergie? Nope I have sworn to leave that alone since the mainstream media is obsessed by it? The looming bankruptcy of Spain? Prince Harry in the US? Nope it has to be the tragedy come comedy that is US Oil & Gas (USOP).

The prize for this week’s caption contest? Rather like the prize for owning USOP shares there is none.  But feel free to post whatever caption you feel appropriate in the comments section below for this little picture.



For what it is worth my entry is


3338 days ago

What would I do if I was a US Oil & Gas shareholder?

Thankfully I have no interest long or short or otherwise in this stock. But I am asked what would I do if I was a shareholder in US Oil & Gas (USOP)? I do sympathise with those who have lost money on this stock. The clear fact is that you were lied to by management. So what to do now? -


3339 days ago

Great Western Mining, the USOP fallout continues, drill results don't wash

Shares in AIM cesspit listed Great Western Mining (GWMO) tanked on Friday after an RNS which – in the wake of the US Oil & Gas (USOP) and Teknomining debacles – simply does not was. At 2.55p and capitalised at just £2 million this company is heading rapidly towards having shares of “toast investment grade.” Its problems are manifest but the history of it and other companies established by Liam McGrattan and cronies is the issue.

With every McGrattan resources promote we start with the big claims. The shares motor ahead. The placings ensue. And then McGrattan steps down from the board to pursue other business interests, run a Paris hedge fund or whatever. Then cronies such as Nial Rind step down. And then with USOP and Teknomining we have now firmly established that the claims made were sheer 100% bollocks.

We have yet to establish how many shares (for which they paid sod all) in USOP and Teknomining McGrattan and his cronies sold, when they sold and at what price. That would be fascinating data I suspect.

Great Western was a tad different in that as its front man it has Emmett O’Connell who arrived with a half decent reputation. But



3341 days ago

US Oil & Gas: Lie after lie after lie exposed – target price 0p

I am grateful to a fellow on Twitter for flagging up yet another horrific lie from US Oil & Gas, this time from April 19th 2012. When a company issues a press release which contains just a 100% slam dunk utterly verifiable lie you do have to ask if anything it says is true. Given the weight of evidence about other porkies in the case of USOP my inclination is just to disbelieve everything it says. 

Brian McDonnell: “ 2 + 2 is 4”

Me: I know the dog ate your calculations but is that estimated or actual? Sorry I don’t believe you.

And so what is the latest whopper.



3342 days ago

US Oil & Gas Statement - An Irish Joke

Dave Allen, that chap from Father Ted, Oscar Wilde…all great Irish writers of comic prose. And now we can add to that list whichever genius crafted today’s operations update from joke company US Oil & Gas (USOP). Truly you have to be a class one crack-head or have an IQ of less than 15 to own this share.

The statements has all the usual guff about perforations, oil chromograph readings of u[p to 50%, how Ebiana is close to fluid contact points, leprechauns spotted in Nevada with pots of black gold and that sort of encouraging waffle. But er…”average water cut too high for commerciality at present.” Oh cripes, that does not sound good.

Needless to say as the rig is wound down young Brian McDonnell is always keen to put the best spin on it



3345 days ago

Gotcha:US Oil & Gas – Game Over – Company accused of lying by the State of Nevada

I have warned you before that anyone who invests in a resources company established by Dublin serial promoter Liam McGrattan needs their head examining. But for the deluded followers of US Oil & Gas (A McGrattan company run by his junior gopher young Brian McDonnell) it really is now game over. The company stands accused of lying by the State of Nevada.  USOPians will remember that US Oil was booted off Plus for market irregularities and now trades on the micky mouse (apologies to Mr Mouse for the comparison) GXG Market. At one stage it was capitalised at £250 million and its followers still reckoned it would treble.

At 77.5p it is now capitalised at £32 million. I would suggest that its real value is pretty much close to zippo.


3410 days ago

US Oil & Gas – There’s nowt as deluded as a believer

My twitter feed today is full of tweets from shareholders in US Oil & Gas (USOP) who seem to think they have firm evidence that they are on to a winner. In the immortal words of Don and Phil:”Dream, dream, dream… only trouble is, gee whizz, I’m dreaming my life away.”