Vice Chancellor

255 days ago

A letter to the Vice Chancellor of Lancaster University about its cover up for the Hamas praising Praising Professor Simon Mabon: 2 questions

I have just dropped an email to James Fuller who runs the office of Professor Andy Schofield the Vice Chancellor of Lancaster University regarding the cover up for Professor Simon Mabon. Mabon is the man who praised Hamas on October 8, a day after it committed the worst mass slaughter of Jews since 1945. The Metropolitan Police has now stated that using the imagery endorsed by Mabon is something it considers to be a crime. And thus, cc’ing in hapless press officer Vicky Tyrell, I have asked the office of the Vice Chancellor, two critical questions. My email reads.


1212 days ago

University of Winchester firing staff to save cash but spunking £24,000 on a Greta Thunberg statue

No I had never heard of the University of Winchester either. It is not quite up there with Oxford. In fact it is not even up there with joke marxist madrassas like Bath Spa. Two years ago its staff went on strike as Winchester announced it was cutting 10% of teaching posts because of a funding crisis. Last year it warned that it needed more voluntary redundancies as covid threatened. However…


2506 days ago

An Oxford tale - another sad day on British campuses

Yesterday it was free speech denial at Edinburgh. Today it is my old place, Oxford, that serves up a tale which just leaves it as an object of ridicule. It started with the Vice Chancellor Professor Louise Richardson who, rather foolishly, suggested that students who are upset with their tutors for expressing views against homosexuality should “challenge” them, rather than reporting their tutors to university authorities.