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Now that the Metropolitan Police says Hamas Bulldozer imagery a crime – will Lancaster University fire Simon Mabon?

Tom Winnifrith
Sunday 5 November 2023

As of today, the apologists for anti-semitism who run Lancaster University are still refusing to take action against Professor Simon Mabon. They have accepted his palpably untrue excuses for tweets sent out on October 8 in which he labelled those responsible for the October 7 slaughter of 1400 Jews, the worst pogrom since World War Two as folks engaged in “an act of resistance” and which contained in image of a bulldozer with a Palestine flag taking down a large fence. As I explained in detail HERE that image was created after the 7 October pogrom and specifically referred to it. Anyone tweeting it out on October 8 as the world’s media reported nothing else must have known what it meant. However…

Lancaster University did not quiz Mabon about the “act of resistance” comment and accepted a patently untrue excuse from him that his twitter activity regarding the bulldozer fence on October 8 referred to events before October 7 ( when bulldozers have never been used by Hamas to bring down the fence) and not to the pogrom the day before. A child of three can see that Mabon was lying but Lancaster University is either run by total idiots or by fellow travellers on the Jew hating express and so Mabon has escaped any sanction, as detailed HERE. However

Yesterday the Metropolitan Police, which has had a wretched four weeks failing to deal with the anti semites in our midst, spotted a bulldozer sign on a placard at the weekly Hamas victory parade in Central London and has now stated on the record that it is “actively trying” to locate those holding the picture it as celebrates an act carried out by a proscribed terror group.

So, this rather begs the question of Lancaster University: if the Police think this may be an actual crime why do you think the same act, albeit conducted online, but conducted within 24 hours of the pogrom and with a vile associated comment explicitly praising the Hamas rapists, be-headers, baby bakers and butchers, is not even worthy of a disciplinary tribunal, a far lower bar?

I shall ask Lancaster University to reconsider its position in light of the Met’s new stance. If it does not think it is worthy of action then I guess that I, and others, need to report Simon Mabon to the Lancashire Police asking it to launch a formal enquiry into the disgraced Prof who is, naturally, a regular guest on the BBC where he offers “impartial expert opinions” about why Israel is so evil.

A sane employer or one with a shred of integrity would be taking proactive measures against Mabon before the Police got involved. But this is Lancaster University.

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