14 days ago

By Zionists, the anti-semites infesting British campuses mean Jews

Even in today’s climate of overt hostility the bigots normally cannot quite bring themselves to demand that Jews get out, be cleansed from certain spaces. Some can, but most pretend that they are not engaged in Jew hating by calling for Zionists to be purged ,to be sent packing and their businesses boycotted. The picture below is from Birmingham University this week.


17 days ago

#BoycottWebsummit unless you hate free speech and love Hamas butchering Jews & PR car crashes

Web Summit was founded in 2009 by Irishman Paddy Cosgrove and has grown to be the world’s biggest conference for folks involved in technology and the internet and a place where ideas are exchanged freely in a spirit of tolerance. That changed on October 7 when the world woke up to the horrors of the Hamas pogrom in Israel, the worst slaughter of Jews in one day since 1945. A company Cosgrove controls tweeted out a Palestinian flag on that day. It got worse.


110 days ago

A letter to the Vice Chancellor of Lancaster University about its cover up for the Hamas praising Praising Professor Simon Mabon: 2 questions

I have just dropped an email to James Fuller who runs the office of Professor Andy Schofield the Vice Chancellor of Lancaster University regarding the cover up for Professor Simon Mabon. Mabon is the man who praised Hamas on October 8, a day after it committed the worst mass slaughter of Jews since 1945. The Metropolitan Police has now stated that using the imagery endorsed by Mabon is something it considers to be a crime. And thus, cc’ing in hapless press officer Vicky Tyrell, I have asked the office of the Vice Chancellor, two critical questions. My email reads.


111 days ago

Now that the Metropolitan Police says Hamas Bulldozer imagery a crime – will Lancaster University fire Simon Mabon?

As of today, the apologists for anti-semitism who run Lancaster University are still refusing to take action against Professor Simon Mabon. They have accepted his palpably untrue excuses for tweets sent out on October 8 in which he labelled those responsible for the October 7 slaughter of 1400 Jews, the worst pogrom since World War Two as folks engaged in “an act of resistance” and which contained in image of a bulldozer with a Palestine flag taking down a large fence. As I explained in detail HERE that image was created after the 7 October pogrom and specifically referred to it. Anyone tweeting it out on October 8 as the world’s media reported nothing else must have known what it meant. However…


114 days ago

BREAKING EXPOSE: Lancaster University and the cover up for Professor Simon Mabon who celebrated the Hamas slaughter of 1400 Jews on October 7

On the day after the worst mass slaughter of Jews since World War Two, Lancaster University professor Simon Mabon, a man regularly called as an “impartial expert” by the BBC to comment on the evils of Israel, tweeted out his praise for those vermin of Hamas who had carried out the attacks, the rapes, the beheadings, the kidnaps, the roasting of a baby in an oven. Mabon is a disgrace but so too is Lancaster University which, I can now reveal, has exonerated him, covered up his crime and so made it clear that Jewish students at Lancaster can now be taunted and menaced without repercussion.


116 days ago

Have I just lost my best friend because #IstandwithIsrael ?

I wrote the other day, HERE, about how I was taking a financial hit because of my support for Israel and the wider Jewish community. Hell what does money matter? I shall not be silenced. But now, perhaps, a more personal hit.


120 days ago

Don’t get me wrong I don’t like Hamas but I’m going to smear you and cancel my subscription!

This website is free to access, it is just a hobby started as therapy at a low point in my life almost 12 years ago. You can donate to support its work by hitting the button on the top right hand corner of the website if you wish but if you don’t it matters little, the website remains free to access and over the years almost 3.5 million times someone has read an article here. Its work in recent weeks is largely writing about the aftermath of the biggest mass killing of Jews since World War Two. I earn my living by running Shareprophets.com a website which exposes fraud and other stock market wrongdoing and which charges a very reasonable small subscription. My coverage of the pogrom has seen a raft of folks cancel their subscription at Shareprophets.com and here is an email from one charmer explaining why.


128 days ago

What does "From the River to the Sea " mean? Hint look at at the map in the photo below!

No doubt well meaning, middle class lefties as well as islamic militants routinely chant “From the River to the Sea….Palestine will be free”. Free of what?  the answer is in the map helpfully displayed at the last London protest.


137 days ago

The Hamas victory parties in London and Sydney last night, the West needs to root out these vermin

In Sydney they lit up the Opera House with Israeli flags to show solidarity after the weekend pogrom by Hamas where the death toll is now over a thousand including 40 babies found killed, usually by beheading, at a Kibbutz this afternoon.  The babies are not combatants. Killing Jewish babies is what the Nazis did to stop the “virus” spreading on another generation. Even the Nazis did not usually behead the babies.  Most decent folks in the West are repelled by what Hamas did but in Australia a crowd of several hundred gathered near the opera house…


138 days ago

I have never hated the BBC so much as I do today as Radio 4 discusses Israel

Without any sense of irony, the flagship radio 4 show “Today” was pushing a programme on afterwards discussing how we might discuss Israel in an objective way. Taking lectures from the BBC on that matter defies belief. Listening to Today I have never been quote so angry about the way I have to pay £157 a year to fund the BBC. It stated repeatedly on Today that


139 days ago

Gerry Adams you blood soaked old bastard - why not feck off to Gaza you disgusting POS

It is okay to say you support  Palestine. I do not. But the Mrs claims to do so although her understanding of the history of the Middle East is like many folks with her views, not quite as deep as that of those of us who studied it as Oxford.  But there is a time and a place and as Hamas waged a pogrom this weekend slaughtering and raping women and children, shooting or cutting the throats of  folks just for being Jews, it would be somewhat insensitive to shout your support that loudly.


390 days ago

The Victims of War on BBC Radio 4 – Do not mention the Ukrainian Nazis!

There were three historians on this show discussing the holocaust. Dan Stone and Catherine Merridale and a chap called Bernard Wasserstein.  Stone has recently published a book on how folks in countries across Europe assisted or took part in the murder of six million Jews. Among those were the parents and family of Mr Wasserstein who were butchered in a village in Western Ukraine.