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By Zionists, the anti-semites infesting British campuses mean Jews

Tom Winnifrith
Saturday 10 February 2024

Even in today’s climate of overt hostility the bigots normally cannot quite bring themselves to demand that Jews get out, be cleansed from certain spaces. Some can, but most pretend that they are not engaged in Jew hating by calling for Zionists to be purged ,to be sent packing and their businesses boycotted. The picture below is from Birmingham University this week.

The Mrs said that she believed a Zionist to be someone who believed in establishing Jewish settlements on the West Bank. And, thus, calling for such folks to be booted out of Birmingham University is a political statement not a call for a racist purge. I have put her straight. I suspect that quite a lot of folks do not knoiw what it means to be a Zionist. 

A Zionist is defined simply as being “a person who believes in the development and protection of a Jewish nation in what is now Israel”.  Zionism is a movement that started in the 19th century in large part as a result of the hostility that Jews suffered across Europe. If jews were to be safe from pogroms, false trials, prejudice or simply folks calling for them to be purged from certain spaces they needed a safe place of their own.

Under the definition of what is a Zionist I am a Zionist and always have been. I am proud to be a Zionist.

But if I were to wanted to work or study at Birmingham University the protesters would not be grilling me on my views, I would escape scrutiny because I am a Sunday person not a Saturday person. I’m a Christian and do not hide my faith. On the other hand, the most recent survey of British Jews showed that only 6% did not consider themselves Zionists, 84% said they were Zionists and the rest had no view/would not say. I suspect that as Jews face ever greater persecution in Britain, some of those waverers will come to realise the utility of having one safe place where Jews are not treated badly. Just in case…

But the bottom line is that while many Zionists are not Jews, nearly all Jews are Zionists and while I’d not have to sit the “Birmingham test” those who are Jewish will, probably correctly, be assumed to be Zionists ( or Zio’s as the haters sometimes describe Jews). So, when Birmingham students call for Zionists to be purged from campus what they mean is that Birmingham University should be “judenFrei”. They want the Jews kicked out.

Had a group of students held up a banner demanding that blacks, Pakistanis or any other race be kicked out of Birmingham University they would be booted out of the University and quite possibly have their collars felt by the old Bill. But nothing will happen to these Jew haters, nothing at all which is why the haters will feel encouraged to dial, up the hatred.

Over at Lancaster University, Professor Simon Mabon who praised Hamas the day after the October 7 pogrom is still in post and has not been disciplined. His university has therefore given a carte blanche to Jew hatred and to the actual the crime of supporting a proscribed terror organization. 

Our campuses have become a sewer of Jew hatred. We might pretend otherwise by believing that when they scream about Zionists they don’t mean Jews. But those doing the screaming know what they mean and, if we are honest about it, so do we all.


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