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11 days ago

Emma Raducanu - the hypocrisy of Nigel Farage and the divisiveness of the left

It is like National Velvet but far better, the rank outsider coming through to win a major sporting event. Emma Radacanu seems such a pleasant young lady discussing how honoured she is to have had a message from a role model that is the Queen, after her win. Wearing that crucifix, so unfashionable in Britain today, this is a girl who has worked hard to get A’s in maths and economics A levels just a couple of months ago and who talked of celebrating with chocolate frozen yoghurt with added chocolate. So like the whole nation I wake up thinking how wonderful this British sporting heroine is. But if there is a bandwagon there is always Nigel Farage.


428 days ago

BREAKING: Big David Lenigas to list mining investment company - a sign the market is getting hot

If there is a stockmarket bandwagon underway, Dave Lenigas will be the first to get on board.


472 days ago

Expose: ValiRx jumps on Covid bandwagon but it is a total spoof

Having failed to cure cancer, almost out of cash ValiRx (VAL) needs another story to ramp to allow its low-life brokers Peterhouse to get another discounted placing away to its spivvy flipper mates. Ahoy is that a bandwagon I see in the distance?  Yes it is the Covid Express. Time to jump aboard.