21 days ago

Wow just how badly these words aged: time for Arthur Millholland & morally bankrupt motherfucker PR Dominic Barretto to apologise

On 6th April 2022 shares in Canadian Overseas Petroleum (COPL) were more than 20p and I had recently opened my assault arguing that, at 25p the shares were a compelling short. Today, after the latest disaster analysed HERE, they are just over 1p. But back then the man who created this investment disaster Arthur Millholland issued an RNS with a direct smear on me (suggesting I was short and did not understand accounts) and an implicit attack on ShareProphets. Morally bankrupt PR firm Yellow Jersey crafted this poison.


60 days ago

Cellular goods another total spoof release – it will be bankrupt well before St Valentine's day unless there is a placing

The maths here is so simple that my cat could do the sums. As at 28 February Cellular Goods (CBX) had net cash of £2.93 million. Its revenues remain almost zero and its cost base had been slashed to c£3 million. However, the company then did a quasi related party share purchase of King Tide which wants to cultivate seaweed to capture carbon and save the planet. We were promised that this company would have its first revenues by Christmas but there is no sign of that so instead it is adding to the cashburn. Come on you can do the maths….


213 days ago

Verditek Italian pump but it is bankrupt FFS!!!!

As at May 30 Verditek (VDTK) was down to just £290,000 of cash. Its underlying cashburn in the first five months of 2023 was £145,000 a month. There have been a few small orders landing in H2 but nowhere near enough to get this company anywhere close to profitability. So as of today it is technically insolvent, bust, bankrupt, a, it is a zero. As such today it has news of a new jv in Italy.


330 days ago

Carole Cadwalladr has always been a fraud, tonight she may be bankrupted but should she now be charged with fraud?

I have covered the career of left wing journalist Carole Cadwalladr on this website for many years, starting with her bogus claims of achieving success despite educational disadvantage, moving on through all the hoax stories which earned her an Orwell prize and then onto her libel case with Brexit bad boy, Arron Banks. Today Cadwalladr faces bankruptcy as she has been ordered to pay 60% of Bankski’s costs plus 100% of her own costs plus some damages as well. If she cannot find more than £2million she should be made bankrupt. Hooray. For Cadwalladr is a dangerous and unpleasant fantasist.


386 days ago

Video: The World is Functionally Bankrupt

Gold bugs will enjoy this podcast. Writer Robert Moriarty explains where the money is really coming from to bail out the recent failures in the banking system, noting that the $200 billion figure has ballooned to $2 trillion. Bob says that the Federal Reserve has effectively committed to printing $2 trillion in a week, which is unprecedented.


445 days ago

SHOCKING EXPOSE: The AIM CEO who was made bankrupt and did not tell anybody about proceedings against him

If you are an AIM CEO and facing bankruptcy as a result of a winding up order from those to whom you owe money, surely this is a matter you should let your Nomad know about and also about which investors should be told?  As the document below shows, for Osser the Tosser, Osamede Okhomina of ADM Energy (ADME) that is not the case.


509 days ago

Dev Clever are you a £255m BUST yet? How about a year end trading statement?

Shares in Dev Clever (DEV) remain suspended as, after 11 months, the FCA is still refusing to sign off on a RTO prospectus. But that is the least of Dev’s worries, it must surely be bankrupt by now, how about its advisers, those fine fellows at Novum, cobble together an October 31 year end trading statement. Here is the maths:


532 days ago

BREAKING: Now almost bankrupt lies to its customers (AGAIN) as it stops taking orders

Yesterday, (MADE) admitted that having failed to refinance and failed to find a trade buyer the game was almost up. What else would you expect from a company founded by blaggers and bluffers like Lastminute’s Brent Hoberman and Chloe Macintosh who is now pushing Kama, a sexual awakening app and which has booked a stonking loss in every year of its 11 year history. Millionaire banksters might not have seen this coming but I sure did.  Today the company had more news for investors as it AGAIN lied to its customers


549 days ago

Novacyt – details of the legal claim that could bankrupt it & which begs massive questions of £9m Graham Mullis

The Times has got hold of papers relating to the £134.6 million breach of contract claim made by the Government against Novacyt (NCYT), we reported here back in April, and this really looks as if it could bankrupt the company, currently sitting on c£90 million of cash. It also begs even more questions for ex CEO Graham Mullis who, if the Government is correct should be in jail for a £9 million bezzle not running Aquis listed Love Hemp (LIFE).


559 days ago

Supply@Me Capital Interims – drowning in debt and needing ANOTHER new death spiral facility

There is terrible and there is really terrible. And half calendar year results from the fraud Supply@ME Capital (SYME) are even worse than really terrible. This company is technically insolvent. Bust. Bankrupt. A dead corporate parrot.


562 days ago

Tom Winnifrith Bearcast: the awful forecasts and looming bankruptcy Bidstack is trying to hide

I start with the shameful behaviour of Bidstack (BIDS), a ramptastric RNS and an admission of new forecasts but not what they are. Guess what? They are shockingly bad, notwithstanding the ramptastic RNS, and admit that this company will be bankrupt by the first week of January unless it does a bailout placing. It took me an eternity to obtain the forecasts referenced in an RNS just about those very same numbers. Most morons have no idea how bad they are. I reveal all. I also cover Eve Sleep (EVE), Future (FUTR) and a £315 spoof at almost bankrupt Asimilar (ASLR).


1150 days ago

Supply@ME Capital – the cash crisis is horrific this is how bust I reckon it is

The fraud Supply@ME Capital (SYME) has repeatedly declined the opportunity to say what its cash position is right now when issuing updates on trading, today being the latest case in point.  The reason, as I shall show below, is that it is bankrupt, utterly out of cash. And that may be one, of many reasons, why the FCA does not allow its shares to resume trading. So here is the maths which is so easy that some of the morons who own this stock, perhaps even promoter in chief Zak Mir, might understand it.


1152 days ago

BREAKING: The fraud Zoetic – how soon before the cash runs out and the company crashes in tits up alley? Weeks?

Having established, beyond any doubt, 9 days ago that the £143 million capitalised Zoetic International (ZOE) has lied to investors, regulators and its, very few, customers HERE, yesterday I showed how it was trying to cover up its crimes and, in doing so, was revealing that it had been using fake customer reviews, HERE.  Quote why anyone would hold the shares now defies belief so let’s now turn to how soon the company will go bankrupt. Because, to misquote Britain’s greatest ever Prime Minister, “the trouble with frauds is that eventually they run out of other people’s money”.  So how close to the precipice is Zoetic and can it be saved?


1335 days ago

Video: The USA is an insolvent bankrupt nation so buy Gold

Michael Pento President and Founder of Pento Portfolio Strategies does not mince his words. He says that  “We see now a rebound in the virus, the closing of the economies, and a fiscal cliff that is going to be absolutely devastating… The cliff is coming because you can’t print trillions of dollars and borrow trillions every few months. No economy in the history of planet earth has ever been able to do that without destroying its currency and bond market. I don’t think the US will be any different.”


1452 days ago

Another letter to AIM Regulation re Bidstack - time to suspend the shares

The Oxymorons at AIM Regulation and hapless Nomad Mark Brady at SPARK have yet to reply to my letter of Saturday about Bidstack (BIDS), the almost bankrupt company led by Lyin’ James Draper which, I believe, (again) deceived investors last Friday. so I have penned a follow up missive. Surely the time has come to suspend the shares. The letter is below.

To: AIM Regulation
cc: Hapless Nomad Mark Brady at SPARK


1693 days ago

BREAKING: First Derivatives drives coach & horses through AIM Rules as it fails to reveal a $100m law suit that could sink it - but then case withdrawn

UPDATED: This begs all sorts of questions about First Derivatives (FDP), an AIM casino listed “superstar” about which we have repeatedly warned (and been vindicated by regulators acting on our complaints). The company faced a lawsuit that could bankrupt it but, clearly,  thinks it is above the law and has failed to notify investors, a clear breach of AIM Rules.


1945 days ago

Breaking: Frontera due in court Tuesday, could be game over for shareholders by Wednesday

This is so simple that even Justin the Clown or a shareholder in Frontera Resources (FRR) can understand it. Frontera is due in court on Tuesday with 1/2 day court time allocated. If it loses it will be bankrupted.


2024 days ago

Tom Winnifrith Bearcast: Frontera Resources is quite simply bust, it is that simple

First things first. If you want free booze, canapes, a chance to see me rip Dominic Frisby apart on blockchain and bitcoin and to hear presentations from and quiz Falanx (FLX) and Premaitha (NIPT) then book a seat for 16 October in central London HERE. In the podcast I look at the madness of Corbyn once more in relation to the Natural rate of Unemployment in a non broken economy. I add to my earlier comments on troughery at Frontera (FRR) HERE by showing it is bankrupt. I cover Concepta (CPT), Fishing Republic (FISH), the Widecells (WDC) scandal and Wolf Minerals (WLFE).


2505 days ago

Tom Winnifrith Bearcast - The Economic illiteracy of Team Corbyn is born from zero real world experience & would destroy Britain

This is a one off. Last night's BBC Question Time leaders special and the reaction of the deranged supporters of team Corbyn has enraged me and goaded me into this bearcast special. Quite simply, if Jeremy Corbyn is elected and implements the policies he proposes he will bankrupt Britain. Will the last wealth creator left in the UK please turn the lights off. Only folks with no real world experience who do not understand how money works could advocate this madness.


2552 days ago

Photo Article: Greekenomics - the old road to Kardamili

As one heads down the Mani towards Kardamili, the village one on from Kambos is Stavropigio. It has just a few more Brits than Kambos as it is, objectively, a bit prettier. I am thus happy to stay in plain old Kambos. As one leaves our neighbouring village a small turning off the main road to the right is the old road to Kardamili. There is now no practical reason at all to use this road and more or less no-one does.


2631 days ago

Tom Winnifrith fleeing to hide in no

I booked my ticket to Athens last night. No doubt the Bulletin Board Morons will assume that I am running scared of the patron saint of fraudsters, the convicted felon, twice bankrupted man barred from being a company director, St Aidan of Banstead. No, I fear not Mr Earley but I head to Greece soon for very different reasons and may be offline for a few days.

PR supremo Foxy Bex asked 


2634 days ago

Apology to Aidan Earley - you are in fact a twice Discharged bankrupt but...

Yesterday I accused Aidan Earley of being an undischarged bankrupt, on the basis of two conversations with the administrator of that bankruptcy, the firm of Kingston Smith. My Earley denied that this was the case and I apologise. I was misinformed. Mr Earley is in fact a (twice) discharged bankrupt. Aidan I am sorry. If I make a factual error I always apologise and run a correction..


2635 days ago

Tom Winnifrith writes to Aidan Earley & his dumb lawyer: see you in Court Bitchez

On 10th January the convicted felon, serial liar,, undischarged bankrupt and man banned from being a company director after the Wood Hall fiasco, Mr Aidan Earley instructed his lawyer to write a menacing missive to me (at the wrong address.). Today I have replied. I will not be removing evidence of the Worthington (WRN) fraud as Mr Earley wishes, if needs be I shall the bitchez in Court and - like last time - win.  My letter, sent just now, and the letter sent by Earley's lawyer are below.


2635 days ago

Tom Winnifrith Bearcast - spending the morning in La la land as Cloudtag morons find a new way to lose even more money

La la land, I refer not to the LSE Asylum but to the film of that name which I watched today in a mother & babies viewing session, Hence the late bearcast. I have some bad news for those Cloudtag (CTAG) morons funding the legal action convicted criminal and undischarged bankrupt Aidan Earley'swishes to take against me. I look at Cloudtag, Braemar Seascope (BMS), Amur Minerals (AMC)  and look forward to tomorrow - more tea vicar?


2657 days ago

Shares in Worthington have traded for 30 days in 3 years & another odd factoid

Convicted criminal, multiple bankrupt and barred company director Aidan Earley claims I brought the firm of Worthington (WRN) - of which he was a shadow director and which is now in liquidation - to its knees. But here is an odd factoid the criminal pea-brained shithead, who is now the pin up boy of Cloudtag morons, ignores.


2658 days ago

New Year Resolutions 2017

I did okay in 2016. The notable win being quitting smoking although that was not something I started until February 15. So I guess I don't need to start my 2017 resolutions right away. that is jolly useful as we still have a bit of Christmas cake and an excellent cheddar cheese from Uncle Chris to finish off. That brings me to resolution one.


2667 days ago

Slater & Gordon in new probe - was it cooking the books pre Quindell? I reckon it was.

Oh dear, it just gets worse and worse for Aussie law firm Slater & Gordon (SGH), the near bankrupt owner of the fraudulent Quenron (QPP) businesses. It has now fessed up that the Australian Securities and Investments Commission (ASIC) has served it with two notices to produce documents relating to an “investigation into the accuracy of financial records and accounts of the company for the period between 1 December 2014 and 29 September 2015”.


2698 days ago

Donald Trump to lead America off a fiscal cliff - Peter Schiff

Libertarian gold bug Peter Schiff is a hero of mine and in his latest note he makes a very vaild point about Donald Trump - he could well bankrupt America. Over to Schiff:


2698 days ago

Tethys Petroleum: its lights out by Christmas, Zac "the Knife" reads the riot act

Results from litigation embroiled neo-bankrupt Tethys Petroleum (TPL) are out today and the red ink is everywhere. These are numbers for the three months to September 30th and could well be the last ever published. Some folks are still buying the shares, at 1.25-1.5p today. They are mugs and should read the stark warning issued today by the City's top oil analyst, Zac "the Knife" Phillips at SP Angel. Zac opines:


2748 days ago

Strat Aero Interims - it is bust, plain and simple

Lying to your investors is bad. I suppose committing fraud is even worse. But advisers without morals such as Nomad SP Angel and broker Beaufort Securities do not care about such matters as long as they get paid. But that may pose a problem as interims today from Strat Aero (AERO) show that it is completely bust. That SP Angel and Belfort will sign off on an RNS like this says everything you need to know about them. The only thing they should be signing is a resignation letter as Strat is bankrupt both morally and financially.


2757 days ago

5 Questions for insolvency in waiting Avanti Communications

The FRC is already looking at the grossly misleading way that Avanti Communications (AVN) bodged its June 2015 annual results. I reckon Avanti is trying to commit an even bigger crime against prudent accounting with its 2016 numbers and they key is a satellite which is now on the move. But Avanti and its ghastly and morally bankrupt Nomad Cenkos, of Quindell infamy, are trying not to reveal the truth. So have five critical questions for Avanti and the shamed Cenkos.


2841 days ago

Worthington is now Officially fucked - "merger partner" Nuna declared bankrupt: time for the Rozzers to move in?

The former CEO of Danish listed NunaMinerals was owed cash by the company and yesterday managed to get the company formally declarred bankrupt in a court in Greeland - see HERE. That means that Main market listed fraud Worthington (WRN) can no longer procrastinate and claim to be in talks about an RTO. So it must be game over for Aiden Earley, Craig Whyte and Doug Ware.


2916 days ago

Allan Biggar leaves the Circle of Trust at Jericho but when will the Worthington walls collapse

Until recently, dodgy Allan Biggar who is currently bankrolling Greenland Mining as a way of reversing Worthington into bankrupt Nuna, has been the respectable face of Worthington (WRN) - its all relative thanks to his membership of Jericho Chambers.


2928 days ago

Useless porcine goons on Petroceltic board finally says accept 3p bid from Worldview

Until today the board of Petroceltic (PCI) has either opposed or refused to endorse the 3p a share offer made by Sunny Hill Ltd, aka 29% shareholder Worldview. Tens, if not hundreds, of thousands of pounds have been spunked on advisers and drawn as boardroom pay while the imbeciles who made Petroceltic what it is today ( effectively bankrupt) denied the inevitable.


2958 days ago

PetroCeltic - shares suspended pending clarification...oh dear, which oil junior's next?

And yet again the Bulletin Board Morons take something of a battering because they thought they knew better. This time it is - essentially bankrupt - Petroceltic (PCI), shares in which have this morning been suspended pending clarification. Ooops a daisy.


2988 days ago

Near bankrupt Worthington exposed again by the Arctic Journal - Greenland Comedy continues

It is good to see that the comedy show at Worthington (WRN) continues and now that must read publication, The Arctic Journal is on the case, exposing the latest problems for this worthless company.

The Article reads: NunaMinerals - Payback’s a glitch


2993 days ago

Hey criminal Chris Oil & SP Angel what's happening with the IPO of bankrupt basket case Mkango?

Oh dear. Oh dear. This looks like another disaster for the lying criminal market abuser Chris Oil who in October put £100,000 into bankrupt TSX listed Mkango Resources at 2.5 Canadian Cents. The stock closed Friday at just 1 Canadian cent with 100,000 shares traded - that would be £500 worth of confetti. But it is not the lobster pot status of Mkango that should really trouble the twerp is the ominous silence.


3033 days ago

Totally bankrupt Golden Saint Resources issues comedy release of the year

PR genius Steffi I applaud you for making me a happy man with what must be the most ludicrous press release of the year from your client Golden Saint Resources (GSR). We know that this company is bankrupt and trading whilst insolvent but I am glad that Nomad Roland "fatty " Cornish has not done his job properly and suspended the shares from the AIM Casino as this is sheer comedy.


3173 days ago

Worthington – gets another 42 days to be taken over by bankrupt Nuna: the comedy continues

The Old Mother Worthington (WRN) comedy show rolls on. The worthless fully listed, but suspended since last year, enterprise has today been granted another 42 day extension to allow Danish listed but bankrupt Nuna Minerals to take it over.


3173 days ago

Worthington – 48 hours and a question for the oaf Doug Ware

Where are we with the complete joke that is Old Mother Worthington (WRN)? It is getting interesting again. You may remember that Aiden Earley and the merry gang had decided not to seek a retention of their full listing in London which is a great shame as the prospectus would have been a hoot, but instead to reverse into bankrupt Nuna Minerals in Denmark. Hmmm.


3726 days ago

Jim Mellon’s Rivington Street Goes Bust (officially) – even this statement is somewhat incomplete

Guest authors Han Solo & Luke Skywalker write: Jim Mellon’s Rivington Street Holdings (RIVP) today finally called in the administrator for the PLC but its statement ‘fessing up to this was er, somewhat incomplete. 

Jim Mellon and his fellow directors admitted that he had bought the events business Ex-Events and from banrupt Rivington for

"a total consideration of £170,000, including the settlement of historic creditors, following an extensive marketing process in which Galloway Limited's offer was considerably in excess of all other tenders"

Extensive marketing? Really?