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370 days ago

Photo Article: Ex Libris Dr Tom Winnifrith No 2 - beat this for an obscure trilogy

You may have thought that yesterday’s obscure pairing of books from the library of my late father was unbeatably obscure and diverse. You would be wrong. As I continue to go through boxes and boxes of books, I continue to find more gems. So how about this for your holiday reading? Diverse is it not?


408 days ago

It is my dead Dad’s Birthday

I am sure that my siblings and a number of other folks who loved my dad, who died last October, will be remembering that it is his birthday today. He would have been 83.


423 days ago

Some books belonging to Mora Ilbert, Christmas 1890

Last night, I discovered two more boxes still unopened since our move to the Welsh Hovel two years ago.  Within them, there is an old photo of the rev David Cochrane, my great great grandfather, looking very dour and stern as one would expect of a respectable cleric from Donegal. There was also a copy of The History of the Royal Military Canal by my Grandfather Sir John Winnifrith, signed and addressed with love to me. I tried to say how interesting that is as subject but the Mrs was not entirely convinced. I shall try again tonight, it is bound to put her into a good mood before bedtime.


1402 days ago

Photo Article - through the keyhole, whose books are these?

When I visit my dad, he urges me to take away one or two of the zillions of books in his house. Naturally I want to please him and do as requested but I am equally conscious that the Mrs reckons that our house in Bristol has too many books and that my suggestion that she bin her sociology books to make way for more of mine is not a runner. And now Joshua is collecting book after book as well...


3498 days ago

Time to Help Dominic Frisby over the line?

Dominic Frisby needs your help. The author and comedian needs a set number of pre-orders for his book for his publisher to publish it. And he is 82% of the way there.

Just for producing the classic debt bomb video (below) Dominic deserves support

Now watch Dominic discuss the book he wishes to publish and please consider a pre-order.


PS Dominic you owe me one. I shall have here books for you to plug in a month’s time.


3503 days ago

Hugh Fearnley –Whittingstall: Three Good Things (I am not so sure)

Three Good Things is the new book by celebrity cook and all-round good guy High Fearnley-Whittingstall. Hugh is a blog roll hero of mine and as such I trundled along to hear him speak on Friday lunchtime. The hall was packed. I emerged far from convinced about both the book and, I am afraid, about Hugh.

I will always delight in watching River Cottage. It is not on the BBC and it is cracking TV. The idea that one can preserve the countryside and create real food at low cost is incredibly appealing. The idea that folks must understand that to eat meat you must kill animals is one that I push to all my Townie mates but they still do not get it. Hugh is a great presenter and loves his subject. But now I turn to my concerns.

Firstly the new book