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627 days ago

If daughter Olaf thought I was a boring old man wait till she sees my next Birthday present to myself

When daughter Olaf calls me, she inevitably starts the conversation with the words “I’m bored.” She wants it made clear that she has run out of everything else she can possibly think of to do before her next interesting thing to do and thus, scraping the barrel, she calls her old father. Keen to reinforce the idea that I was boring, I bought myself a birthday present of some Georgian brass candlesticks HERE. But perhaps that is not boring enough for Olaf.


1015 days ago

Star Wars, The Rise of Skywalker: woke, dull & boring

I was nine when the first Star Wars film came out and almost ever since I have been a true groupie. I have seen every film, in the case of the original three, dozens of times. I have Star Wars Trivial Pursuit which I should warn you all that I am rather good at. There was even a vague attempt to include in my daughter’s names Leia but I am afraid that the Force was not with me in that battle. And thus my daughter and I headed off yesterday to see the final instalment of this nine movies phenomenon, the Rise of Skywalker.


2261 days ago

Owen Smith on Newsnight - so utterly awful, I consider switching from Corbyn

I was told that someone called Mr Smith, who no-one had heard of until a couple of weeks ago but now wants to lead the Labour party, was being interviewed on Newsnight and so tuned in. I sat in amazement wandering for a couple of minutes what a drab little man who looked like an accountant from a small provincial town was doing there. Even for an accountant he was terribly dull and as he droned on about double entry book-keeping and how he was generating new business for the practice at the rotary club I fell asleep. I woke up to find that the tedious little man was still droning on and was in fact Owen Smith MP.


2331 days ago

Video: Tom Winnifrith Introductory Remarks at UK Investor Show

I cant remember if I said anything of any interest whatsoever in this short introduction so this is possibly the most boring video of all from UK Investor Show. But, as in that 2014 classic from the UK's most talented chanteuse and original creative mind, "I don't care".